Time-Warp Teens – A Little Something for the Younger Girls

I’ve recently started to notice more and more awesome teenagers sharing their faith around the web. It’s awesome to see these girls encouraging their peers to stay focused on God. I love them!

Who doesn’t have daughters, nieces, sisters or friends that can benefit from this encouragement? Most of us do, which is why I thought I’d give them a shutout this weekend.

Some days I think that women are just teenagers with grown up responsibilities. We still suffer with many of the same insecurities we always did and struggle to be liked in this world. My hope is that my daughter grows stronger than I ever did. That she’ll learn from a young age how her worth is found in Christ and Him alone. Everything else pales in comparison. I want her do what’s right, not what’s popular, and I want her to enjoy the journey of growing in grace.

And so today I’d love to share three young women with you. These girls have captured my heart and I think they will capture yours too!

1. Savory Thots – Daughter of Lisa and Matt Jacobson. Savory is 18 and already and incredible writer. Her posts are encouraging, thoughtful and wise. And she’s on facebook too!


2. Fresh Modesty – Almost a teen – close enough?

Olivia is 20-years-old, but she’s inspiring teens on her blog with a focus on modesty. Her tagline is dressing outside of your box, but inside His book.  My daughter and I started following her about a year ago. I love how she puts outfits together. She’s truly stylin’ — in the best way!

Fresh Modesty

3. Katie Gregoire – Daughter of author Sheila Gregoire, just a normal, Christian, 16 year old telling her opinions on teenage dating.

4. Rebecca Gregoire – 19- year-old Rebecca (also a daughter of Sheri’s) shares about post about rebellion giving us five reasons why she didn’t rebel.

Why I didn't rebel



  • Mothering From Scratch

    {Kathy} Thank you so much for sharing these resources. I am especially interested in following Fresh Modesty. I have a 14 year old and we have tried VERY HARD to keep her modest. It’s working well so far, but I know she and her friends could use the support.

  • Danae

    Hi Darlene! I’m a 19 year old college student and I am just starting up my blog! There are so many awesome blogs geared toward wives and mothers, but I am having a hard time finding others who are in the same place as me (although I LOVE all the Mom and marriage blogs!). So thanks for sharing these! 🙂