7 Ways to Bring Peace to Your {not so peaceful} Home

7 Ways to Bring Peace to Your Home

With four children ages 5, 7, 10, and 12 years old,  sometimes it seems “less than peaceful” in my home.  Every single day I scramble to spend time mothering my children, getting to at least 3-5 loads of laundry, cleaning, cooking, homeschooling, along with all of the activities outside of my home we are involved in. (phew!!)  It seems we have just cleaned up from breakfast and it is already time to have lunch and two minutes later we are praying for dinner! (Can I get an amen?!?!)

It can all be very overwhelming and it sure doesn’t seem very peaceful to me. But I am called to be an INSTRUMENT of God’s peace.

Moms, I can’t help but wonder… Are we the ones that create most of the “chaos” that happens in our day to day lives?  We are called to be instruments of peace, but can’t we just as much be instruments of chaos? Are we so focused on ourselves and our own agenda that we can’t focus on what really matters and what our true calling is?  

As a mother I am an instrument of peace in my home.  God uses ME to bring peace to my household and to my children’s lives.  When I am prepared for the day by spending time with God, studying His word, and praying, I am at peace.  When I am focused on my first calling, my children and their needs, I am at peace.  That peace is experienced not just by me, but by everyone in my home.  I am an instrument of His peace to my home.

Here are a 7 ways we can bring peace to our homes:

1.  Follow hard after God.  Walk in the Spirit.  Our personal relationship with the Lord must be our number one priority.  Ultimately without God, we will not have peace to pass on.

2.  Love and honor our husband. Peace starts with God, and then into the relationship between husband and wife.  Our babes are watching and following our relational lead.  If we love each other well, we will bring an atmosphere of peace to our home.

3.  Love our children.  Now this seems obvious, but is it really? And are we really doing it? Squeeze them, smile at them, encourage them, teach them, laugh with them, read to them, pray with them, just love them..really love them. Say “I Love You” and show “I Love You”.

4.  Have a consistent routine.  A consistent routine brings a sense of stability and safeness to a child. We create a sense of peace when they don’t have to constantly wonder what the next moment holds.

5. Put the computer away. Now this may seem a little strange because you are reading this right now via your computer, but this is important. The computer and cell phone can easily distract us. In fact, I believe we are living in a culture where moms are addicted to the internet. But….You don’t have to be. Jot down a schedule of when you will be online and stick to it. You will feel free! Trust me.

6.  Play worship music.  There is such a peace when we are singing to God or just listening to the sweet sound of worship, no matter what our circumstances.  The whole attitude of my home changes.

7.  Keep a “clean” home.  I first learned to do this by “scheduling” my cleaning.  Now I don’t mean spotless here, but it is so very obvious to me that God created us women to love and care for our home, because when it is in disarray we feel it!  When my home is clean and orderly I feel at peace, and again, I pass that peace on to my family.

Friends, today I pray that God would use us in a mighty way to bring His peace into our homes! May we let Him use us as His instrument of peace.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

Now it’s your turn… What things do you feel create “chaos” in your home and what things do you intentionally do to bring “peace” to your home? 




  • IM

    Thank you for the article, I needed to be reminded of all that. And all that rang so true in my life. What helps me maintain peace? Having a planner where I check off what I have done and what else to do. I guess it just keeps me from being distracted and actually getting things done. I do like the scheduled cleaning ( when I heard of it at first; I found the idea great, but actually implementing it, I felt silly, because I come from a whole-house-cleaning-at-one-time family), but I love it now. I actually get more done this way. The most peace giving is having God time in the beginning of my day. But with three under 4, it’s a little impossible, so I just started doing the goodmorninggirls James bible study ( it’s like three verses a day), and I just do it with my little ones. They love it and I love it. I get to have God’s word and a family prayer time in the morning ;).

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ruth.

  • Missy Robinson

    My mood so totally sets the tone for our household. I think your ideas are good ones and necessary in our busy lives. I am mama to three and step mom to two teens, plus I work outside the home. I find it essential to take care of ME so that I’m available to my husband and to them. Also, I’m teaching each the value of peace among each other and in our home. When we all work together, it is a beautiful thing, indeed!

  • Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

    This brings up such a good point that we do have a great amount of control when it comes our home feeling peaceful or chaotic. I just posted about how this looks in my own life. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a link, but your readers may find it helpful and encouraging. Following hard after God and loving our families should be the priority. Good Christian music helps when we need to clean! http://myoverflowingcup.com/how-to-have-a-mary-heart-in-a-martha-world/ Thanks for the great post!

  • Rebecca D

    Thank you, this was a beautiful message. I too, have 4 children at home and these are some wonderful reminders to help build a peaceful home.

  • Madison

    Oh my goodness I never thought of the clean a little bit a day it would make it so much easier!! Something that my family does is have family dinner as often as we can. It really helped because we got to sit down with no distractions and just talk laugh and eat a wonderful meal. I also read an amazing article that talks about how it help her family I think you will love it!! It just shows how small things can really make a diffrence in your family!

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