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Daily Devotion – Nothing Can Satisfy Like He Does

Danielle Macaulay joins us today as a guest blogger while I’m enjoying a thanksgiving weekend with my kids. I hope you enjoy this wonderful reminder of The One Who satisfies our soul.

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Today’s Scattered Seeds

I learned a lot from my couch.

Yes, it’s true. That awful, ginormous hunk of ugly that is my overly expensive Pottery Barn couch. It’s the color of poop and it sits in my living room as my daily reminder that the things of this world will never satisfy…and will often disappoint.

I have always loved beautiful things. I’m a sucker for packaging. As a young bride, several of my closest friends had the most gorgeous, comfy (and high end) down and duck feather filled couches. I wanted one of those too – and the houses to match. Unfortunately my bank account didn’t match theirs. 

Years later, my dad came to visit overnight and slept on our (falling apart) Ikea couch. Don’t get me wrong – it had been good to us, but our growing boys had not been good to it. The springs had seen better days. When my dad awoke and said that he felt like he was sleeping in a coffin all night, we knew it was time to go shopping. We finally had the means to splurge on something nicer. I knew exactly what I wanted – I wanted to get my own Pottery Barn couch.

The hubby agreed, and I immediately began the hunt. I was ecstatic (I mean, happy dance, clapping in double time ecstatic) that I, Danielle Macaulay was finally going to have what I’d sat in my friend’s homes day-dreaming of. We had it custom designed according to our desire. I could barely wait until it was delivered just after Christmas. 

I’ll never forget the day. We lugged our crappy old Ikea couch down to the unfinished basement to make room for this long awaited, glorious piece of furniture. The delivery men carried the beast up to our living room, set it down where I told them…and then…

Oh no.

I didn’t like it.

I kind of hated it, in fact.

I wasn’t doing the happy dance any more. That thing I had wanted for so long not only left me unsatisfied, but utterly disappointed. Girls, my Pottery Barn couch let me down and I couldn’t let my husband know. 

In my dismay, it hit me like a Mac truck that earthly things (whatever, or whoever it may be) that we put too much stock into for our own happiness will without a doubt fail us. They will not only leave us unsatisfied, but often disappointed. In fact, the more weight and worth we put in something that isn’t eternal, the more we feel a void upon receiving it. I wish that couch episode was the only time I fell victim to placing my treasure where moth and rust destroy. All too often I can be like my toddler, who immediately upon receiving a new toy begins asking for what’s next on the list.

Yet, nothing I have ever desired from God has failed me. Nothing He has ever offered me has disappointed. He undersells and over delivers EVERY TIME. He unexpectedly blesses me and keeps me in awe. He satisfies me. 

I want to live content. I want joy. I long to be deeply satisfied and I don’t want to be cyclically disappointed and trying to fill a void. And so, that couch remains plunked down in my living room as my daily reminder of Who never disappoints, and that stuff can never take His place.

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Tilling the Soil

Read Matthew 6:19-20 and ponder where your treasure and your heart is. Now, read Psalm 107:9 What good things has God given you today? Jot down 3 of them and thank Him for His provision and care over you. Take in the song “Gratitude” by Nichole Nordeman

Planting Hope

When you come looking for me, you’ll find me… when you get serious about me… you won’t be disappointed.” (Jeremiah 29:13 The Message)

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Danielle Macaulay is an author, blogger, speaker and television personality on the marriage television show “A Better Us” ( She is passionate about her marriage to her husband, recording artist Dan Macaulay (, her two young boys, Keaton and Braden, and about helping women grow in their faith (she isn’t afraid to admit she’s also passionate about donuts, Hallmark movies and the spa). She provides regular nourishment for both your body and soul at her popular blog spot and offers families spiritual nourishment and kid friendly recipes in her children’s meal time devotional, “Table Talk: Family Dinner Devos.” Her passion project is her newest release, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!”, a book that encourages and challenges women towards unity. 

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