2 Free Printables & Our Final Chapter – The Feast of Tabernacles

God’s desire was that His Son would bring completion. That’s what these holy days are all about. That He would die in our place so that we could dwell in God’s presence—not just spiritually, but physically as well.

Redemption has come. We’ve been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, but the redemptive plan of God will not be complete until He has restored the world to Himself. While we’ve been personally redeemed, we’re surrounded by sin and anger, and hate, natural disasters, and immorality. God is saying, “I’m going to restore this world to myself.” The world is groaning as it waits for the final redemption when God will restore this earth to Himself. He wants us to get back to that place where He walks with us.

The thousand-year Millennial Reign—even that is just a taste of the new heaven and the new earth. God wants to get back to that Garden of Eden experience. His desire is to bring us back, to restore His creation, and to once again walk with His people in the cool of the day.

If you haven’t started already, dig into chapter seven. Take a glimpse at the future with us, and delight in the wonderful way that God is orchestrating His plan for mankind.

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Suggested Reading for This Week: 

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Chapter 7 of:
The Beauty of Jesus Revealed in the Feasts.

Zechariah Chapter 14

Isaiah Chapter 11

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