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Today’s Devotional – The Fear of Rejection

Last week we talked about a story from 2 Samuel Chapter 10, where David was rejected when he reached out to the Ammonites. Surprisingly, his simple act of kindness was the catalyst for war.

Rejection is a curious thing. It’s something we all experience at one time or another, and some days it’s utterly painful. Even those with the best of intentions can find themselves at war.

If you’ve ever apologized to a person after a disagreement, you might be familiar with that feeling of apprehension. That worrisome nagging inside you that says, “this might not go well,” or “you might be rejected.” In some cases, it doesn’t go well. People are people, and they’ll do what they do, but that should never stop us from doing what’s right.

The fear of rejection is common, and in many cases it prevents us from moving forward in life. As a result, we don’t resolve conflicts, we don’t share our faith, we don’t speak up for what’s right… We think we’re afraid of rejection, but what we’re really afraid of is pain. That somehow, we’ll be psychologically damaged and unable to heal.

We need to change that way of thinking by reminding ourselves that it’s okay to feel pain, and it’s okay to feel sorrow. In fact, it’s a natural part growing in the likeness of Christ.

Anytime we step out of our comfort zone and into the battle field we’re taking a chance. A chance that we might get rejected, wounded, persecuted, or shot down. We put ourselves out there for the sake of our faith. We stand up to injustice to protect those who can’t. We make amends to illustrate the love and forgiveness of God. We do our best, and trust God with the rest.

Tilling the Soil

Don’t let fear keep you from reaching out to others and from doing what’s right.

Planting Hope

If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. (John 15:18, NIV)

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