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Daily Devotion – Don’t Let Jesus Fall Off Your Back

We have a special guest blogger today, my amazing friend, television personality, speaker, and talented author, Danielle Macaulay.

Danielle’s new Bible Study, The Get Along Guide is available this week at (affil link) Danielle’s warm style of encouragement had me at page one, as I was spurred on to grow in gentleness, kindness, and love. Her beautiful pairing of self-reflection with a deep dive into The Word made The Get Along Guide one study that I’ll be returning to often!

I asked Danielle if she would share a devotional with us today, and so without further ado, let’s talk about Jesus…

Today’s Scattered Seeds

The first conversation my husband had with my sister’s new boyfriend is one we’ll never forget. My cutie, Dan was trying to explain his job as a worship leader to Miguel – someone who certainly didn’t speak the evangelical “Christian-ese” language we’d become so accustomed to. It was all foreign to him. Miguel scratched his head, pondered a moment, and then his response went something like this:

“So, you’re kind of like the donkey that carried Jesus to all the people for His triumphant entry?”

Whoa. I guess he knew more of his Bible than I had given him credit for.

Stunned, Dan replied “Ummm yeah, I guess I kind of am”.

Miguel continued with the next part of his profound thought process.

“I think that when donkeys get proud and puffed up, they kick up their front two legs and stand up on their hind ones in order to get higher and seem bigger than they really are.…so, make sure you don’t let Jesus fall of your back, ok!?”

We fell silent for a moment, processing the heaviest of thoughts while congregating in my Grandma’s sunny dining room, hovering over the chicken fried rice. This really made us think. Did we need that guidance? Absolutely. 

Now, we may not all be a Sunday morning worship leader, but in a way, Christians are like that donkey, presenting Jesus to the ones that surround us. We might not be four feet higher in the air on an actual stage, but our Christ-following lives are certainly on display for all to see. Our actions and attitudes hold the power to lead Jesus directly into – or away from – other people’s lives. But, when we become prideful and puff ourselves up, we may just knock Jesus right off of His rightful spot, where He can be seen and worshipped.

Proverbs 16:18 warns us that pride comes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. We know that fall will be a slippery slope for us, but have you ever thought about how your pride makes Jesus plummet as well?

Some days, perhaps at a larger event or somewhere where I know he has a few fans ready to sing along with him, I’ll give Dan a friendly little reminder not to let Jesus fall off his back, and that he’s just a…donkey, after all. Really, aren’t we all?

It is time that we get off of our high horses, kick pride to the side and provide a platform to display King Jesus. Girls, it is never worth it to “strut your stuff” for other women to see, if it means you let Jesus “fall off your back”. We must never let pride convince us that we are the main event, leaving Jesus landing unseen in the dirt behind us. 

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Tilling the Soil

Recognizing the source of our blessing is a great way to dissolve pride in our lives. Pinpoint an area that you are prone to becoming prideful and jot down the ways that God has provided for you in order to allow you to succeed in that area. Thank Him for that blessing and then ask Him how you can use that to point others to Him. 

Planting Hope

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17, NIV)

Danielle Macaulay is an author, blogger, speaker and television personality on the marriage television show “A Better Us” ( She is passionate about her marriage to her husband, recording artist Dan Macaulay (, her two young boys, Keaton and Braden, and about helping women grow in their faith (she isn’t afraid to admit she’s also passionate about donuts, Hallmark movies and the spa). She provides regular nourishment for both your body and soul at her popular blog spot and offers families spiritual nourishment and kid friendly recipes in her children’s meal time devotional, “Table Talk: Family Dinner Devos”. Her passion project is her newest release, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!”, a book that encourages and challenges women towards unity. 

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  • Chiquita

    I followed your study of Romans. Thanks. Now I am looking at Ruth. I don’t see the page with questions only; I see the page with your answers attached to questions. Where should I search?

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