The Gift of Kindness

P31 Bible Study Week 4 Part 2

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My Closing Thoughts on Kindness

If you’ve ever felt your heart light up from an unexpected act of kindness, you’re not alone. Just this week, I was touched by a simple interaction that reminded me of the pure, transformative power of kindness.

I found myself in the grocery store, crossing paths with a woman whose spirit just shimmered with warmth. Her welcoming smile reminded me of something Karissa shared in our video series this week – a call to slow down, truly see others, and cultivate a heart of sincere kindness. Inspired by her message, I chose to pause right there in the grocery store to engage in a meaningful conversation, treating this complete stranger as I would an old friend.

As our chat drew to a close, I wished her a wonderful evening. And just as I turned to leave, her response caught me off guard. “Ok, see you later, neighbor,” she said.

In a comical twist, I realized that I had been talking to someone I knew, someone whose face I hadn’t seen for a while. I guess I figured that she was just nice. Someone whose kindness stood out from the crowd.

I felt like a bit of a goof, but even so it got me thinking about the way I interact with the people God puts in my path. Why not offer strangers the same level of kindness I’d give to a friend? Why not stand out from the crowd by authentically caring for others the way that Christ cares for us? Why not stop for a minute for a heartfelt hello?

Our Bible verse this week, Proverbs 31:20, encourages us to “open our arms to the poor and extend our hands to the needy.” This verse isn’t merely about offering physical aid; it extends to our emotional generosity, our willingness to be kind, and our capacity to truly see the people around us.

As Christians, kindness should be our second language. It’s the manifestation of God’s love for us, a love we’re called to extend to everyone around us. We never know what battles others are fighting, and sometimes, even a tiny act of kindness can illuminate their day.

Our calling as followers of Jesus is to love our neighbors as ourselves, and my grocery store encounter reminded me that our “neighbors” aren’t just the ones that are living next door – they’re every person we meet in the grocery store, every person God puts in our path.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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