How to Prepare for the High Calling of Motherhood

How to Prepare for Motherhood

We know of many famous women who have accomplished much in this world. Their names are in lights, but think of the many unnamed women who rocked the cradle of great men and women who changed the world. They will forever be unnamed, but their influence is forever with us. ~ Courtney Joseph in Women Living Well

The Lord has given me a calling.

A high calling, really.

A high calling that requires a woman to stoop low. To scoop up babies, to pick up toys and to clean up messes.  To wipe runny noses and patch up scratched knees.

It’s known as Motherhood and there are times when it doesn’t feel like all that grand or glorious of a calling.

And there are times when it does.

Like when the little ones snuggle into my arms, or the older ones look to me for answers. When I’m needed to comfort their hearts or speak truth into their young lives.

Then it’s nearly breath-taking.

All this because God has made me their mother. He has put these children – and these challenges – in my life as part of what He is doing in this world. Rather amazing.

So when I consider the wonderful privilege of motherhood, I feel blessed beyond words. And I know you do too.

But when I don’t stop to consider? That’s when I can feel overwhelmed by its dailyness and the seemingly smallness. Then I experience frustration. Defeat and discouragement.  On those days it feels like we’re going nowhere.

I have to stop and remember I’m a woman on a mission.

And as a mission-minded woman I want to be prepared for the important work that’s before me. It’s not enough to merely muddle-through motherhood, I want to embrace it and make the most of it. As do you.

Preparation for the High Calling of Motherhood

Scripture-Filled. When a mother is pouring out all day, she needs to be filled up too. Spending time in His Word is essential. If hours of uninterrupted time aren’t available (right!), try posting Bible verses throughout the house – in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and other popular places – to memorize and meditate on throughout the day.

Sift Through Priorities. One of the challenges of motherhood? EVERYTHING is  important. Meals, cleaning, organizing, driving….oh yes, and caring for their hearts. But there are times when we have to let go of good things, in order to get best things done. We might have scrambled eggs for dinner because I spent the afternoon helping two sisters learn to love each other. No need to be hard on myself – I’ve chosen the better part.

Seasons of Life. Much frustration can come from bucking up against this reality of life. A new baby puts us in survival mode. Sleep, food, and basic hygiene is often all that can be achieved in such a season. Sickness can be a similar experience. A loss or a move can set us back for months. But if this is what The Lord has brought into our lives? Then this is what He intends for us.

And so….

Soften Your Heart. To the lessons the Lord has for you and your family. Don’t merely try to “get through it”, but desire all that He wants to do through your circumstances and trials. Then you’ll grow – and your children will grow right along with you. Much is gained, even if little is accomplished.

Stop Sighing. It’s so easy to slip into the unconscious habit of sighing. A small set-back. Sigh. More work to be done. Sigh. So much training left to do. Sigh. Not only does this defeat your spirit, but that quiet sigh communicates your discontent to your children far too loudly.


Sing with Joy. Ask The Lord to give you a song. Then keep singing it until your heart means it. My children like to hear me humming along (though NOT my gifting) because it tells them that I love being with them and love what I do. His songs also keep me focused on the truth and serve to drown out the Enemy’s whisperings.

Savor the Sweetness.  Of this precious time. Look for and enjoy the bright moments. Laugh at the funny antics of your children. Listen to their creative ideas. Kiss their darling cheeks and help them see God in the small things. Pour His love into their lives while you have the chance.

Let’s set our sight on this high calling. It’s when we get to looking down at all the sticky spots and work left undone that we get discouraged. So let’s keep looking up.  Looking up to the God who gave us this beautiful gift called motherhood.

Yes, we are truly blessed with a high calling.

Dear mamas, do not lose heart. Do not grow weary of doing good (Gal. 6:9). We are raising the next generation, and we can’t do it alone. We need to daily be on our knees in prayer, not just for our husband and children, but for ourselves! Walk with the King! ~ Courtney Joseph in Women Living Well

Lisa Jacobson,  Club31Women

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  • Linda

    Gr8 article… We have 8 children…(6 girls and 1 boy, “plus 1 in Heaven”)…we have enjoyed singing hymns while we washed dishes, folded laundry, cleaned the house, etc…I agree with the advice to not sigh and to add sweetness to your ‘everyday’ life. You have a God-given high calling to raise and nurture His children for His honor and glory! 1 point I’d like to add in for “motherhood preparing”… Commit to consistently love their Daddy! (This is 1 of the best and important “gifts” you can ever give your children…) May God bless your quiver!
    Thanks again, Lisa! You do a gr8 job!

  • Annie Ruth Jesus Beloved

    This is very good.
    Thanks for sharing your experience and it really helps me in my growth.
    May my Father God blesses you and your family.