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I’m Writing a Legacy Letter, But It’s Not What You Think


I’m not sick, I’m not dying, and I’m not counting down my last days,  but some day I will be. One day I’ll say goodbye to this world as I step into the arms of my Savior.

The question is, how will I be remembered? Or better yet, how will my God be remembered?

Last summer a friend of mine received a special gift on her birthday. A card, from her mother who passed on months before. She had the forethought to write each child a card before she was gone. Something to remember her by. Something to brighten their day in her absence.

Breathtakingly beautiful, if you ask me.

My story is different. I’m writing a legacy letter, but it’s not what you think.

I’m journaling through the Bible. Highlighting the parts that stand out to me, and writing notes for generations to come.

My hope is that my children, my grandchildren, and my great-grandchildren will have a keen interest in reading those thoughts that I leave behind.

Notes like these are just some of the ways I’m encouraging them:

“Pay close attention to this. ”

“Prayer must be a part of your life.”

“God answers prayer.”

“He wants our obedience.”

“Love is sacrifice.”

“Contentment leads to peace with God.”

“Love is not always easy.”

“Trust in His timing.”

“Always remember, seasons pass.”

I want my children and their children to pick up the Bible and to find encouragement there. I want them to stop and let scripture sink in.

There’s an extra blessing in this, because I find it relaxing. I love doodling on the pages while I meditate on the words.

I’m not very good at my craft–I can see that–but hopefully with some practice I’ll fine tune a few things. I need to practice my handwriting, and as far as coloring goes–it’s been several years. *smile*

It’s keeping me away from computer, which is kind of nice after all of these years. I’m spending time at the kitchen table, drawing, and coloring, and highlighting some words.

Want a sneak peek? I’ve posted some of the pages below (scroll down). I hope you enjoy them!


For those of you who want a little more information about the tools I’m using, here’s a rundown:

KJV Journaling Bible* – Wide margin Bibles are so hard to find. There was one left in my city, and we had to order the second one through Amazon for my daughter. (She’s journaling too!)

ACCU-Gel Highlighters Study Kit* – The six colors are so pretty!

ZIG Writer Dual Point Marker: Black* – This pen dries fast and goes on easier than a regular black pen. It’s great for lettering.

** Edit: I mentioned using a Sharpie in the first draft of this post. But tonight, I learned by trial and error – it wasn’t good. The Sharpie bled through the page. The Zig Writer doesn’t. I got the Zig Writer at Michael’s craft store in the scrapbooking department. You could ask a worker if you’re not sure.

Pencils.  A sharp pencil.

Clear plastic ruler. 

Pencil crayons. Try to get at least 24 colors. I might move on to watercolors one day, but I’m still a baby stepper right now!

*Update: I just started using watercolor pencils. Wow! I love them.They blend so much better than pencil crayons do. They actually don’t bleed through the page like I thought they would. I can see them a bit on the other side, but it’s not bad.

Rubber stamps. I picked up a couple at the craft store, but they are expensive, and can add up fast. I’d suggest checking out the “Easy Accents” video below before you buy any stamps. You’ll see that there’s a lot you can do yourself with a black pen–even if you’re not great artist. I’ve recently moved away from the rubber stamps because, I find that drawing my own gives me more variety and it’s cheaper.

Inspiration. Follow my “Bible Journaling” board on Pinterest where I pin lots of inspiration. It might give you a few ideas!

Youtube videos: These videos give you some awesome ideas for doodling and lettering. There are so many videos out there that offer inspiration, but here are a few of my favorites:

Hand Lettering: Easy Accents – Great ideas for elements
Hand Lettering for Beginners – Awesome info for hand lettering

The first three are the most recent. They were done with watercolor pencils and a .01 Micon pen.

Bible Journaling - This is the day which the Lord has made.





Bible Journalling

Bible Journalling

Bible Journalling

Bible Journalling

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

Pick up a copy of my bookMessy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages.*

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  • Lisa Appelo

    What an amazing idea! My husband died very unexpectedly 3 years ago. He had had many Bibles that he used and wrote in over the years, enough that each of my kids will get one of their dad’s Bibles. I can tell you it’s a treasure to hold their dad’s Bible and see his handwriting on scriptures. ::tears:: You are doing a wonderful thing to think ahead! Blessings.

  • Lori Alexander

    What a beautiful post! Yes, only what we do for the Lord will last. Thank you for telling us about the KJV Journaling Bible! It is my favorite version and I love to highlight and mark up a Bible before buying a new one I can mark all over!

  • Valerie Lugo

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I think adding dates when certain messages came to you would be great too! Then as you pass this down, it really shows your journey through the years. Beautiful legacy to leave your loved ones ❤️

  • Joanne Peterson

    I write notes, highlight, and write definitions, the original languages,etc., but this is so inviting to read. I could see me doing this. This reminds me a little of Kay Arthur’s Inductive bible studies, except much more personal. This is truly a treasure you are leaving your kids. Even though you you say you have not colored for quite a while, these are beautiful and very creative.

    Thank you for directing us to the tools you are using to create this legacy for your kids, I would have had no idea where to look or what to buy to get started.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Thanks so much @Joanne. I’ve never seen Kay’s studies, but hear a lot about them. I got to sit beside Kay at breakfast last summer. That was pretty cool. She’s so sweet.

  • Katina

    Darlene, what a fabulous idea!! I have been wanting to bible journal and didn’t know where to start. I love what you have done and this inspires me to begin this for each of my children. I also love the idea of the letter writing. Thank you for your wonderful blog!! My husband and I are really enjoying the marriage prayers.

  • Melissa

    I have literally started doing this myself in the past month! I too would love to think that my bible is passed on to my children and they can feel the connection and know that the words come alive ! I’ve been using a date stamp too ! Loving it ! Now my mum has joined in. I can see it’s going to be a massive thing I’m so hooked and falling more in love with the Word as a result ! Highly recommended !

  • Lori A.

    I have my grandma’s bible – it is a treasure to see her notes. I would love to have one of my mom’s bibles – I need to remember to ask my dad for one. I love to date and name when someone spoke on a specific passage and then make notes on what God spoke to me about on this passage.

    The last two weeks at bible study we have spoken about legacies and how important they are. That a lot of times it is the little things that make up our legacy. When I think about the important people in my life that have already passed and their legacies they are all centered around their relationship with our Lord.

  • Michele

    Darlene, I was so inspired by by your Bible Journaling, I purchased the KJV Journal Bible you recommended, along with the supplies that you use. I had , in my younger days. Been a doodler, always drawing on anything I could get !y hands on. But over the stress and hardships of life , had buried that creativity in me. I feel it was God Directed through you to inspire me to uncover that gift that has lain dormant. How awesome to think that !y children, grandchildren,etc will be connected in such a way to His Word, through a Blessing handed down to them. I am anxious to begin, I love His Word and I am grateful for those like you, who serve to inspire . In His Name!

  • Kelley

    We lost my grandmother almost two years ago…and the most talked-about item she left behind was her Bible. It was literally falling apart, almost every word was highlighted, and her handwriting took up every spare inch of blank space. It wasn’t fancy…but it didn’t have to be. It is an absolute family treasure.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Wow. I would LOVE to receive a family heirloom like that. A friend of mine is currently going through Spergeon’s Bible and transcribing his notes. It’s so cool!

  • Anne Johnson

    I love your article. Actually, I wrote something similar on my own blog a while back but your journalling is simply beautiful! It would be such a treasure to pass on to your children/grandkids. I hope it’s ok, but I linked to your article from my blog and included a sample of your pages as further inspiration to my readers… Hope you don’t mind. Thanks, Anne

  • Melde

    I left a note on your fb page. I was the one who gave you links to spotify. I am listening to you speak.
    I have had so many times I would have gladly stepped up. I would love the opportunity to share some of the things i have done. I hope that you will accept my friend. I would love to be a part of something similar, however, there are small things I do. Yes, we do compare ourselves with others.

    I have spent my life trying to help others. Perhaps we will speak via fb. Thanks for your words.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Melde, thanks so much for your comment. I try to keep my Facebook page small so I have my kids and family on there and a few friends, but not many. I find it takes up so much time, so I prefer to be on my TWW page mostly.

  • Nella

    thank you for the inspiration. Would love to do this for each of my grands to be able to touch their lives for years to come. Just beautiful

  • Sandra

    Thank you so much for this post, Darlene. I have quite a bit of things that I bought for cardmaking that I wasn’t using and was about to pass them on. Now I know what I will do with those rubber stamps and stickers. I found the Bible Journaling Community on Facebook and I am getting more ideas. Someone posted these spiral bound, note taker/journaling Bibles on that page. They are available in KJV, ASV and NASV.

  • Mary

    Darlene, I just love this idea! I can’t wait to start but I am having a hard time finding the right bible for me. Do you or anyone else have suggestions? I would rather use an NIV or ESV instead of a KJV. I also would like something about 9″. Your bible looks just right but has anyone seen it in a different version?
    You are so creative and full of inspiration! Thank you for your posts.

  • Pam

    I love this idea and am going to start doing it for my grandchildren. I am an avid scrapbooker so I have many of the supplies already. I was wondering what ink you use with the rubber stamps that doesn’t bleed through the pages. Thanks!

  • Eva

    Thanks so much for this inspiration. My husband and I are in the adoption process and this is exactly what I needed for the time we are waiting.

  • Laura

    Hi Darlene, I’ve been wanting to start prayer/bible journal, and don’t remember how I stumbled over to your website. Wow! What a very creative way to add doodle around the scriptures in the bible! I wanted to ask you what do the colors represent when you highlight over them. I couldn’t find any information about that. I know it must mean something and before I start highlighting the verses in my bible, I just wanted to be sure they are in the right color! Thank you for sharing your God-given gift with us!

  • Marylynn Caldwell

    Pigment inks such as Colorbox, Versamagic and Versacolor would be best. Not dye inks –they bleed.

  • amyrose

    What a BEAUTIFUL gift for your family. I like this idea – I have cones something similar to a recipe/canning book. I want to start in my Bible – its better than my leaving notes in my prayer journals. My question to you is: What type of Bible pages do you have? Both the bibles I have, the paper is so thin and if I use anything other than Bible highlighters – it goes straight thru to the other side.

    • Darlene Schacht

      I’m using a KJV journaling Bible. I’ll post a tutorial tomorrow, and you’ll see how well the pages take paint. Maybe you haven’t tried paint? My pages are very thin like most Bibles.

  • Christin

    Great article. I have always made notes and highlighted things in my Bible. I have often thought that perhaps someday my children may take an interest in what I have studied throughout my Christian journey. Mine are not as artistic as yours though, how fantastic and inspiring yours are to see! My own mother was what I called a “kind of” Christian, my sister and I often prayed for her true salvation. I had even given her a Bible and highlighted specific verses for her. My mom just passed away last December 2015 and I was obsessed with finding her Bible. It was confirmed that she had been going to church and her friend had seen her with it just 2 days before she died. My dad and my sister found it and called me. My sister flipped the Bible open and it fell open to verses that my mom had highlighted herself! That felt like a message from the Lord, that she was with Him! Her highlighted verses were, 2 Tim 4:6-7! So you see, it really is a true legacy and a gift for your children.

  • Crystal

    I have been receiving emails from you for quite sometime because I found you on FB. I enjoy reading your articles and they are a great help. I think it is wonderful to leave a legacy like this. I started blogging recently because for quite sometime the Lord had impressed upon me the need to teach a younger generation of young women some simple, needful things. Things like cooking, herbal remedies, crafting, sewing/quilting, being thrifty, and above all, being a good Christian wife. Just wanted to let you know you are a blessing.

  • Karen M

    Darlene, I love your journaling. I’ve also just started this, in the very same Bible you use! Could I just ask you two things?
    Do you use water with your watercolours?
    Do you prep your page with anything before stamping or writing?

    God bless, Karen x

    • Darlene Schacht

      Karen, I don’t prep my page at all. I use water after I color with the watercolor pencils. It never shows through. Black ink is a different story. It will sometimes bleed through. But Micron pens seem to the the best.

  • Evalen

    I have been wanting to do Art Journaling in my Bible
    I just brought a ESV Journaling Bible for a Christmas present for myself
    along with some supplies
    I want to start in January.
    I just want to know do you or people do a art Journal page every day.
    This seems like a lot, because it must take some time to study the scripture you have picked and do the art work.
    Do you pick a special day of the week to do this or what.
    Also do you just read the bible each day as I do and then pick a verse from that reading. or do you read a devotion to do either each day or once a week.
    I do not want to start and find it to hard to keep up each day.
    I was thinking of aside a study or devotion or perhaps one of the challenges on a special day to devote to this.. Can you and other share with me how they do this.
    I haven’t even started and I seem overwhelmed as to what to do, and how to get started.
    Thank you and God Bless you for your wonderful work and sharing what you are doing.

    • Darlene Schacht

      When I do my Bible journaling, it usually takes me about two days to draw and paint and image. I usually pick my favourite verses to journal, or ones I’ve been thinking about through the day.

      I also have a separate time for Bible study, which is a bit faster pace. So I like to do both. Every one is different, right?

  • Evalen

    Thank you for your reply, I can’t wait to get started. I just know I am going to love it.
    I like your work, very beautiful, I on want to do the border, I don’t think I want to draw over the word, as
    I want to be able to read it Thanks again.

  • Elmarie

    Good day

    Found you on PINTEREST by accident and immediately fell in love with your fantastic idea. I had the idea of writing little notes to my granddaughter since she was born. I have done quite a few letters through the years, but when I saw your work – It was like an explosion because all the while I was writing her letters about what is in the bible, but her you do one better – you USE the bible!!!!!!! I find it beyond amazing as the last few years I have not been the best child of God by not going to church or really spending much time in God’s word as I was very hurt by a pastor and a few people at our church, so I turned away from the church and as usual – started spending less time in God’s presence and word. With what you are doing, it gives me a chance to get closer to God again as well as I can create a stunning gift for my granddaughter to give to her when she is older. I must tell you – I used to have a wonderful imagination, but due to depression that pulled me waaaaayyyyyyyy down the last 10 years, I struggle to get my “mojo” back. May I use your ideas in my project? Are you going to add on so one can get more (at a lack of a better word) education? I feel it gives me a start from scratch rather than just to jump in. Thank you so very much for sharing your work. It is awesome and so inspiring.

  • Cody Doll

    Your pages are stunning. I love how yours is more about notes through the bible with art. It’s like we can see what you were seeing when you were reading. Just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Angela

    Found you through Pinterest and am just blown away. Thank you so much for taking the time to share how you got started and why–as well as to reply to all of the comments and questions. (LOVE the idea of leaving my children a legacy through Bible journaling) I received a journal Bible for Christmas and can’t wait to get started…and your post has totally empowered me to take off.

  • Loree

    I have my paternal grandmother’s Bible. She was a great Bible scholar and prayer warrior. She wrote something on nearly every page and notes about the Word, our family and even the weather and interests of the day. It is one of my most prized possessions and truly a legacy of love and faith!

  • Cheryl Holmes

    I have just started journaling- when my daughter came for Thanksgiving, she looked through my new Bible and said, “That’s mine when you are gone.” Tickled me to death! It motivates me to put more “advice” or specific notes to her and to my granddaughters. My son however, had a very confused look on his face when I told him she had said that….. so I guess that’s good that I don’t have to keep up with 2! He can have the “regular” bible with the notes……… 😉

  • patsy

    Wonderful! Never thought of it that way. I’ve had a prayer journal ever since I can remember then in 2009, I decided to incorporate collage into it, and then last year, I started painting in my Bible. It will be great if my only son, will see it as a legacy of faith. I am trusting God to finish the good work He has started. God bless you! patsy

  • Heavenly

    Just a tip I wanted to share… I use clear gesso to prep my bible pages. With this you do not have to worry about colors bleeding thru the page no matter what you use…. hope it helps

    Remember it must be clear gesso, otherwise you will discolor your bible

    • Darlene Schacht

      Thanks for the tip. I found that my inks were smeary when I prepped my pages. Maybe I need to wait for them to dry longer when the page is prepped? I’m not sure, but I had trouble with it.

  • Sharon

    Darlene, thank you for sharing!! I am so excited to get started…a very late bloomer, I know being over 50 but better late than never!! And besides, autumn flowers and colors are beautiful 🙂 Blessings to You!

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