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Happily Ever After


Today I’m introducing a new contributor, an awesome writer, and a dear friend: Jen Thorn. I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Jen at the Women Living Well conference last year when we gathered in Ohio. Her gentle spirit and deep love for the Lord instantly drew me to her and we’ve been forever friends since. I love her, and I’m sure you will too! – Darlene Schacht


Even at my age I still love princess stories. Growing up I was committed to my role as princess whenever playing dress up. Honestly, I wish we still dressed in big flowing gowns. I am all for chivalry, I love movies with happily-ever-after endings, and am totally into reading Monarchical History. I am a romantic through and through.

I have a feeling I am not alone in these thoughts. But there is a danger in this. What happens when reality does not mimic fantasy? What happens when “Prince Charming” turns out to have flaws? What becomes of our romantic dreams when we kiss our groom at the wedding, drive off into the sunset, and shortly after realize that our Prince is actually more like a toad? That he has warts and issues and baggage–just like me. And what happens when we realize that we can’t change him?

Many will despair and become bitter with their spouse. Others will grow angry with God. But the truth is this world is not a fairytale. It is not made up of perfect people nor perfect relationships. Your prince is a bit of a toad, and you aren’t much of a princess. The things and people in this life are broken and require redemption.

Romanticism can be deadly if it leads us to expect such neat and clean storylines for our lives. Romanticism will cause discontentment and dissatisfaction with the husband and life God has given us. However, behind these princess stories are three things that remain eternally true for the people of God.

1. We await a perfect kingdom

Image the most beautiful palace you possibly can. God’s kingdom is exceedingly more beautiful. God has promised us more then we can imagine, things we taste now in part, but will have in full in eternity (Eph. 3:20). Our coming Kingdom (Lk. 11:2) will be peaceful and bright because the King who rules is justice and light. It will be safe because Christ is our protection and it will be filled with joy for our enemies will all be defeated and love will reign.

2. We await a glorious groom

Someday we will be fully united to our eternal bridegroom. A groom who loves perfectly, is all kindness, deals in gentleness, and yet is a warrior who will slay the dragon and deal justly with all who would harm his bride.

Revelation depicts the second coming of Jesus beautifully,

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns … On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written:
King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
(Rev. 19:11,12,16)

There truly is a Knight in shining armour out there who will one day come for us.

A husband is a source of tremendous comfort, strength, protection, love, and companionship. But our souls need supernatural comfort, strength, protection, love, and companionship.

– Nancy Wilson

3. We await an eternal happily ever after

With our Savior we will be eternally happy, as he will completely satisfy us. He will withhold no good thing from us. Love, joy, and wonder will be some of our main emotions since God is eternal we will always be in awe at the new aspects we see of his love, generosity, glory and majesty. We will be loved with a love that surpasses anything found in romance stories drawn up by mere men. We will be dressed in robes more beautiful than any princess has ever owned. The robe of Christ’s righteousness.

His righteousness is hers, to be her spotless robe. His heavens are hers, to be her home. His throne is hers, to be her seat. His glory is hers, to be her crown. His eternity is hers, that she may have joy forever.

– Henry Law

We love fairy tales because we long for righteousness, need rescue from our enemies, and desire true love. We are broken women married to broken men who need just as much redemption and love as we do. That redemption is not found in stories, but history. We find all that we need in the Son of God who knew no sin, who sacrificed himself for the unworthy, and demonstrated perfect love.

One day Christ will lift our crosses off our backs and replace it with a crown upon our heads. He will take us by the hand and say, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.” (Song of Sol. 2:10)


Jen Thorn


  • David Almeida

    Excellent post Darlene! I believe you are saying that our reward awaits us in Heaven . . . . and that we should put God first in outlives. While our loved ones might down let us down . . . . God will never fail us. You are giving a clear message to your readers to keep our faith and trust in God.

    I enjoy your reading your posts and I appreciate the work you are doing! Thank you!

    Best wishes,


  • Elissa P

    Hello Jennifer,

    I have nothing to add but amen and again I same amen. Oh how wonderful it will be when we will be able to go home with our savior, husband and friend. .”..And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So shall your God rejoice over you” Isaiah 62:5.

    I cannot wait for that day, when my ‘husband’ will wipe away all my sorrows and pain. “And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!” Matthew 25:6.

    Let us all be reach. Peace.

  • LisaDiane

    This is beautiful! And a great reminder to keep our fantasies “in check”, and realize they are not REALITY.

    I would also like to remind women (and girls), that in Genesis, God created woman because He wanted Adam to have a companion — “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him” Gen 2:18
    The significance of that is that WE were created FOR men! So somewhere in that fantasy we need to insert that we are perfect companions to our “Princes”, once they rescue us!! (Not that we will be – it IS a fantasy) And that actually might be part of the fantasies that men have about their future wives — all loving, all caring, joyfully serving them with doting attention. YIKES! I fall far short of that!! LOL

    I think it helps women in their early marriage (and even the not-so-early-marriage!) to remember that husbands are not the only partner who has responsibilities before God to their spouse…..WE have an awe-inspiring responsibility — God created us to be the special companions to His FIRST CREATION! He has put the well-being of our husbands into OUR hands!!

    I think it would be very helpful for women to remember that, while they are thinking of the “perfect” man! 🙂
    (Says the woman with a MAJOR Cinderella fantasy!!! *Sigh!*)

    • Jennifer Thorn

      You are so right. We do have a huge responsibility as special companions to our husbands. We know them better than anyone which means we have a unique ability to speak into their lives and encourage them in their walk with God and to become godly men and husbands.

  • Katie Hamilton

    your second paragraph and the questions it poses are EXACTLY why my dad had (HAS) such a problem with the Christian Fiction Romance I used to absorb like a sponge on a daily basis. I think he was proud when after some conviction/clarity on it, I came back from camp one year and got rid of all my CFR books, put away my Jane Austens, and got rid of a good chunk of romantic movies (and yes, they were clean, not naughty! They just caused realistic fantasies). I’m NOT all against romance AT ALL or anything, I just was beginning to see that all these little factors built into one big one that could (and still may!) smack my poor future husband in the face on a few occasions: UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS! This post expounded so eloquently, thought by thought, on the dangers of this type of thing—getting caught up in romance (however clean, classical, historic, or even “godly”!) books and movies and FANTASIES (which is something I struggle with very often LLLL I was also the biggest ‘princess girl’ when I was younger. Been a die-hard romantic since age three, I’m guessing lol. But this post was SO GOOD and SO SATURATED with Spiritual Truth!!! It took the focus off the guy and put it where it belongs: on GOD. WOW. I REALLY needed and was encouraged by this post! May actually pass it ALONG TO my Daddy! Lol

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