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I Can Only Imagine – Wynonna Judd

I’m blessed on the rare occasion that I see a celebrity using their platform to share their faith. And so when I came across this video last night I couldn’t help but enjoy every minute of it. I think it’s a bit old, but still so worth talking about.

I love Wynonna, and I have no doubt that she and I would be fast friends if our paths were to cross. I’d like to sit down with this girl and enjoy a cup of tea. She’s a hip chick, and she loves Jesus which is a unique combination that makes her “Wynonna.”

The song blessed me to tears. It often does. I know that it’s a Mercy Me song, and they do a wonderful job with it, but hearing Wynonna sing it with the passion she did, while tears streamed down her cheeks—I was in awe. I just can’t imagine being gifted with a voice like that and an opportunity to share it. Wow.

I mean really… I can only imagine God’s thought process when He created her. Putting the final touches on this woman He said, “I will bless her with an outstanding voice. So strong it can’t be denied, yet so tender it warms the heart of all who listen.”

And as she said, “To the world I’m one, but to one I’m the world.” That’s something for all of us to take joy in, isn’t it? To realize that each of of us were created with intention and forethought.

Last night I got to thinking… we always expect Christian celebrities to use their platform to share Jesus when we should be asking ourselves if we’re using our own.

We’re all given a platform in one shape or another. Whether it’s around the water cooler at work, talking with the other moms at a homeschool group, or chatting with a neighbor outside… we have a platform to share the love of God with the people we meet.

And why would we share it? Not so much because it’s our duty to do so, but most importantly because this incredible God that we serve is so worth telling the world about. How can we possible keep silent about such an amazing God!!

Thank you Lord for creating each one of us in our own beautiful way! You never cease to amaze me!!

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