How Does An Online Study Work?

I’ve recently had several inquiries about the structure of our online studies and how one can participate. I was in the same position not too long ago, wondering how these studies work and how I could get involved. While each study may be unique, I’d like to simplify and share how ours is structured.

Our online studies are designed with flexibility in mind — you can engage with them at your own pace, in your personal quiet time, or you could gather a small group of friends and dig into the study together. This provides an excellent opportunity for spiritual growth, building community, and engaging in meaningful discussions, all from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a seasoned Bible study participant, a curious newcomer, or a small group looking for your next study, you’re always invited to explore and engage with us. With that said, let me simplify how we do ours:

  1. Access the Bible Study Journal: You can either purchase a copy from Amazon or subscribe to receive printable chapters on a weekly basis. So, if you are wondering how much these studies cost, the answer is, either free or the cost of the journal itself which is normally under 15.00 US.
  1. Weekly Reading and Study: Each week, we suggest reading a chapter from the journal. Inside, you’ll find my personal insights, reading assignments, and discussion questions to deepen your study experience and understanding.
  1. Tuesday Insights: Every Tuesday, I share a video online, accompanied by a thoughtful blog post. This devotional post, tied to the week’s chapter, offers additional perspective and encourages further reflection. Additionally, we also post a Bible verse of the week each Tuesday.
  2. Join our Facebook Community: We have a vibrant Facebook group where members are encouraged to share their thoughts on the week’s chapter, and support each other. You can join our community using this link:
  1. Closing Thoughts on Fridays: To wrap up the week, every Friday I share my closing thoughts and a printable quote from the week. This serves as a memorable takeaway and reflection from our week’s exploration.

This is an example of a typical week (from our current study):

Week at a Glance


Watch this week’s video at Time-Warp Wife.
Print off this week’s Bible verse at Time-Warp Wife.
Read Esther Chapter 1 and the introduction.
Check in on the community at: While you are there, maybe you could drop in a friendly message wishing others a blessed week, or share a prayer for the week ahead.


Spend time prayerfully considering this chapter. In a separate journal answer any or all of these questions as you immerse yourself in the text:

What is the main story or message of the chapter?

This question is designed to help you understand the broader narrative or teachings of the chapter.

Who are the key characters involved, and how do they contribute to the story?

Understanding characters and their roles can shed light on the events in the story.

What personal reflections do you have after reading this chapter?

This question gives you an opportunity to connect the passage with your own life.

How do you interpret the main message or moral of this chapter?

This question invites you to express your own interpretations and perspective as the Spirit guides you.

Are there any specific passages that stood out to you? Why?

Focusing on specific lines can help you gain a deeper understanding of the text.

How might this chapter change your thinking or behavior?

This encourages you to think about the practical application of the Bible’s teachings in your day-to-day life.


Work on the questions in your study guide.
Share your reflections in the Facebook group.
Respond to at least one other person’s post in the group to encourage others.


Visit Time-Warp Wife to read Darlene’s closing thoughts on the chapter.
Reflect on Darlene’s insights and how they align with or enhance your understanding of the week’s study.
Share your own closing thoughts or responses to Darlene’s reflections in the Facebook group.