Free Printable Prayer Cards

Last week I created a list of 31 Ways to Pray for Our Children. Since that post, many of you have asked me if I would create a printable for it so that you could keep a copy on hand.

Because of the length of the post, I wasn’t sure what format would be best, so I went to my Facebook group hoping to glean a little inspiration. I started out with cards on my mind but that’s where my creativity stopped. If I did create cards, what would readers do with them? Put them in a recipe box perhaps?

A light bulb went on when a couple of readers suggested that I hole punch the cards and slip them onto a binder ring. How cute is that? Very! After hearing that suggestion, I couldn’t design them fast enough!

All I did was print them out on card stock, cut and hole punch each one and slip them onto a binder ring. Some readers suggested laminating them, but I wanted to keep the cost down, so I had them printed on glossy thick photo paper instead.

The result? Adorable cards that you can hang on a hook or throw into your purse. There’s 31 one them so that you’ll be reminded to pray everyday of the month. Booyay!!


Download your file:
To view and download the printable, click the following links. Note: Because of the file size, I broke the PDF into 2 smaller files – Part 1 and Part 2. You’ll need to print both for all 31 cards. 

Prayer Pages Pt. 1




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