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Introducing the New 6-Month Bible-Study Journal

February 22, 2016 by Darlene Schacht

There’s hardly a day that I’m not asked about my Quieting Your Heart Bible-Study Journal. In fact I’m asked about it several times a day. Because of the whimsical text boxes, it’s perfect for people like me who like pretty things. It gives me just enough space to organize my thoughts during my daily devotions. I LOVE it!

The thing is, up until now my Bible/Prayer journals have only been 30 days long. A few readers have asked me if I’d make a longer version, and so I did. It’s a six-month (192 page) Bible study journal. Before you decide to click through and buy one, take note that it’s not a prayer journal. I will be creating a separate journal for prayer. This one is exclusively for Bible study.

I have an image of the inside here for you, but Amazon doesn’t have the peek inside feature up yet. I’m still waiting on that. So without further ado… here’s a peek at my  brand new Quieting Your Heart: 6-Month Bible-Study Journal. I hope you like it!

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6-Month Bible-Study Journal

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6-Month Bible-Study Journal

66 thoughts on “Introducing the New 6-Month Bible-Study Journal

  1. What a beautiful journal. Love that. I’ve love hand-lettering stuff forever, but haven’t ever bought books for it, until recently. I thought about you, and meant to come see which one that was that you featured a while back. You do such beautiful work. Congrats on the new journal. ((blessings))

  2. I’m really interested in these types of journals but am wishing there were ore pictures of the insides so I can really see what I’d being purchasing. Usually on amazon there are more but I looked through the ones I saw and there isn’t much to let me know the what the inside content is.

    1. Sorry I don’t have more photos. But here’s what you can do. For the 30-day journal, check out the comments. A lot of readers have posted photos there. For the 6-month journal what you see on the first two pages is similar throughout the book. There are 11 birds throughout the book, but for the most part each page is otherwise the same. I hope that helps!

  3. Thinking about getting this and looking forward to seeing your prayer journal!which I am interested in as well

  4. Hi Darlene! I was so excited to see your new 6 month journal and had to order it right away. Unfortunately, I received it and have to send it back because it was damaged, probably in the shipping process. I’m hoping Amazon realizes that shipping a paperback in a soft envelope probably isn’t the best idea. Hoping my new one gets here soon and in new condition!

    1. Rachel, I’m so discouraged with the printer. I’m sorry. They are printed with Amazon’s sister company, Create Space. I use them because I’m in Canada and it’s cost effective. But things like this are disappointing to hear. So sorry you had a problem with yours.

  5. Hello, my husband is interested in ordering your Bible study journal for our church bookstore. Is there a way to get in touch with you regarding this?

    1. Yes, Kara. He can email me at darlene@darleneschacht. net we also have Busy Books which are GREAT for kids. Not sure if you saw those yet. We order discounts for church groups on orders of 30 books or more.

  6. Hi, this is awesome! You should make one for kids, almost the same format, one for little girls and one for boys. I have been wanting to encourage my boys to have a daily quiet time (they are 9 and 7) and I am sure my 6yo daughter would LOVE it.

  7. Hi Darlene,
    This is so pretty! Does this have devotions already picked for each day or is this for your own study?

    1. It’s for your own study. I provide Bible studies here on the blog, so a lot of the readers use them alongside the studies. I just announced a new study on Friday and there is one on the topic of love in the sidebar. 😀

  8. Is there a site where I could purchase a lot of 20 for a reduced price? I’d love to gift these to ladies in my bible study class. ?

    1. Teri, you can email me at darlene@darleneschacht. net no spaces. I would be able to give you a discount, but there are a few things… I’d have to wait a couple of weeks for my next print run out here. Also, because I’m in Canada shipping would be about a dollar/book. Amazon currently has the books on sale, $2.66 off. So it might be more cost affective to get them straight from Amazon. Plus you’d get them sooner too. They are personally taking a cut on the books. That sale is amazing.

  9. Do you list the scriptures to study, or is it a complement to your own personal Bible study? I have been looking for a good devotional book FOREVER ~ I just really need someone to tell me what to read, and then I can study it. 🙂 I absolutely love all of your books, however ~ I just found you today! Looking forward to purchasing several in the near future! 🙂

    1. Merry Jo, I offer Bible studies here on my blog. They have three scripture assignments/week all on one topic. Here’s the one we started today, there’s a free study guide download you can use alongside the journal.

  10. Yay! I’ve been waiting for your 6 month prayer journal. Do you know when it will be available on Also, do you have pictures on the inside?

  11. Yes I would love to get your journal and would love to get involved in your Bible study. I’m probably like a lot of people that just don’t know where to start. Could you help. Thanks

    1. Sharon, if you download the study guide, it will help get you started. We’re about to start week three. I would start there and catch up on the other weeks at the end.

  12. Any chance you could offer your journals in pdf format? I want to put them in my Happy Planner. I can have the binding cut off and do it, but I might cut off some of the lovely artwork!

    1. Unfortunately every page of the journal is an image and so the file is huge. I wouldn’t be able to transfer files that size easily enough. It’s different from a regular book that is text throughout.

  13. I purchased the bible study for me and my three oldest kids. They are taking the journey with me in reading our bible and learning to prayer. We started homeschool this year to learn to be more focussed on God. I also purchased the busy sermon book. When will the prayer books be available and do you have samples. Amazon doesn’t show examples and because of this I almost didn’t purchase the busy sermon boo.

    1. Deanna,

      Amazon has a peek inside feature for these books, I’m not sure why you can’t see it. Sometimes if you don’t see a peek inside feature, you can check the reviews because a lot of readers post photos.

      Here is a link to the 6 month prayer journal:

      Here’s a link to a photo of the inside. The rest of the book looks the same, the only difference being that there are 11 birds throughout the book. I have more coloring images in the 30-Day journals. I have a brand new “Virtue Edition” coming out later today:

  14. Hi,

    Is there a way to order this in bulk? About 50 of them? We were thinking we could gift them to give out at our Mother’s Day Church Event.

    Thank you.

    1. I have some six month journals on Amazon called Quieting Your Heart. The Bible study guides that go with them are free and you can find the links to them in the sidebar.

  15. I have been using your 6 month journal and am loving it! I love that fact that it has a section to remind me daily who God is, what I’m thankful for and what I’m reading. It keeps me on track daily!! Thank you!

  16. I must be overlooking the six-month bible study! I received my ‘Quite Your Heart’ study guide in the mail, thank you Darlene; but have been unfortunate in my search for the bible study to go with it. Can you help point me in the right direction please? Till then, I will be tabbing my bible with your very generous and creative tabs! Thank you!

    Sabrina Brittingham

    1. The six month study guide is for any Bible study. You can use it with my studies or with your own. I wanted to offer an alternative to people who were buying journals for every study. It could get expensive, so I made a thicker book with just the study pages in it. I hope that makes sense.

  17. Good morning darlene☀️ Thank you for sharing gods word & keep spiritual fire energized in so many women! I love the journal & its simplicity,. Herve punched several to share with others??.

    Since we’re not able to recopy any of your books without permission, would you consider putting some pages in PDF downloadable format or smaller size! This would help save money & allow us to print smaller pages. I personally use a 5×8 3ring binder for prayer & scripture study. I’d love to add my journal pages to that so its all in one place to reference again & no have multiple books or have to get multiple books to refer back to.

  18. I just bought Quieting Your Heart: 6-Month Bible-Study Journal off Amazon. I’m excited to receive this. I take care of my elderly parents. My mom has dementia and it is quite a spiritual and emotional ride. I ordered this for me, to spend some time in God’s word and to renew my mind as well as my creativity. Lately, my heart’s been very heavy and I just want to spend some time with the Lord.

  19. Just ordered 2. 1 for me and 1 for my cousin Carrie! Looking forward to writing as the Lord reveals things through His Word. Great idea!

  20. I’ve purchased this (for myself and my ladies prayer group) and also one of the prayer journal ones. I was wondering if you’d ever considering making a 1/2 size (compact) one of these and the prayer journal?

  21. I just ordered six of these. I cannot wait to get them and give them to those I bought them for. I love to color so I will be coloring in mine to make it even more personal. 🙂 Do you have any suggestions on how or where to begin a study? Especially, if you are just doing it on your own.

  22. Do you happen to make one of these 6 month journaling/Bible study books for guys? I’d like to get one of each for my husband and I if you do – or if you know where I could find one for men.


  23. Do you have pictures of the quieting your heart prayer journal too? Also are these written or designed specifically for wives or for anyone?

  24. If there are some that are specifically designed for wives please let me know. I’m interested in all of the 4 week bible study and both the study journal and prayer journal but I’m not married so I was just wondering.

  25. I’m wanting to read the whole bible through this year. If I buy two would there be a way to journal daily following the daily reading p!an.

  26. I need something that gives me what to read daily. Like a daily scriptures and a place to log my thoughts or asks questions about what the daily study was about

  27. Hey. So it doesn’t explain scriptures? Just basically like a book to write what you went over and what you learned?

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