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A Letter from Sunny

Dear Darlene,

I absolutely LOVED this article [Submit One to Another]! SO true! God ALWAYS deserves our respect, love and well, everything! 🙂

Oh, and you know what else, I actually wash my husband’s feet! I really get into it too! I first started about a decade ago when I was having trouble submitting to him and after much prayer, knew God was telling me I needed to physically wash his feet.

Why? Because I was such a contentious woman (not that I don’t still have my moments :)) that God said I needed the visual to help me. OUCH! So I did and I wept nearly the entire time. Sitting at my husband’s feet, having the privilege of washing away all the burdens the world had put on him that day, was overwhelming and brought me to tears.

For those who’ve never done it and would like to:

  • Purchase a large basin
  • Purchase lots of foot washing things: foot file, sloughing cream, liquid foot washing soap, mint foot lotion, etc.
  • Before you wash his feet, throw a couple of hand towels into the dryer so they’re nice and hot.
  • Take one foot out of the basin and massage it with lotion
  • Wrap in a warm towel, then do the same with the other foot

I haven’t done this in a while though. Thanks for the reminder. I think I’ll do it tonight. It’ll be a nice surprise for my darling who works so hard so I can stay home. 🙂

Love you sister,

Sunny Shell

Thank you for sharing that, Sunny, it’s a beautiful testimony of one woman’s love for her husband–an example we can all follow. I cherish your ongoing encouragement and the way that you live out your faith.

You are loved by an almighty God,


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