How to Reveal Inner Beauty

P31 Bible Study Week 2 Part 2

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My Closing Thoughts on Inner Beauty

My daughter has taken up raising chickens, particularly silkies – those delightful fluffy, quirky creatures that never fail to bring a smile to our faces. They’ve brought a new rhythm and a touch of charm to her home. Each morning, my granddaughter rides her pink quad, a little picture of determination and joy, down to the chicken coop to help her mama collect the day’s eggs. It’s their cherished morning routine, a treasured chore that unites generations.

But it’s not just the external charm of these silkies that captivates us. You see, my daughter has an incubator where she hatches her own chicks. She’ll hold an egg up to the light, peering inside to see if there is movement. It’s a glimpse into the secret miracle happening within the shell, unseen to the naked eye, but revealed by the light.

As I got to thinking about this today, I couldn’t help but see a profound metaphor in this simple act. We, too, are like those eggs. On the outside, we may seem plain, ordinary, and perhaps even fragile. Yet, within us, there is a life, a potential, a beauty that is often unseen by the world.

This inner beauty is nurtured by our relationship with Christ, His light revealing the growing life within us. His love, grace, and Spirit are the warmth that incubates our soul, fostering a beauty that is far more precious than what is seen on the surface.

But how do we reveal this beauty? We must hold ourselves to the Light – to Christ. As His light shines on us and through us, it reveals the inner life, the grace-empowered growth, the unique beauty that’s growing inside each of us. It’s through our actions, our words, and our love that this inner beauty is made visible to the world.

My prayer today is that we let Christ’s light shine on us and through us. That we allow His love to nurture our inner beauty, to grow us from the inside, so we become a beacon of His grace. May we never fail to remember that inner beauty is a secret miracle, a testament to God’s loving and transformative work within us.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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