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The Joy of Marriage & Motherhood

The joy of marriage and motherhood #2

I put a question out to the ladies on the facebook group the other day, and as the answers began to roll in I started tearing up. I was so blessed reading each and every one of the comments, and if you haven’t seen them yet–I think that you will be too.

I asked them, “What is your greatest joy in being a wife or a mom or both?”

Mine is the comfort of home. There is nothing like it. Knowing that I have a place where I can be “me” and I’m loved. Praising God for His gift of family!

Now, here is what my readers had to say,
Knowing that I am married to a man of faith, who prays for me and loves the Lord. ~ Ida

Knowing it’s exactly where God wants me!! And all of your statement, too! ~ Arron

Welcoming my husband back into our home after a long deployment. I love making our home into a retreat of sorts for him (well…a retreat with art projects toys and bedtimes). ~ Juliana

In addition to your comment, I’d have to say the smiles and cuddles from hubby and kiddos. While it can be exhausting at times, it makes the late nights and hard work worth it to see them happy and taken care of! ~ One Small Town Girl

Knowing no matter how badly I think I’ve failed, I have a husband who loves and supports me and beautiful children who are true blessings. The good days are easy….this gets me through the not so good ones. ~ Melissa

Laughing together. God gave me the family I didn’t have as a child. ~ Just Jules

What you said! ~ Anita

Snuggling with my kids-no matter how hard the day was or how many times I might have felt like I was losing it, when I get to cuddle with them before bed, those precious moments make it all worth it. ~ Noelle

Having a man who loves me and I know it and don’t ever have to wonder about if he loves me or not. Being a Mom it’s being able to be home with them, tucking them in at night etc. Loving the life God has given me. ~ Mary Beth

They are both wonderful, being a wife, mom…. love being surrounded by my family (insane as it may be at times)…. but being a grandma – now that just pulls it all together. A lapful of grandkids – and kids and spouse all around. A full house. ~ Claudette

Getting chocolate faced kisses and jelly covered hands hugging me tight. I love when my husband comes home in the evenings, puts his arms around me and kisses me! It truly is the simple things for me!!! ~ Stephanie

I think Just Jules said exactly how I feel also! Making the memories with my children that I never had in childhood! Wonderful! ~ Hailey

The love from my amazing children!!!! Best feeling ever! ~ Rachel

I agree with what u said. Beautifully put! Somewhere I’m accepted even when I’m not perfect. I hope I make my family feel the acceptance in our home that they give to me! ~ Amy

I love my eight children but when my husband comes home (he works out of town currently) and hugs me and takes a deep, deep breath and says, “I’m sooo glad to be home”…that makes me feel like I am the center of the universe. The man loves me:-). ~ Generational Womanhood

Amen! Home Sweet Home, there is no place like HOME…My family loves the Lord, and I have great JOY. We Homeschool our children and my husband loves coming home, I am blessed. ~ Hilda

It’s amazing…. it’s the same stuff that makes us all tick and that make us *sigh* that happy, content sigh. I’ve been married 20 years, and I still *love* that moment hubby walks through the door, hugs me and sighs, ‘Oh, it’s soooo good to be home. Like Generational Womanhood (above), I feel I’m centre of the universe. And my kids – right up to my 18-year-old boy – turning to me for no apparent reason and saying, ‘I love you, Mum’. I wouldn’t swap my world ….for the world! ~ Homeschool on the Croft

My greatest joy in being a wife is the feeling of being a part of a team – of everyday waking beside my love and knowing that by God’s grace we will be able to make a difference in someone’s life. My greatest joy in being a mom of grown kids is to see God working in their lives – to see them put God at the center of their lives, see them serving Him, and know that all the times I messed up as a mom, HE covered it. All things are grace. ~ Encourage Your Spouse

“Just Jules” hit the nail on the head! Making memories and creating traditions with my boys. Knowing my husband loves me, the broken me. No matter what. Looking back, recognizing the He orchestrated it all, and everso thankful. ~ Carrie

Laughter and making memories. ~ Amy

Wife – Mom, both but in that order… My Jim-dear loves me no matter how ugly I am for that time. I have been known to act quite ugly, I don’t want to but I have… Sigh. He loves me any way just like HE loves me always. ~ Cynthia

Greatest joy being married for almost 18 years to the man God gave me, loving each other more and more every day, Growing together in the Lord. Loving our children, and watching them grow, and loving us back, and loving the Lord. There is so much more! ~ Kathleen S.

Knowing that I’m doing God’s will. Before I was married, before I learned that being a wife and possibly a mom were perfectly acceptable ways to “spend” one’s life, I was seriously confused by my feminist upbringing. After I graduated from college, I seriously considered going to law school and even running for public office because I wanted to have a positive impact on the world. I figured I could only do that if I was out there effecting some political change in favor of the “oppressed.” But, deep down, I really just wanted to be a wife and mom – however, I truly felt that God would be disappointed with me if I didn’t do more, something more visible. I then met my husband-to-be and began attending his church where I learned that being a wife and mother are the highest and most noble callings a woman can have. There is true joy in knowing that I’m right in the center of His will when I live purposefully to help and support my husband and rear the five children He so graciously gave me in a redemptive, Christ-centered fashion. God is so good to make His will known to us through His word and then give us the grace, the enabling, to carry it out. ~ Kathleen D.

My greatest joy is creating a haven for my family. A place of comfort, whether it’s in our home or just my arms, they know they have a place to go for comfort, somewhere warm and inviting that’s always available and open. ~ Stephanie

It is the same for me. ~ Autumn Lee

Mine is knowing I am exactly where God wants me to be. So many people are looking for their place in this world and I know exactly where mine is – at home. ~ Happy Wives Club

You are loved by an almighty God,


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