29 Steps to a Deep-Cleaned Bedroom

Bedrooms tend to accumulate stuff, whether it be clothing, jewelry, magazines, or leotards most of us have too much of it cluttering our drawers and our table tops. It shouldn’t be this way. The bedroom should be the most relaxing room in the house—a place where you can retreat to when you want to stretch out, or snuggle with your husband when he took on a cool winter’s night. But there’s nothing relaxing or romantic about a room that’s cluttered and disorganized, is there?
I’m going to offer you 29 steps that will get your bedroom into the shape that it should be. Depending on the current state of your bedroom, this deep cleaning schedule could take you anywhere from one afternoon to a few, but in any case, the final result will be well worth your effort. I promise!
  1. Start by taking the sheets, pillow cases and blankets off the bed and throwing them into the washing machine. Set the timer so that you won’t forget they are there.
  2. Take your curtains down and get them ready to go into the next load.
  3.  If you have blinds, wipe them down with a damp cloth.
  4. Grab a flat sheet out of your linen closet and spread it out over the bed. This top sheet is going to protect the bed from dust and dirt, and prepare the bed to be used as a large working surface.
  5. Bring a pail of warm soapy water and a rag into the bedroom. Also bring paper towels, window cleaner, and a vacuum.
  6.  Go around the room and take everything off of your dressers and end tables (entertainment unit too if you have one) and put all of the items on the bed.
  7. Use a damp cloth to wash down all surfaces including the window sill, the bed frame, photo frames, lamps, clocks, door handles, light switches, and drawer fronts.
  8. Decide which items will be returned to their places, which ones will be discarded and which items you should give away. Your table top surfaces should be pretty and functional—not cluttered.
  9. File away paperwork that is lying around and discard or store magazines. Keep only a few books out and put the rest away in a book shelf.
  10. Put CD’s and DVD’s away in CD wallets or storage units.
  11. Dust remaining items with a damp cloth and return them to the table tops.
  12. Has the timer buzzed yet? If so, transfer the bedding to the dryer and wash the curtains next. Better yet—hang the curtains outside to dry if possible. Be careful when washing curtains that they are indeed machine washable. If not, air them outside for a while and consider having them dry cleaned from time to time.
  13.  If you have a ceiling fan, wipe it down now, before you vacuum or put the clean bedding back on.
  14.  Now that the bed is empty again, take the mattress off (get a pack of tadalafil pills). If possible, turn the box spring on end and vacuum underneath it. This is a good time to rotate the mattress and get the floor beneath the bed cleaned at the same time. Doing this step twice a year is a good rule of thumb.
  15. Put the bed and mattress back in place, and put the top sheet over the surface again.
  16.  Remove every small to medium item off of your floor and place them on the bed or in the garbage. What about the closet floor? Empty that too.
  17. Take dirty laundry down to the laundry room.
  18. Survey the items on the bed and decide which ones should be discarded, given away or put in storage.
  19. Vacuum the floor.
  20. Take a look at what is left on the bed and put the items away.
  21. Empty all dresser drawers and end tables and put the items on the bed. This will include clothing and junk drawers.
  22. Go through your clothing before returning items to the drawer. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the past 12 months, consider donating it to charity. Having less means less work in the future.
  23. Take rarely used items of clothing such as slips, camisoles, drugs, and leotards and place them into a small box that can be put up in a closet. This will free up drawer space for necessary items. Or keep an eye out for a vintage drawer at flea markets. These drawers can easily be slid under the bed to store extra items.
  24. If you are short on drawer space, store off-season items in large rubber bins.
  25. Wipe out the drawers before returning the items, and if necessary vacuum them with the hose.
  26.  Once all of the items are put away, gather the four corners of the top sheet and bring it down to the laundry room.
  27. By now your sheets and blankets should be dry. Bring them upstairs and make your bed.
  28. Wash the windows, the mirrors, and any other glass surfaces with window cleaner and paper towels.
  29. Finally hang your curtains up, put your laundry supplies away, and get ready to snuggle in the most comfy room of your home!

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht

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  • Nicole

    Thank you so much! This gives me motivation to get going and deep clean my bedroom. The tips are very helpful, and well thought of. 🙂

  • Amisis Ebe

    This was SUPER helpful. It is so easy to clean my room becauseit is simply simple and is like craycray awesome how clean it is now! Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Fiona dean

    is it a good or a bad thing that i do this EVERY weekend? i have hard flooring, a cat and a boyfriend that both mault fur and beard hair and the accumulation of dust gets hard to keep up with; if i don’t dust, hoover, clean the sheets, shake the blankets, sweep, scrub and put a new airfreshener in every weekend i don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything.

    OCD maybe? or just extreme mess! please let me know if you have any tips at keeping cat jar and dust to a minimal, i’m only 22 but there’s only so much i can deal with – feel like I’ve been cleaning for a lifetime!

    • Lana Fletcher

      No not at all I and my mom are the only girls out of 6 people in ut household which means we have 4 boys. 1 Adult 2 teenage boys and 1 5-year-old and they can get really messy i mean I do this like 3 to 4 times a week it’s not just you sister we have to have a nice place to sleep to get good sleep am I right. lol, but you don’t have OCD I have it for some things which are I LOVE TO ORGANIZE. when I mean organize I mean the whole house I got in trouble for doing it but the house looked so much better. it’s not just you and you don’t have to worry you aren’t just the only one.

  • Amanda

    This helps me keep on task with my ocd. The bedroom I believe has to be relaxing but my husband has what’ called a it has to look lived in. Maybe if I show him this page he might see my point of view isn’t the only one out there.

  • Hannah

    Thanks so much for this! I have a hard time making myself clean my room at all, let alone DEEP clean it. Breaking it down into the steps made it seem so much less overwhelming. It took me an afternoon, but it’s just about done, just some finishing touches left. Thanks again!

  • Gabriela

    Thank you . Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by all the details…. you make it so simple… I will try this on Friday. .. for hubby to come home to a deep cleaned room after his first week of new job..

  • Jessica

    Very helpful, I get so distracted and get things done so slowly. This list helped me clean my bedroom( fully )in under an hour, and it looks immaculate. Thank you Darlene, awesome job!

  • Brianna

    I try to keep my room clean well I want to but I just never do it. When I do it takes me 3-4 hrs and 1 hr is dedicated just to clothes. Is there something I am doing wrong or do I just have too much stuff. I feel like a major hoarder and this page made me realize that deep cleaning isn’t that bad and releases a lot of anziety on my room when I clean well at least I hope. Thank you for this I thought that it was more complicating but I goes not

  • Audrey-Laura DeVille

    hi, i was looking for how to take every thing out of your room then put it back.but it didnt work so now i have to go through everything that is in the baskets and put them back amd it doesnt help that i have the smallest room in the house what can i do to help me get it done

    and i have been working on it about 3 weeks

    • Darlene Schacht

      By taking it out and having to put it back in, you give yourself an opportunity to reevaluate the things you want to keep. More than likely, a lot of things won’t be put back where they were. If your house is small, perhaps you can do one small area at a time like a drawers or a cupboard. I hope that helps. 😀

  • Audrey

    Hi, I need help with my room I can never keep it clean and when I try to clean my room it takes me longer than what’s needed I have tried so many things but nothing seems to work please help

  • Sophie

    This was so simple and helpful! It made my bedroom so clean! Unfortunately I don’t have a drier, and the weather was cloudy and cold, so it took a while for my sheets to dry 🙁

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  • Annette Vance

    Ah, so great reading something like this! Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed that even making the bed is a terrible task to accomplish, so it’s really nice to read an inspiring post like this, thanks for it

  • Matt Hayley

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  • Nour

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article on deep cleaning. I always believe that with basic cleaning you cannot keep your home completely clean and hygienic. I depend on professional deep cleaning companies to get it done every 6 months. As I am based in Dubai, due to the dusty atmosphere around your home easily gets dirty, now I will try these tips on my own.
    Keep sharing 🙂

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  • Mckenzie

    Well this helps but can you do one for like a kid that helps them clean there room i am a kid and hate cleaning my room but I hate it messy so please make an article for a kid

  • Lana Fletcher

    I do this 3 to 4 times a week that might be bad but I really don’t know me and my mom are the only girls out of 6 people in the house. We have 1 adult, 2 teenage boys, and a 5-year-old boy. so if you feel like you do this too much don’t worry your not the only one. trust me you should see our house I did this today and it is already a mess SO ANNOYING am I right but we girls or boys have to stick together.

  • Gwen

    Love love love! Thank you so much for this. My room looks amazing. I never considered the drawers! They only get cleaned when I move ?