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Darlene Schacht


  • Wynona Jenkins

    Do you create the artwork you post? Do you sell it? I’ve been saving them and sending them to people or resharing. I do not hide your name.

  • Susie

    Hello hope all is well. I have enjoyed your books in the past but like to have the on my tablet and not in paperback. Is there any way that the books listed for sale on Amazon can be in ebook form.

  • Melanie Wright

    Can I download or buy a copy of 8 Weeks of Intention: Embracing Your Role at Home?

    It looks like a great study.


  • Denise Bolds

    I just started the Bible study on the book of Romans. How do I find the answers to the questions? I have purchased the study journal and Love it. Thanks

  • felipe

    Hello, thank you for praying, I ask for a financial blessing in my businesses, buying apartments, I am a missionary, I work online, salvation and healing souls, thank you, for daddy Jack, good health, more income thank you If you would kindly consider donate and subscribe my ministry thank you

  • Lisa Pilsbury

    Are you publishing your Inspirational Planner like you did back in 2019 for 2023? I know the last couple of years due to COVID you did not.

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