Our Bible Study Starts Today!

Scroll down the page for this week’s free resources, including and an overview of the seder plate and a printable Bible verse.

This week we’ll be studying the Passover, the most popular of the seven feasts. The symbolism is rich, which makes this week’s study an amazing way to start this Bible study off.  Subscribe so you don’t miss a post: Click here

Suggested Reading for This Week: 

Chapter 1 of:
The Beauty of Jesus Revealed in the Feasts.

Exodus Chapter 12

Matthew Chapters 26&27

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You can find both the book and the study guide on Amazon:

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** For those of you who can’t afford the book for one reason or another… maybe you’re unemployed or on a tight budget… please email me, and we’ll send you a digital copy: thebeautyofjesusbook@gmail.com **


FAQ: How do I participate in this study? 

On Monday of each week, I’ll post a couple of printables here on the blog for you. It’s also on this day that you start reading your chapter for the week. Throughout the week, you can fill out your study guide at home.

On Wednesdays, I’ll post a video for you here on the blog as Pastor Daniel Krebs and I sit down to discuss each chapter. We have a separate video for each feast, which is about 45-minutes long. These videos are amazing! If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss them: Click here

On Friday afternoons, I’ll post my answers to the questions from the study guide. I’d like to also invite you to join me at that time for a discussion on Facebook. You can find my facebook page here: @TimeWarpWife




Overview of the Seder (Passover) Plate

click the image below to print and download

Printable – Psalm 136

Since this beautiful Psalm is a perfect fit for this chapter, I thought it might be a nice addition to your study binder or little prayer corner. 




  • Michele Main

    This is the day! I”m so excited and ready to dig into the Word of God with you and brother Daniel. I love studying the old testament and I even brought a friend along with me for this study. May God open our hearts and minds as we seek to rightly divide the Word of truth. God bless. Have a wonderful day and a amazing Thanksgiving.
    Your sister-in-Christ Jesus

  • Audra K.

    I’m so excited that today has arrived! I can’t wait to dive into this study, especially after reading the introduction to the book last night! (So good!!) I pray that we all have an open heart during this study, ready to receive what the Lord has to teach us! God bless you all!

  • Catherine Still

    I am very excited to be studying this with you all. I live in London, England now but am originally from Montreal Quebec, a fellow Canadian. My fathers side of the family were Jewish from Eastern Europe and my Dad converted to Catholicism and God and Jesus brought him and his family out of the Sudetenland in former Czechoslovakia, during WWII. My father carried with I’m Rosary beads and a small copper plaque of Mary with Jesus. My father later converted to Catholicism much to the displeasure of the rest of his family. My connection to God and family was initially through Passover Dinners and Yom Kippur. When I was younger I had a great connection with Jesus and and looking forward to my initial love of religion, family being together in the name of God, being looked at through this Jesus revealed in The Feast study. I have bought the book and study guide. Thank you so much and God Bless.

  • Karen C.

    I actually cheated and started reading on Saturday night. WOW..this study if going to be SUCH a blessing to me! I LOVE all the details and showing how EVERYTHING relates to Jesus. May God richly bless you and Pastor Krebs for the writing of this study and for sharing it with the world.

  • Mary Tullila

    Powerful good feasting!! It’s a very good day indeed ?
    I raise my Seder glass and pray you all a blessed gratitude in the grit of His Grace !!

  • Beytza Gillard

    Wow, I’m on page 31 in the book and I know this book is worth it ,I love this Bible study I’m not going to bed tonight until I finished chapter 1 .Lord bless Mr.Daniel and Darlene.for putting together a great material for us.Amen

  • Lisa

    Excited about this study. I might be slow at it. Recently gone thru my Mother passing, but I have the book and study guide. Ready to go.