How To Stay Focused – And a Free Printable!

A recent question, and one that I’m frequently asked is, “How can I stay focused?” It’s really funny that people ask me this question because I’m one of the most unfocused people I know.

But one thing I’ve learned in this life is that the areas in which I struggle the most, are the areas which I have studied the most, because I’m determined to overcome my struggles. Focus is one of them. It’s also something that two of my children have struggled with but we find ways to stay on track.

One of my favorite ways to stay focused is to put on music when I’m working. Did you know that music is a natural stimulant? It’s amazing how quickly we get our work done when everyone is humming along to a song.

Another way that I stay focused is following lists. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a list lady. I have to write everything down, and then I usually have to write a note reminding myself to check what I’ve written down. *wink*

I’ll tell you this, any day I follow a “to-do” list, I get twice the work done than I do on days that I don’t. Not only do I get more work done, but completing and checking things off of a list gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I love looking back to see everything I’ve accomplished. It’s much better than looking ahead to see how much there is yet to do, isn’t it?
So for all of you unfocused women out there, I’ve created a printable with you in mind. This one is a “To-Do Today” page that helps you get on track and stay on track.
What you see below is a sample of the printable. If you click the link below it, you can view and download the  high resolution image.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Author of The Good Wife’s Guide: Embracing Your Role as a Help Meet

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Written by Darlene Schacht

I'm an Evangelical Christian whose number one priority is to serve Jesus Christ in every area of my life. My husband Michael and I live in Manitoba Canada. Married 25 years, we have four children (three still at home), a bird and two pugs who are everyone's babies, especially mine! Our lives are basically surrounded with three things: our faith, music and everything books. I’m an award winning and New York Times best-selling author who is nothing without the grace of God. Facebook: timewarpwife Twitter: timewarpwife Pinterest: timewarpwife


  1.  avatar
    Tonya Mills says:

    Thank you for so many fun freebies! They are so fresh and make my ordinary day an extra-ordinary day! I love lists and list making, I love having plans for my day, weeks, months, and year. Thank you for helping me keep it exciting! Seeing your creativity inspires me to be creative in my own ways in other areas of my life 🙂

  2.  avatar
    Marilyn says:

    Love this printable. Would love to have it with Sunday on top, though. You can move the timewarpwife logo on top, also. I like to start my week with Sunday :-). Thanks so much, if you’re able to do this. God bless you & yours!!!

  3.  avatar
    Jessica C. says:

    Is anyone having problems with downloading the printable?

    I feel sad now. I can’t print it out! Waaaahh!

    When I try to click on the To-Do List or the Daily Chore Chart, it gives me the error message: “404 (Page Not Found) Error.”

    It goes on to explain that either the links are faulty or Darlene hasn’t uploaded them yet.
    Or there might be something wrong on my end… who knows! 🙁

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