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An article from Matthew L. Jacobson

Marriage, Parenting, Church, Culture, – Literary Agent? Off topic? Maybe . . . just a little . . . but, not really.

The sound of those familiar steps found their way from the stairs to my office. I love it when Lisa pokes her head through my door during the day. I work from my home office . . . not a lot of visitors. Only this time, there was an earnest, serious note in her voice, “I have to read this to you.”

Had she been crying?

“Sure, come on in.”

“I just read this on line. It’s from Darlene Schacht, the Time Warp Wife, a blogger I recently started following.”

Lisa paused for a moment then began reading the account from a wrenching chapter in the author’s life. Like standing too deep at the Oregon coast in a riptide during a storm, I was instantly swept away by the powerful undertow of her story.

Yes, Lisa had been crying.

You never anticipate the power of the ocean. It can all look so good, so serene, so inviting . . . from a distance.

Darlene’s story was like that – completely unanticipated – but, it was too late. Satan laughed, the demons danced.

Yes, Satan has his moments but they never last where the power of Grace meets the darkness of his kingdom, head on . . . through a wounded, but humble, yielded heart.

And that’s when I lost it.

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