Chapter Five – The Feast of Trumpets

Reminder: This is our last week before the Christmas break. Once we complete this chapter on Friday, we’ll break until January, at which time we’ll wrap up the last two chapters: 
Day of Atonement – January 2nd
Feast of Tabernacles – January 8th

This week we’ll be studying chapter 5, “The Feast of Trumpets.” As with the spring feasts, the order of the fall feasts is important, since redemption comes after repentance, and rejoicing is only through the redemption of Christ. There is no rejoicing without redemption, and there is no redemption without repentance.

The interesting thing about this day, the 1st of Tishrei, is that there are many names for this feast. They’re not simply different names, but rather several facets, which make this feast remarkable and worth taking note of.

If you haven’t started already, dig into chapter five. Come back here on Wednesday for your fifth video lesson as I sit down for a chat with Pastor Dan.

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Suggested Reading for This Week: 

Chapter 5 of:
The Beauty of Jesus Revealed in the Feasts.

Matthew Chapters 24 & 25

Genesis Chapter 22

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On Monday of each week, I’ll post a couple of printables here on the blog for you. It’s also on this day that you start reading your chapter for the week. Throughout the week, you can fill out your study guide at home.

On Wednesdays, I’ll post a video for you here on the blog as Pastor Daniel Krebs and I sit down to discuss each chapter. We have a separate video for each feast, which is about 45-minutes long. These videos are amazing! If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss them: Click here

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  • Karen

    I am loving this Bible Study. I am learning so much that makes my Bible reading make sense and gives me more understanding. Thank you so much. I also enjoy the video’s and listening to Pastor Daniel.
    I know this is drawing to an end. What will our next Bible study be.?

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