Free eBook, “The Ultimate Marriage Vow” (and a Titus 2sDay Link-Up)


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Do you like a challenge? What about 21 of them? Good, then this is the right eBook for you!

The Ultimate Marriage Vow is a 21-day journey through love. It encourages us to cherish our vows, love our husbands, fulfill our role as a help meet, and seek God’s plan for our marriage.

Each day includes a vow that is designed to strengthen one area of your relationship.

This eBook is FREE to anyone who subscribes to receive the Daily Marriage Prayers. These prayers are sent out every single day of the year.

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  • Debi

    I have been receiving the Marriage Prayers each day and have enjoyed them very much, even forwarded some to my husband. I did not see the link this morning for the free Ebook, am I missing something?

  • Katrina

    I want to share that the Ultimate Marriage Vow helped me pray through the darkest times in my marriage and transformed my own heart in a way I could never have imagined. You see, even when our husbands are cheating or unavailable (emotionally) as mine was and we may feel we are doing all we can, what we don’t always see is our own contribution to the situation. We all get caught up in our pain and hurt when we take our eyes off of Jesus. We just do, we just will. It is something we need to accept about ourselves first before we can really love our husbands in the way we are called. Our humanness (sin) will always cause us to fall short spiritually on our own which is the whole reason why we need our Savior. We need Him first before anything else. Otherwise, we will fall short by either becoming too prideful (I’m doing everything I can but still not working) or feeling guilty (I will never be good enough. My husband will never forgive me.) In Jesus, because of Him, we are free. Free to forgive, free to love, free to have victory in our lives and in our marriages. This book and prayer helped me so much to see just that and changed my heart for my husband……and eventually (well over a year) it changed his because the Lord showed me that it was I who had to be first. For no other reason, but because I was called to for His glory. Be blessed and pray on!! Thank you, Darlene!

  • Dana

    Oops. I just read the earlier comment from Darlene. I found the link of my Marriage Prayer email. Thank you! I know our marriage will be blessed by the book. God bless your ministry, Darlene!

  • Becky

    Thank you so much for making this e-book free! I have downloaded it and cannot wait to read it! Every day I so look forward to reading he things you post on Facebook and that you send via email. What you write is so encouraging and right on and so needed and always bring us back to our foundation in Christ. Thank You!
    I didn’t have the link for the e-book in my Marriage Prayer of the Day, but I clicked on the option to “view this email in your browser” Iin the opened email) and then the link for the e-book appeared at the end of the “Marriage Prayer of the Day” email in that format.
    God bless you and thank you again so much for your ministry to wives and mothers and your special heart for marriage! You are truly a blessing! =)

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