5 Things Couples Should Never Stop Doing

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Growing up I was addicted to sports. I loved the competition, and I enjoyed the challenge of trying my best.

I remember one Spring in particular. My best friend and I decided to meet every morning before school to run what we called “the murder block.” It was a killer on your calves, if you weren’t used to the distance. We ran that for a couple of weeks before moving on to something else.

At lunch time we trained for track and field with our coach, and after school I played basketball, volleyball or floor hockey.

I don’t know how I ever had time for baseball and figure skating, but I managed to squeeze those in too.

By the time I hit grade 12 I lost touch with sports. I was working part time, attending youth group on the weekends, and my social life was running at a steady pace.

It wasn’t until several years (and several pounds) later that I realized the importance of moving. Even if it’s just going for a walk every day, our bodies benefit greatly from exercise.

In much the same way a couple can easily find themselves looking back to find that the important things have slipped away from their grasp.

Life gets messy at times. It’s easy to get preoccupied, and lose touch with those things that bond us together.

We all have responsibilities. As we get older the responsibilities grow, but are we growing together?

Whether we’ve been married for thirty days or thirty years we must hold tight to the building blocks that keep our marriage alive. While there are some things we may out grow, there are five that we should never stop doing:

1. Praying for each other every day. (Click here for marriage prayer of the day).

2. Communicating in love. This calls for humility patience and kindness.

3. Giving of ourselves sacrificially. It’s a lot easier to be self-centered than it is to consider the happiness of others. Giving another person your time and attention is a gift.

4. Making love. Often. Be affectionate with each other. And let me also add, be understanding with each other. Some seasons can drain our energy completely. Some health conditions can too. While we should make every effort toward sexual intimacy, I urge you to also be a compassionate lover.

5. Spending time together. Be diligent about making time for our spouse. If you want to understand your husband, and if you want to communicate with your wife, spend time ample time together.

 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. – Proverbs 5:18

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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  • Lori Alexander

    I used that same exact verse on my post today! #2 is what I have really needed to learn. I have asked Ken to tell me every single time that I speak to him or treat him disrespectfully in any way since I didn’t want to do that at all anymore. I desired to obey God in everything. It has helped SO much! I never knew the tone of my voice caused him to feel so disrespected or arguing with him or even my body language. Our husbands are the best one to teach us since they are the ones we are commanded to respect!

  • Phyllis Cable

    I’m a wife of an ordained minister who is now retired from his last job of being the Pres. of a small Christian College in Manhattan, Ks. for almost 25 years. I really do enjoy and like some of these sayings and would like to share some of them with my two grown children and their spouses. I also have 3 granddaughters all almost teenagers and I’m praying they will marry Christians.
    My husband worked until he was 70 and a half, we had one good year and he stated showing signs of Parkinson. He spends most of his time at home now, sleeps a lot and isn’t able travel or have weddings or funerals like he did do after retiring. He was always in good health and I have been as well. I had started selling Real Estate in 1983 because he wasn’t always able to be paid on time .
    The school was way in debt and banks would not loan them anymore money. At that time the interest on our home was 15%. We had a son in his first year of college and a daughter in 2nd year of high school. So I had to work some place and I’d always been interested in houses and fixing them up .
    Now it’s 34 years later and I still work about half time when I have clients. It’s been a blessing to me all these years to meet new people and be a blessing to them as well as help my family.
    I don’t have a website but I work with G and A Real Estate, Inc. and I’m in theirs.

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