7 Reasons to Buy My New Book & an iPad Mini Giveaway

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This past Saturday I announced the pre-release of my book, Messy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages. The reason that I’m especially excited to introduce this book to you, is because I’ve been working on it and praying about it for over two years now. If you only read one of my books, this is the one to pick up.

If that hasn’t convinced you, let me give you seven other reasons to pick up my book today:

1. It’s on sale. The list price is $15.99, but I noticed that Amazon currently has it on sale for only $11.95! Woohoo! You should also check out the other retailers to see who is offering the best introductory price.

2. I’ve briefly shared my testimony here on the blog, but in Messy Beautiful Love I’ve gone deeper. Much deeper. I share intimate details in this book that were painful to put down on paper. I wanted to take the easy road and stick to the things that make for light reading, but as time went by I felt an undeniable nudge toward the road less paved—painful honesty. It’s a humbling experience, that I pray brings hope and draws others to Christ.

3. It’s for average-yet-spectacular women like you. One thing I’m often told is that my books are easy to read. I think it’s because I write with you in mind. Instead of getting all sophisticated on you, I like to imagine myself sitting down for tea at the kitchen table and having a conversation with you (please excuse the dirty dishes in the sink). In fact every single word I write is spoken out loud before it’s put down on paper. Sometimes the kids think I’m talking on the phone, and then they’ll say, “Oh, Mom’s just writing again!” 😉

4. This book is nothing short of a miracle. Growing up I was diagnosed as dyslexic. I wrote backward and I had a tutor sitting beside me for a couple of months. I couldn’t read. In fact I don’t remember finishing a book until I was about 30-years-old, when I made my way through the King James Version of the Bible. I failed grade 12 English, which was a requirement for graduation, but they gave me a much lower credit just so that I could graduate with the rest of my class. I never dreamed that I would be a writer, but God had bigger plans for me than I had for myself. I’ve since become a NYT best-selling author when I co-authored a book with Candace Cameron Bure, and this book, Messy Beautiful Love is published by the awesome team at Thomas Nelson. I’m in awe of God’s grace.

5. This book made my mom cry. You might not think that’s a big deal, but trust me–it is. *smile* The odd thing is that I was iffy about giving her an advance copy. Having strangers read my story is one thing, but family? These are the people I interact with and the people I see every day. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to put myself out there.

One night around 11:30 pm, my mother called me in tears. She had just started reading the book and once the tears started flowing, they wouldn’t stop.

“Hold on,” I told her, “I’ll be right there.”

I rushed over to her house and within 20 minutes we were lying in bed, holding hands and watching “Little House on the Prairie.”

“Mom,” I said. “If you’re this emotional after chapter one, then don’t read anymore.”

“No,” she said, “I’m on chapter three and I’m still crying.”

The next week she called to tell me that Aunty Lorraine was crying too, and that Aunty Lorraine was passing it on to one of her friends. They’re so cute those two!

6. It’s packed with inspiring encouragement that backed by the Word of God. Every chapter is designed to encourage you in your marriage. It’s about hope, redemption, grace, friendship and truth.

7. When you pre-order the book you get a fantastic freebie package valued at over $50.00! If you missed the announcement on Saturday, make sure that you click here to see the details on each freebie. I don’t want you to miss out!



Are you ready for a giveaway?

In celebration of the upcoming release of Messy Beautiful Love, I’ll be hosting giveaways for the next eight weeks! Yeah–I’m excited too! 🙂

Want to know what they’ll be? Here’s a sneak peek:

Today – August 18th
· iPad Mini

Week 2 – August 25th
· Vita Mix S30 Personal Blender

Week 3 – September 1st
· KitchenAid 5 QT Mixer in Aqua Sky Blue

Week 4 – September 8th
· Williams Sonoma Picnic Basket Set

Week 5 – September 15th
· COFFEE PACKAGE – Includes Keurig Rivo Single Serve Cappacino & Latte Brewer & Accessories + Carousel + supply of 144 cups + set of 4 mugs

Week 6 – September 22nd
· HOME PACKAGE – Includes a Kate Spade candle + Kate Spade Trinket Tray + Giraffe at home Throw

Week 7 – September 29th
· Coach Crosstown Crossbody Bag in Light Gold & Platinum

Week 8 – October 6th
· ANTHROPOLOGIE KITCHEN PACKAGE – Includes Apron & matching pot holders + Pie Dish & matching Whisk + matching Rolling Pin

The giveaway will end at midnight each Sunday night and I’ll announce the winner the next morning (Monday) along with a new giveaway!

Entries for Canada and the US only please. 

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ipad mini

Here are two links you might need:
The book page: http://www.messybeautifullove.com
This giveaway page: https://timewarpwife.com/?p=4355

Thank you for helping me get the word out!

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Please Note: This giveaway is open to US and Canada only.

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