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5 Ways Your Clutter is Straining Your Finances

March 7, 2015 by Darlene Schacht
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Clutter is Straining Your Finances

5 Ways Your Clutter is Straining Your Finances

Article by Davonne Parks

Most of us have clutter, right? Whether it’s a storage closet, a basement, a room, or an entire house, many of us have spaces we can’t fully use because those areas are filled with stuff. But, have you ever thought about how much your clutter is costing you? Here are five ways that having too much stuff can get really pricy:

1) Needing to buy new things.

When we need to run to the store and buy something because we can’t find scissors or clean socks again, we’re spending a lot of time, energy, and money on unnecessary items.

Likewise, when we step on our kid’s favorite toy that’s buried in a clutter pile, we usually dig into our pockets to fork out some cash so we can replace the beloved item.

2) Not wanting to be home.

When our houses are a mess, being home isn’t fun or relaxing. So whether it’s going to a movie, hitting the mall, or getting coffee on the town, it’s tempting to spend time and money doing anything except going home to a disaster.

3) Restaurant meals.

When our kitchen counters are piled high with dishes and our fridges are full of moldy items, the last thing we want to do at dinnertime is clean up our mess and search for edible food just so we can sit down to eat.

So we go to a restaurant. More time. More gas money. More cash for a dinner out.

[Read the rest of the article at #5 might surprise you!]

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