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I have two new printables for you! If you would like to view and download a high resolution copy (8.5 x 11), click the link below each! 
Click here to print “The Rules:” 

Click here to view and print 6 Ways to Build up…

You are loved by an almighty God,

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  • Barbs Fortin

    I got a kick out of ways to lift up myour Beloved! My week started off with my 287K mikes 15 year car needing a much too expensive $1300 Catholic Connverter, and we didn’t we to go church for 3 weeks because of my back. TWe are punished! Then Every time I went to do lalundry, the clothes dryer dies, Fuse, and 3 other things. I keep lift eing my Love up. Thank God for the fireplace, and the animals who hog the warmth! Today, My Beloveds 76′ Buick he loves needs a a winshshield wiper morot. All the while, My clothers are all over the house, shower, shower, chairs, anything to hand on , kidchen hooks, stove, anr icebox etc. All the while I kept saying to mny Beloved, God will pprovide!…Provide for what Honey!, Both Cars are dead, and the dryer is shot to thel! Honey God will provide! Please stop trying to mofe me up Hooney, I know God will provide, but I have to go to work and it is pouring oiutside! . We have to laught, because God Will provide!….