Bible Study – “Philippians” – Introduction & FREE Resources

_______________________ Table of Contents: Introduction and FREE Study Guide Week 1 – Part 1 Week 1 – Part 2 Week 2 – Part 1 Week 2 – Part 2 Week 3 – Part 1 Week 3 – Part 2 Week 4 – Part 1 Week 4 – Part 2 (Conclusion) _______________________ Welcome to our study on Philippians! If you’ve never done an online study with us before, I hope you’ll be encouraged to join in. There’s really nothing you have to do, but dig into the word along with us. We’re studying the book of Philippians, but before we do that, we’re taking a closer look at Paul, his conversion, his mission, his sufferings, and his relationship to the Philippian church. I went through this study during my summer break, and each time I dug into the word I was left with a sense of empowerment and joy. It got me thinking about life in an entirely different way. Paul had me focused and engaged. I was reminded that my faith is bigger than my fear. I could see that God’s plan for my future is better than anything I’m holding on to in this life. I knew that all things work together for good when I put my trust in Jesus Christ. I realized that joy is mine for the taking, and I started to practice a better way of thinking. This is only a glimpse of the many things I gleaned throughout this study. My words can’t do it justice, but The Holy Spirit can. And so I pray that you will start this journey with us today as we discover the incomparable joy of Christian living. I pray that your hearts and minds will be opened to both understanding the scripture and experiencing a deeper relationship with God. If you know someone who needs encouragement and joy, or perhaps you have a group of friends who could benefit from this study, send them a link to this page, with an invitation to download the FREE study guide and printable resources. FAQ: How do I participate in this study?  It’s simple. If you haven’t done so already, download a copy of the FREE Bible study guide. You’ll find the download further down this page. You can find links to all of the blog posts for the Philippians Bible study above. During the week, you’ll study at home, following the outline of the study guide. You can study alone or with a group of friends–well suited for either. Note: You’ll also see a copy of my Bible Study/journal below (available at Amazon – affil link). This is an optional addition to the study. Unlike my previous journals, it contains everything in the study guide as well as the entire book of Philippians (KJV), coloring pages, thought-provoking questions, and my thoughts on the study. Not to worry however, if you’re using the free study guide, you’ll still have access to all of this in the form of free printables, and Friday’s recap here on the blog. Introduction: Philippians: The Joy of Christian Living While the book of Philippians is a small one, consisting of only 4 chapters, it’s a book that’s packed full of encouragement for today’s Christian walk. Throughout the book Paul refers to the joy that is available to all Christians, and while the main theme of the book leans toward joy, it’s also about humility, peace, obedience, and contentment. Paul urges the church to adhere to the gospel of Christ, and to be aware of false teachers. He also encourages them to rejoice and to live joyful lives. The emphasis on joy and contentment makes the book of Philippians a favorite to many. The study opens up with a focus on Paul, his conversion, his mission, his visit to the Philippian church in the book of Acts, and his suffering. By gaining a better understanding of the author and his relationship to the church, we have a deeper understanding of his letter to them. You are loved by an almighty God, Darlene Schacht The Time-Warp Wife P.S. See the colouring page below? Come back here on Friday to continue our study on “Philippians.” I’ll have another colouring page for you then! ONLINE RESOURCES:  These are my favourite online Bible study tools! Bible Gateway – Every version you can imagine is online Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible Looking for an easier commentary? Here’s the Concise Version Other commentaries you might prefer Interlinear Bible – I love this one! Blue Letter Bible – Dig into the Hebrew and Greek Bible Word Search  Get the Book! Philippians Bible Study Journal (an OPTIONAL addition to the study)  Click here to view on Amazon (affil link) [otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”large” icon_position=”left” shape=”radius” color_class=”otw-red” target=”_blank”]Buy Now[/otw_shortcode_button] THIS WEEK’S RESOURCES WEEK AT A GLANCE Click here to download this week at a glance. STUDY QUESTIONS Click here to download this week’s study questions. SCRIPTURE CARDS – 7 per week – 30 in total Click here to view and print this weeks cards: Week 1 – Page 1  |  Week 1 – Page 2 COLORING PAGE Click here to print this colouring page. Come back on Friday for another one! _______________________________________________ FREE BIBLE STUDY GUIDE click the image to view and download, or click here