Sorry – the Video Didn’t Come Through

I happened to notice this morning that for some reason, the video didn’t come through the email with the post. I’m sorry about that! You can click here to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Or go straight to this week’s video here.

And if you are ever missing a video, you can go straight to the post on www.timewarpwife.com

I apologize for the inconvenience to my email subscribers.



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  • JoEllen

    Is this class offered on demand? I would like to encourage some friends to take it if it is. I think I would also like to go through the video’s more than once will they only be available while this class is going on? This has been so good to me it is too much information to obtain by going through this class just once. What an eye opener this has been. I have always looked at the feast as being only for the Jewish believers oh how I was ever so wrong.This is truly showing me The Beauty of Jesus in the Festivals Thank you so much for that I will never look at the Festivals the same.

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