Printable Valentine Cards With Bible Verses

Printable Valentine Cards


I’m sorry, this post has moved, but you can still get the adorable cards. I’ve added more of them for you!

Click here to find them.



  • Samantha Gluck

    Thank you SO much for sharing these with us, Darlene! I homeschool my daughter and we were discussing the true meaning of St. Valentine’s Day (Catholic). These printable will be perfect to give away to those we love and drive the message of Christ’s love home!

    You are such a blessing!


  • Yvonne L.

    I think the Valentines are wonderful and plan on using them for family and friends. Thank you so much. God Bless.

  • Kim Sullivan

    Thank you so much! I love these! I have been trying to find little ways to love n my family and these are perfect. I plan to stick them in the kid’s lunch boxes and in my husband’s brief case. I might even include a sweet treat. Thanks again!!

  • Angela

    These are so cute. I am going to send them to my daughter and her friends in college. Thank you for sharing.

  • Shirley Strait

    I love these cards. They aren’t promoting someone’s products or programs, and they speak to the real message of St. Valentine’s Day.
    I look forward to using them with my granddaughters.

  • Dorene Stewart

    Thank you so much for the cards. I am homebound due to illness and can no longer drive. Last Valentines day my husband and I separated on V-day and were headed towards a divorce. So this year is very special. We are back together and growing in the Lord and acceptance of the new life that God has given us. It is not always easy, but neither was the Cross that Jesus Christ died on for us. So, these cards are going to be my little daily gifts that I am going to hide around the house every day until Valentines day. Eight day and eight cards. So again thank you so much for being so thoughtful!!! I look forward to the fun. God Bless……

  • Marleen

    Thank you so much for these cute Valentines! I was just wondering what to do for my grandkids…..I pinned this post so others will find these too. I love your blog!

  • Vickie

    Thank you so much…just sat and made scrapbook cards with them for the women in my SS class for church tomorrow….it will spread the word for your blog for them as I enjoy it alot.

  • TommiJo

    These are so cute! Have you ever considered taking the “Happy Valentines” off and creating a great set of “generic” scripture cards? If you do that, please let me know! I would love to share them at different times throughout the year. Thanks!

  • Robin

    These are adorable! Thank you for making them. I am planning on making some treats for our neighbors and friends and attaching some of these!

  • Debbie

    Thank you so much for these valentines! I have about 25-30 shut-ins that I send cards to every month and these will be perfect!