31 Days of Prayer for Marriage

Prayer to Be a Strong Witness (Marriage Challenge – 31 Days of Prayer)

Day 4 - 31 Days of Prayer for Our Marriages


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  • Penny

    God is Good….. and one of his provisions to me today is in the form of your Marriage Challenge 31 days of prayers. At 39 years of marriage we have come to separate 1 month ago over Many unresolved issues. I love my husband. My desire even in this brokenness is to bring Honor to God through remaining in and finding help (Christian counseling currently for me ) to repair all the hurts and restore our relationship to even greater heights of Love and respect for one another. I am so hopeful but know it will not come easily…and I ask any of your readers to please pray for Mike and I as we trudge down this road. God is with me and is my Rock, I have strong faith and I surrender to my Lord and my Savior Jesus and am helpless without them. My prayer is for Mike to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that we each extend Grace and forgiveness for our roles in our brokenness… and to let the Holy Spirit be in Control. We need Jesus together at the center of US! Thanks so much for any time spent in prayer on our behalf.

  • Peggy

    Blessings Darlene and sisters in Christ …

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

    This one today wears heavy on me and has throughout my marriage since my spouse says he believes in God (calls himself a Godian) but does not believe in Jesus nor go to church, as I’ve shared (I think) that he is an unbeliever and we are spiritually mismatched but when we married long ago (+30), I thought that he was as his humanitarian way and his family having an ordained priest/bishop. Yet, he believes very different than I, yet has never hamper my being involved in church and church activities nor raising our 2 adopted kids in the church I attend. I carried the weight in my prayers and struggle with that I must not be a very good witness to him (although I am in Mexico for 18 yrs as a witness constantly in missionary service). Yet I failed in my own home which I believe is the most important mission field. I continue to pray and prefer to say my spouse is a believer yet to be (in the process like us all). Gotta believe my prayers have counted somewhat. He supports me and my religious beliefs as being good but has yet to join me. He jokes continually about the Trinity and various biblical stories (so he does know them but clearly does not read the Bible). I often have told him that the only way to God is through Jesus. He even asked me recently to which one I pray (and I said they’re a package deal) all 3! He asked that because God protected my personal belongings in an upstairs closet (as if it was sealed by Him) in a total loss of a house fire 2 yrs. ago and he wanted to know which one protected my stuff and how I had better clout. Well, clearly I don’t, cuz he’s still not saved but I still believe. 1 Peter 3:1 has always been a heavy verse that I hold on to and in fact participated in a Yahoo group with that very name.

    So, after all this rambling, what’s my point?

    I believe it’s a matter of faith and God’s perfect timing. That God is in control and He ultimately wins.
    At least that is the hope to which I cling … (funny, how HOPE is “My One Word” for this year). So if you all don’t mind, could you add a prayer to yours for the salvation of my Sam .. he is 84 (and may not have much longer to procrastinate). He needs to get serious in believing and salvation. I had the blessed opportunity to walk him through the “salvation” plan with Jesus as our bridge (drew it as I shared). He seemed interested and open. This was after he had a close call from a surgery after he had a rollover truck accident this past winter. I flew home to be there with him. When I left back in ’96, (it had been the plan that when he retired, we’d go here together but it didn’t work out that way), I hoped that removing me would allow the Holy Spirit full control to him without me as an interference. God has sent many believers to be around him (none have been more successful) but he also has unbelievers with him too.
    I pray more for his salvation than our marriage, perhaps that was my problem or is… yet I know that it is “not by might, nor by power but through His Spirit” (not me or what I do or don’t do even as a witness). God still has a plan for a good future and holds the keys. I just pray for patience and that God hurries up with this… no, I truthfully have surrendered to God, as Lord over me and this situation. The Holy Spirit moves tenderly and gently, He does not push or shove. But some of us need one. I pray this prayer today asking God to change me and show me as I add my Amen to the given prayer (I really love these prayers!!!) Thanks Darlene!

    Many blessings and much love, peace & joy,

    • Darlene Schacht

      Keep waxing strong Peggy. You are never a failure when you’re walking in God’s will. Remember that Jesus walked perfectly and even He was rejected by many. It is God that works in and through us according to His will. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    • Tracey

      Peggy I just wanted to encourage you with a story of something that recently happened in my life. After my aunt and uncle married, my aunt became a Christian, after both he and her had had an affair with result of children of affairs, being a Christian she repented of her wrongdoing and decided to stay with her husband even though he continued to have multiple affairs and mocked her and her God. She continually prayed for him and begged God for his mercy on him and for his salvation. This happened for many many years. A couple of years ago he got quite sick with a cancer, God started to open his eyes even though it seemed as if his heart was still hard. He lost his best friend and brother to cancer and one day a few months ago when he had been really sick he called for my aunty and wanted to know everything of her faith he wanted the peace that he had seen in her all these years he wanted to know her God because of her life as a witness all these years he knew her God was real and realised that he had to deal with all the hurt he had caused her all these years. He repented and trusted our Lord for his salvation, he apologized to her for all the hurt he had caused her all these years and for the last couple of days of his life they were able to experience marriage and love as we all of us who have marriage problems dream. He died a couple of days later but my aunt had peace and happiness that God had answered her pleadings God had seen her all these years when it seemed like he wasn’t when all hope was gone and everyone else had written him off and sent him to hell in their own minds. I just wanted to say don’t give up keep on praying God does hear, in his perfect timing things can be made more beautiful than you could even imagine. The way you live might not seem like its making any difference but he sees and one day it may matter. I am praying for you. Please continue in hope God is all powerful and is in control. May God bless you and keep you in his ever comforting arms. My word this year is hope too. 🙂

  • Valetta

    When JESUS is a part of your marriage , you realize that it’s not about us but HIM. We want Christ to get the Glory in all we say and do! #25years December30. Mrs.Victory

  • Peggy

    Thank you so much Darlene—bless you! Praying for Rick and you, Penny. And congratulations Valetta! And Darlene, saying a special prayer for you, your book, Mike and your family, and this ministry & challenge! You are such a dear blessing and out of your hurt, your mess, came a beautiful message and from your test came a terrific testimony, and I pray that the trials ahead may be few if any, but that God continue to strengthen you and your marriage as you do us! And that He would pour out His favor and Grace in abundance over your household!

  • Carolyn Chrisman

    The best piece of advice I was told 10years ago when I got married—marriage isn’t 50/50. It’s 100/100. That has been tough over the years–but so true

  • Debra

    I am enjoying the daily challenges to pray. It is my hearts desire to have a loving relationship. As of now we have our own rooms. I so want him to hold me. I have tried to hold him or take he’s hand. I don’t know why he is doing this. I asked he said we have past issues to resolve. I ask to talk about it.Then he started recently taking me out last night we went to the movies and watched Left Behind.Still no emotional or physical connection. I believe pray is our only help. Thanks for writing this book and the challenge to pray for our husband’s. The gifts are nice as well. God Bless until the next challenge.

    Debra Barrett

    • Darlene Schacht

      Debra, I’m sorry to read this. I pray that whatever is bothering him is healed. May God wrap His loving arms around both of you as you heal together. Be joyful for baby steps because they mean you are moving forward.

  • Bars

    I have been keeping up with the prayers every day faithfully. However, I lost today’s.! Thank you for having a lost and found open for me! Blessings. My Beloved came on my site and saw this and said to himself’-aah! ‘ Thanks!