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The Top 5 Gifts for Husbands and Wives

He said it didn’t really matter all that much to him.

Sure, it’s his birthday, but he’s not exactly a birthday-guy, if you know what I mean? He doesn’t require – nor necessarily want – a bunch of hoopla when it comes to his day. No presents, no parties, and no big deal.
But that simply doesn’t set right with me.
While he’s never been much for a lot of fuss, it’s never stopped me from thinking up something fun for his birthday. There was the one year my girlfriend and I plotted together to cook up a 5-course dinner – including homemade chocolate truffles for dessert. Then there was the year I found that gorgeous, burgundy wool sweater for him. He said little at the time, but he wore it for years and years afterward (which said way more than words). Then last year we traveled back east and were able to visit our eldest son in college over there. A different, but special, kind of birthday.
But this year? What to do this time? Stumped.
He says he doesn’t need anything. That he’s a content man.
But surely, there must be something….
Deep down everyone wants a gift, don’t they? Of course, they do. I believe he does too – though he might not recognize it. And after I pondered the question for a while, I came up with not only one gift, but FIVE gifts. Gifts he hasn’t asked for, but gifts I’m confident he can’t refuse.
Here, I’ll share them with you. In case you’re looking for some good gift ideas too.
The Gift of Kindness – I want to offer him soft words and thoughtful gestures. In this mean and ugly world that we live in, I want him to return home to find sweetness and compassion here. Not even “random” acts of kindness, but purposeful ones – ones that are intended to say, “I love you” and “You’re often on my heart and mind”.
The Gift of Loyalty – He need not worry about what I’m going to say about him to anyone else. I am faithful and true. He can count on me to have his back whatever comes our way. There’ll be no need to question “whose side” I’m on…because I’ll be on his side. Every time.
The Gift of Grace – Okay, so he’s not perfect. And he’d be the first to admit it. But there’s no need to highlight his mistakes and bring up his shortcomings. Nah, why rub it in? Why not smile warmly and tell him it’s going to be okay and that we’re in this together? Give him a second chance. A fifth chance. Maybe even a 50th chance.
The Gift of Appreciation – When I stop to think about it, there are so many things to be thankful for in this man of mine. So I’m going to make sure he knows it. I’m going to tell him that I’m grateful for his generous nature. For looking after me. For his example to our children. For that cup of coffee he made me this morning…..It’s a long list and this one’s going to take a while.
The Gift of Commitment – This just means I’m not going anywhere. Yep. I’m sticking with this guy and I’m in this marriage for the long haul. For better or for worse. Him and me. We’re going to walk this one together. It’s a quiet sort of gift, but more meaningful with each year that goes by.
So if you’re searching for just the right present for your spouse? A birthday or anniversary? Or, then again, Christmas is coming up too. Then you might want to consider giving one of these gifts. Maybe even all five.
The perfect gift for the person who has everything. The gift of love. That’s the best kind, if you ask me.
And if you ask him? He’ll tell you the very best kind.

In His grace,

Lisa Jacobson


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