How to Unhurry Yourself. Unwind.

How to Unhurry Yourself. Unwind.

We’re continuing our Women Living Well series this week on the topic of your walk with the King. 

“You know . . . it’s not easy being a woman,”

She said as I sat cross-legged on my bed.

And I remember thinking, “I know . . .”

I know.

As a woman we have so many people to please, so many to take care of.

We want to fill every hole and fix every hurt.

We want to protect, and propel others into the light.


And at the end of it all we feel worn out and not worth much.

We are the sources of inspiration.

We are the bulwarks of support.

And every day we feel like we’re failing something —or someone.

Every day something on the list doesn’t quite get done.

Every day we feel a little less young and beautiful.


Because we have chosen not to let the world’s definition of success define us, we have created our own.

And it goes like this: I will do everything.

I know that feeling, because I have it pretty much every day.

And it’s good to try hard and want the best for the people we love.

Really it is.

But sometimes I think we need to slow a little.

“We try to defy nature and keep going…We live in a world that runs 24/7. Computers, television, cell phones, the Internet, restaurants, grocery stores, and more…We try to keep pace with our hyperactive culture…” – Courtney Joseph in Women Living Well

Have you ever opened your door early in the morning and seen the fresh day?

Has the color of flowers ever caught your eye, or the great blue sky above?

When did we last stop to listen to the sounds of silence . . . the sounds that remind us of His love.

You see, we live in a fallen world . . . where everything has to be worked for.

And we women know how to work: to protect and raise and bring to life those around us.

We know how to do that.

But we can’t go on forever doing things in our own strength.

We have to be energized and loved.

We have to be poured into.

We have to be nourished.

“In the same way we women need forced dormant moments where we can come inside to be alone with God.” – Courtney Joseph in Women Living Well


Think of this beautiful world He created.

Think of Eden.

He meant for this life to be perfect and beautiful. But with the sin that came into the world, His love for us crowded out by darkness and busyness.

Rushing and stressing

Open the windows of your heart, and open His Word.

It is one long Book of Love.


We need to make time to remember His love.

That’s what we really need to make time for.

And wherever you feel His love, that’s the place you need to go.

I like going for long walks by myself.

Perhaps you like something different.

Perhaps you like looking at the stars in the dark.

Or maybe drinking cups of green tea.

“I think women need to get their rest. We need to take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, spiritually…” ~ Courtney Joseph in Women Living Well

But whatever it is, we need to find time to be loved. But often we’re too busy, so God can’t even get a word in edge –wise.

Give God the time to show His love for you.

Because, as we walk with the King, . . .“It is in our unhurried moments that we can see and hear clearly…It is in our slow moments that we best connect with our Creator.” ~ Courtney Joseph in Women Living Well

So unhurry yourself.


Breathe in and open your eyes.

Savoury Jacobson, SavoryThots


Savoury Jacobson


Savoury is a young, Christian blogger who loves talking about new things with old souls. Her main passion is to inspire people to live free in a world that would put us all in chains. She has many interests ranging from classical music, to politics, to travel. She loves to think and write, but even more than that she loves to do. You can find more of Savoury over at her blog, SavoryThots, as well as on Facebook and Instagram

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  • Nash

    Loved your post.
    You said:
    “And wherever you feel His love, that’s the place you need to go.
    I like going for long walks by myself.
    Perhaps you like something different.
    Perhaps you like looking at the stars in the dark.
    Or maybe drinking cups of green tea.”

    For me I love being in the mountains but that has not happen in years and is not about to happen anytime soon. So for me it is finding that one thing that brings me close to His love which so far I have not really found. There is this unrest in me with everything I try. I won’t give up though.

  • kara Baumgart

    busyness is the very thing that was talked about on Sunday. and how we need our rest and to Honor the Sabbath. That may look different for each of us but it is important to connect with our Creator. I feel like I just don’t know when that time may be for right me I am not a Morning person, I have trouble getting up early and concentrating. Then the day is consuming. I truly feel off- Kilter I need the Peace and love of the Creator to center me.

  • Kim Sullivan

    Thank you for this post! It comes on a day after I have had 5 hours of sleep in the last 4 days. My father had heart surgery on Monday and I have been caring for both he and my mother during this. Once my dad is recovered and can once again care for my mother, my husband will then be having major spinal surgery, which will involve an extremely lengthy recovery process over several months. He will also not be working, so I am also actively working on growing and expanding my businesses to help with the finances, along with caring for our two young sons. I do not share all of this looking for empathy because I am not sad or complaining…I share this because I am an exhausted woman, running on empty, who desperately needed to read your words today. The only time I have felt relaxed or content in the past several days was when I sat alone in the hospital chapel, talking with God. I felt His presence and He refilled this weary human to keep going. I had gotten so caught up in what I needed to do today, that I forgot about that moment. That moment of renewal in His presence. Thank you…off I to go sit in my office quietly in the presence of the one true King…

  • Alison


    I have actually been trying to learn how to do this. I’m getting better at it but go through moments of total reversal (laziness). I completely agree. Our bodies run different. We NEED to rest. Some days I HAVE to nap or go to bed early. Boy does guilt set in. But slowing down and taking that time with the King? Now that’s ALWAYS guilt free.

  • Cathy

    Thank you for the reminder that is is okay to take care of ourselves. God has been trying to tell me to -Be still and know that I am God. It is the be still part I have trouble with as we so live in a 24/7 world . Will work on deliberately slowing down this weekend. Thank you Jesus for always being faithful and looking out for your children.

  • Jeanne

    Dear Savoury,

    I really needed to read this encouragement today. I, too, have a passion for encouraging others about slowing down, living simply, looking heavenward and showing gratitude to God for all he has done and given. I am in the midst of my mid-life transition, where anxiety has taken center stage. I have run on full speed for so long, taking care of young children, then taking care of my elderly mother until she passed away, and now I am faced with taking care of myself. I am learning to journal and write down verses that comfort, verses that heal, and verses that give hope and strength to my faith.
    I pray that God will continue to give you His strength, His passion, His love, so you too can keep on keeping on.
    Blessings from AZ!