Busy Books: Sermon Notes for Kids – Winners Announced

Thank you for everyone who participated in our giveaway! Congratulations to the following winners: 

Kerry L. (kerry0417@….) Sara Selz (sara.selz@…) Jennifer T. ( jennifermk2@…)
Phronsie H. (phronsie@…) Amber B  (bridgesr4@…)

Busy Books can be found at Amazon.com



Busy Books: Sermon Notes for Kids, Now available at Amazon


For the past few years, my daughter Madison has been working behind the scenes at Time-Warp Wife. She’s created a lot of the pretty images you see online, and she’s helped me with some of my book cover design work. MadisonSmShe recently turned 18-years old, and if you remember anything I’ve written about her, you might recall that she’s been a Proverbs 31 woman in training. *wink*

Helping out with Time-Warp Wife is one of the countless ways she’s been a blessing to us.

When I put out the Quieting Your Heart for the Holidays journal last October, Madison took a look at it and immediately wanted to create one for the younger generation. I worked alongside her to offer ideas, but it wasn’t until a few months later and a lot of prayer that we had a clear vision and passion for this book.

Kids needed something more, and parents needed something more for their kids.

I remembered back to my years as a children’s church director. We had several hooks at the back of the church, and on each hook was a “busy bag,” which contained some coloring pages and pencil crayons. It kept the kids busy and I appreciated that, but this time we wanted to go a step further which is why we decided to create Busy Books: Sermon Notes for Kids.

Get Busy Books: Sermon Notes for Kids at Amazon:

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These are more than activity books or colouring pages. They’re designed to get the kids interested in listening and learning from the sermon at their own level. Busy Books provide children with a fun and exciting way to learn, take notes, and ask questions. A weekly point system (I LOVE the point system!) makes learning fun, while encouraging children to come prepared and be prepared to listen. In this book kids will find:

  • A section for sermon notes
  • A Sunday morning checklist
  • A keyword checklist
  • A place to write their favourite song
  • A section for questions they might have
  • An area for prayer requests
  • A spot for extra notes or doodles

The book is complete with three pages per week for 52 weeks. All you have to do is pack a pen and a gold star!

I’m really proud of my daughter, and what she’s accomplished. I’m so excited to see Maddy using her gifts for the glory of God! 🙂

A friend of hers asked how we’re going to celebrate the launch of her first book. I know one way I’m going to celebrate–I’m hosting a giveaway today! I’m going to give away five copies, would you like to win one?

Want a little peek inside? Here you go…


If you can’t see the preview, click here to view it.

Get Busy Books: Sermon Notes for Kids at Amazon:

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Sorry, this giveaway is over

and the winners are:
Kerry L. (kerry0417@….) Sara Selz (sara.selz@…) Jennifer T. ( jennifermk2@…)
Phronsie H. (phronsie@…) Amber B  (bridgesr4@…)

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  • L Marce

    This looks phenomenal and I’m trying to figure out how to order a copy, well actually three, right away. I will be covering the “ages” on the front with washi tape because I think this will work well for children that are older as well – but they don’t want to use “baby stuff.” I’m working with a couple of neices that are a little “younger” than their chronological age. If you have to go to re-print, would you consider putting “young folks” on the front instead of ages? I love your stuff and congratulations on your daighter’s achievement! Way to go!

  • Hannah

    This is great!
    I think many moms have tried this with hit and miss success or with scraps of paper in their purse!
    Having it one book is great!!

  • Courtney Starns

    What an awesome book! I love that your daughter created it. I look forward to getting one for my daughter. I always have a hard time getting her engaged in the sermon at church when she chooses to sit with me rather than attend children’s church. I looked at the preview and it looks like it is great for the little ones. Thank you for all that you do!

  • RLR

    I used to work with our education ministers at church, and one thing we worked on for older children was a worksheet to keep them engaged each Sunday. It never took off, but I hope this booklet does! And what a great way for kids to see improvement in their habits over time!

  • LuAnn Braley

    That is SO exciting!

    I wish there had been a book like this back when my oldest was a toddler. He sat on the floor at my feet and I listed to the sermon for a few minutes, and then he popped up several rows in front of our pew, with the bishop’s family. I brought him back. Same deal a few minutes after that. By this time, he had made it up to the front and into the pulpit to stand by the guest speaker!

  • Tami Werschey-Kessinger

    I love these books! I have been thinking of doing something similar for the few kids in our small church to help get them involved more to where they are listening better and learning more, preparing them for confirmation.

  • Brenda

    Congratulations, Madison and Darlene. How exciting for y’all. Such a brilliant idea. I’ll have to share with my friends with younger children. Congrats on the release. Happy 2016. 🙂

  • Dena Johns

    This is fantastic! I do agree with possibly leaving off the ages next time…I think teenagers could even benefit from using this. Can’t wait to order one….if I don’t win!

  • Valerie G.

    This would be great for Sunday school! God is truly leading your talents in such a creative and helpful way!

  • Lori Stricherz

    I am so excited about this book!! I wish I had one when my kids small, but my eleven grandchildren will enjoy one! Thanks for creating something that we can use to chat about Jesus, helping them to grow in Him. I’ve ordered two so far, for the two living in Belgium. I’ll be getting more soon!
    Blessings to you and your daughter

  • Connie Edwards

    I received my copy yesterday and am anxious to share it with our family pastor so he can share with our young families. It’s look like a great resource and I am excited for others to see it! Thanks so much!

  • Rebecca

    What a great accomplishment the Lord has presented to the world through your daughter! We live in Australia and we were volunteering “in the bush” with no Internet and not even mobile phone service so I missed the give-away 🙁 My husband and I are both unemployed (for 2+ years – please pray for us to find some income so we can survive while we volunteer). Buying this for our grand daughter (who lives in the USA) isn’t possible at the moment, but will keep it in mind for the future.
    Warm regards and may the Lord continue to bless us all!

  • Laura

    I’m wondering if there’s a version that churches can purchase that would be reproducible. Like to hand out to kids (individual sheets) as they enter the sanctuary??? Or a discount for churches purchasing in bulk???

    I would love for our church to offer this weekly to any/all school age children.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Darlene Schacht

      Laura, we’d like to offer them to churches purchasing in bulk. I think it would make an awesome fundraising idea. If you are interested, you could email me at darlene@darleneschacht .net (no spaces).

      I’d have to figure out shipping costs with the printer, so we’d probably need a guesstimate of how many books could possibly sell. i.e. small church? Larger church? I think the shipping is the only variable that’s up in the air.

  • Patricia Russell

    Hello my name is Patricia Russell I am a true women of God the Lord brought me through some of my best moments in my life when I was 17 years old they pronounced me dead for 24 minutes and I woke up in a body bag in the morgue so I do know there is heaven and there is a he’ll and another wonderful moment in my life was my oldest daughter was kidnapped at the age of 3 and left her sister which was 1 I remember my life going down on drugs and alcohol I pray to God if you let me see my baby face to face and not at the grave site I would change well she was missing for 14 years and she found me at the age of 17 I am so thankful for God loving me I want to get a journal even though I don’t have income because I want to share with all people about all the goodness of God I need to write the testimonies too make a change

  • Nicole

    My daughter used hers for the first time this past Sunday! She was so excited! I told her we’d total the points at the end of the month and do something with them, but….WHAT? I can’t figure out what to do or how to convert them to some sort currency! I read somewhere that one mom does like a “store”, which I think is a great idea – but what should each point be worth to make a kid not lose interest once a motivator is introduced? I realize there’s about 103 points per week available, and on Easter Sunday my daughter got 76, which I think will be about average for her. I’m just drawing a complete blank.

  • Emily Eltiste

    Hi! I’m a children’s ministry director at a church and would love to purchase these for my 5th and 6th grade youth transitioning out of Kids Church. Is there a way to buy them in bulk?

  • Katie B

    Hi, I would like a little more info about the book. I am only able to see 3 pages on Amazon and was wondering if those 3 pages repeat throughout the book or if they change. Thank you!

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