3 Steps to Triumph in Your Trials

Three Steps to Triumph in Your Trials

At some point, the life we planned on and reality collide.

Our first several years of marriage were pretty much free of serious hardship – oh, things happened that we thought were difficult but the first real challenge? That would be the birth of our Little Sparrow.

How do you cope when the Dr. tells you your new baby is severely brain-damaged and is, in so many words, a vegetable? I kept it together while he was there but could feel a growing fire in my chest, as if the sinews of my heart were being ripped apart.

Daddy wants to protect.

Daddy wants to fight.

But, there’s not one thing Daddy can do to stop what was happening.

When the door clicked shut behind the good Dr., I turned to Lisa – my lover, my friend, and oh how we cried.

In one moment all the hopes, dreams, and aspirations for a new little life, for our little girl, vanished.

Have you been there, too? Or maybe you’re living there right now – searching for understanding and the strength to carry on in the face of deepest sorrow, or a bitter challenge.

Step 1 – Remember Job – He is God in the stillness and in the storm.

God knows every detail about you including the worst thing you are facing right now. The book of Job gives us a “peek behind the curtain.” Satan is at work – in every trauma, trouble, and trial we face – but so is God.

There’s a line in an old hymn I love that goes like this: He will sanctify to you your deepest distress. You see, God never gives you the grace for someone else’s trials but He always gives you the grace for what He calls you to walk through.

Will you receive it?

He will take that trial your Enemy meant as dark and dirty and sanctify it – literally make it clean – if you trust and yield to His light in the midst of your troubles.

In that hospital room, I knelt (fell to my knees) beside the bed, desperately grasping Lisa’s hand . . .

Oh GodI don’t understand why our little girl has to be hurt like this . . . it makes no sense to me . . .

but I still trust you . . .

we still believe that you are good, even though we don’t see or understand.”

Then we cried a lot more.

Step 2 – Believe the Truth – God will never leave you or forsake you. Matt. 28:20 “. . . I am with you alway . . .”

He is there, in your deepest struggle. Do we truly believe what we’ve been telling everyone we believe? Do we believe that God is good in the shadows of life, or only in the sunshine?

But, don’t get the wrong idea. I still get emotional over what might have been. Sorry – maybe a super Christian would just forge ahead in total strength and conviction, but this Daddy?

The other day when some kids were visiting, running all over the yard and our Little Sparrow leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “I wish I could run,” or when I’m at some event like we were, recently, where there’s a little country dancing and I see Little Sparrow in her wheel chair, her longing eyes watching the other kids laughing and playing . . . yeah, I still cry.

My little girl’s heart was made for dancing, too.

Step 3 – Hold fast to your hope – Romans 15:13 “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.”

And, God knows that. He created her for His glory which is why following the Marriage Supper of The Lamb, I’m thinking there’s going to be a big dance and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to stand in line for a dance with Little Sparrow . . . just behind Jesus,

Welcome Little Sparrow . . . may I have this dance.

Matthew Jacobson



  • Iris

    You have no idea just how much I needed a post like this today. I recently lost my job and have been fighting for unemployment benefits for 2 months. Had a hearing regarding it all today and left feeling so discouraged. My dear husband has been working as much overtime as he can (12 hr shifts) to make up for what we’ve lost…. And the Enemy rained discouragement and frustration on me. Our Heavenly Father placed this post at such a time…. I really needed this…. To know I’m not alone in the storm, even if the storm is different from others. God bless y’all and your family. Thank y’all for your ministry and willingness to share so openly.

  • Jill

    Thank you for these words….what grief we know on this earth, and what delight we will feel when we see His face. Though I had experienced a miscarriage before, we have two lovely children, and at my 13 week appointment, I lay alone in a doctor’s office, my husband was at work as we imagined all was well with our child. No heartbeat. No movement. Just a perfectly formed baby. Staring with empty eyes at me.
    But even worse was when they told me they must preform a abortion to remove the baby, because I was not miscarrying on my own….my husband and I sat and cried. We went to the room where it would happen. They told my husband he could not stay….

    Daddy wanted to protect.

    Daddy wanted to fight.

    He could not. I was led alone into the room where they would rip the child from my womb. But in the midst of this, Christ Jesus came and stood beside me. He was there. My heavenly Father was touching my hand, calming my heart, helping me breathe.

    Reading this post made me relive both the brutality and beauty of this experience, and reminded me that His Grace is enough. HE is always enough. Praise God for His tender mercies which are renewed each day.

    • Darlene Schacht

      I know your pain Jill. I lost a baby at five months along. And like you, the baby passed on but wasn’t coming out on his own. I had to walk around with it for several days in hopes that I would miscarry. It was such a dark few days. It didn’t come out so I went in for the procedure like you did. It was Christmas time and I remember a nurse telling me that the baby was celebrating Jesus birthday in heaven.