Get a Free Copy of the Messy Beautiful Love Study Guide and Printable Prayer Cards

For those of you who haven’t received a printable copy of the prayer cards and study guide for Messy Beautiful Love* yet, I wanted to offer them to you today.

There are 31 prayer cards in total, each containing a topic for prayer and a Bible verse for the day.

The study guide is 36 pages long. It’s intended for self-reflection and growth. It’s also ideal for group study, which is why there’s a discussion question at the end of each chapter. Also included in each chapter are questions that help you draw closer to God and close to your husband. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Click on the links below each image to download the printables. Note that the prayer cards have six separate files because they are large files: 

Messy Beautiful Love Study Guide:


Click here to view and download the study guide.

31 Prayer Cards:


Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6



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  • Missy

    Thank you so much. God has used you to change my marriage to a God honoring one. I pray that God will keep using you in such big ways.

  • Amanda

    From reading the study book God convicted me I needed to go in depth into the book. I bought it yesterday and was up late last night. I was in tears with the Holy Spirits urgings and I regret I had not turned sooner. I know we must not look at the past and dwell on those things(that is Satans doing not Gods) Your story is many of our stories and I am just humbled by Gods grace.

    • Darlene Schacht

      “humbled by God’s grace” are my thoughts too. Regardless of where we’ve been I wish we could all come to that place where our eyes are opened to His grace. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Stephanie

    I am so excited to get started in obedience to faithfully pray for my marriage. I am subscribed to your marriage prayer emails as well and my husband and I pray them every morning. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging wives everywhere.

  • michelle

    I have been married for 2 years but we separated after the first year. My mom tries desperately to give me advice especially to go to church and give it to God to handle. My husband is loved deeply by my family but I tell everyone I am not in love with him. My mom thinks I didn’t pit the work into my marriage and she is right. After the birth of my son I felt the urge to just want to go out and have fun and live like I saw all my friends doing. My friends would say why don’t you leave him you’re not in love with him. I don’t know if I convinced myself of this or I really feel that way. I asked him to come home and we would try counseling but I didn’t do it. My mother wanted me to go to the church for help. Everything I know I should be doing I dont. He is a good man and father and he has been waiting patiently but I just don’t feel I love him. Is it because I just want to have fun and no responsibility. I keep ignoring him and don’t do anything for him. He tries hard to get mane to love him I hear that I will reap what I sow. I have been looking at other guys and it’s exactly how zi was told that I will keep juping from one to another and probably lose the best man who has loved me unselfishly even though I haven’t given it back. I loved him deeply in the beginning. What do I do.

  • Debaorah

    Hi Darlene,
    I just ordered your book off of Amazon and I can’t wait to start reading it.
    I was also trying to get the prayer cards to go with it but am are unable to get the download links to works. is there a way I can buy them off of Amazon like I did your book that go with them? I did do a search for them but couldn’t find them.

    Thank You,
    For writing such awesome stuff. I truly love it

    Deborah B.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Aww, thanks so much Deborah!! Unfortunately the cards are too large to email. I wonder if you could try a different browser? Or maybe a friend could put them on a thumb drive for you? I wish I was able to help you more.

  • Deborah

    Thank You,
    Darlene for responding to my reply.

    I was able to right click on the link and click on the open in a new tab button and it allowed me to download and save them. 🙂