Closing Thoughts on Esther Chapter 5

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My Closing Thoughts on Chapter 5

Looking back on Chapter 5, I couldn’t help but notice the images of Christ woven into the text of this chapter. How detail after detail points directly to the cross, revealing God’s beautiful plan of salvation.

If you remember the last chapter, you’ll remember that Esther made a decision that speaks to many of our hearts. When she said, “If I perish, I perish,” there’s a raw courage in her voice. It’s a moment of surrender, a letting go that reminds us of our call to follow Christ with everything we have, loving Him wholeheartedly.

Her name, meaning “hidden,” hints at the beautiful mystery of Christ within the pages of her story. It’s not just about finding love in unexpected places but about recognizing Christ’s presence, hidden yet ever-present, guiding, and shaping our lives in ways we might not always see.

On the third day, Esther puts on her royal robes, and this moment takes on profound significance. Just as Esther rises, so too are we called to rise with Christ after we have died to ourselves. It’s a new beginning filled with grace, a reflection of our spiritual resurrection in Christ. The importance of the third day is a gentle reminder of the transformation that happens when we embrace our identity in Him, knowing that we have been raised with Christ and are called to live a life of love and purpose.

The royal robe isn’t just about her status. It’s about knowing who she is and Whose she is. Just as we are clothed in Christ’s love, Esther’s robe reminds us of our own royal identity in Him. It’s a connection that helps us approach God’s throne with confidence, knowing we’re embraced by His unending grace.

I’ll see you on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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