Marriage Challenge – 31 Days of Prayer (Introduction)

31 Days of Prayer for Our Marriages

My Challenge to You

What does prayer look like in the life of a wife who desires to bring life to her marriage?

Could this be a picture of me praying by the kitchen sink while I’m washing my dishes? It could be. And yes–the Lord assures me that my eyes might be open as I take in the view from the back yard. I see the trees that my husband and I planted together, and I praise God for his gift of a husband.

Could this be a picture of me praising the Lord as I snuggle in close to my husband at night? What about that quiet moment in the afternoon when I’m folding his laundry?

Home is the tapestry I weave day in and day out, and prayer is the loom upon which I place my thread. Every prayer is a gift of love I stitch into their lives.

Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (KJV)

Marriage is giving of yourself tirelessly down paths you’d never imagine to travel. Through sickness and pain, poverty and loss, it’s carrying the weight of another. It’s being the smile they see in the morning, and the body they hold close at night. It’s pure love. It’s standing together in the face of adversity. It’s riding alongside each other in a battle that threatens to tear down your marriage and seeks to grab hold of your faith. It’s strength under pressure.

I challenge you as I challenge myself to draw closer to God by equipping ourselves with the gospel, taking time out for prayer, and walking according to His will–not ours. I pray that we will hunger for more than a lukewarm marriage and half-hearted faith, by pursuing God with all of hearts.

This is an excerpt in part from Messy: Beautiful Love by Darlene Schacht. Used with permission from Nelson Books © 2014. 

What You Can Expect:

I’ll be posting encouragement on the blog, Monday – Friday during the entire month of October. Each day will have a post or a video, a challenge, and a short prayer. The posts and prayers are based on my new book, Messy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages.

What You’ll Get:

A set of 31 Printable Prayer Cards, “31 Prayers for my Marriage.”
A PDF copy of the Messy Beautiful Love Study Guide
Encouragement throughout the month

How to Join:

Pick up a copy of Messy Beautiful Love
Subscribe to the blog (below) so you don’t miss a post.
Leave a comment on this post indicating that you are committed to praying with us.
Email me at with the words, “Prayer Challenge,” so that I can email you the study guide and printable prayer cards. Note: please allow me time to respond as I’m not always online. Also gmail has a limit of 1,000 emails/day and I’ve had over 1,000 replies so far. For each thousand I have to wait 24 hours again. Hopefully you’ll get my reply within the next 24 hours.

Jumping in Late?

No problem. Commit yourself to 31 Days of Prayer. Don’t go back and start at the beginning, but start on the most current post. Once we reach the end of the month, you can go back and read the ones you missed. That way you’re not left behind.

To find all of the 31 Days of Prayer posts: Click here

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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Written by Darlene Schacht

I'm an Evangelical Christian whose number one priority is to serve Jesus Christ in every area of my life. My husband Michael and I live in Manitoba Canada. Married 25 years, we have four children (three still at home), a bird and two pugs who are everyone's babies, especially mine! Our lives are basically surrounded with three things: our faith, music and everything books. I’m an award winning and New York Times best-selling author who is nothing without the grace of God. Facebook: timewarpwife Twitter: timewarpwife Pinterest: timewarpwife


  1.  avatar
    PrairieReen says:

    After 28 yrs. of marriage, my husband has received a devastating diagnosis of a severe, incurable,
    progressive brain disease.
    This prayer challenge is right up my alley and in perfect timing. Thank you!

  2.  avatar
    Nikita C. says:

    I’m engaged to be married in three months so even though I’m not yet a wife, I am ABSOLUTELY committed to praying with you!

    •  avatar
      Daiana says:

      Same here… I have discovered the importance of praying for the marriage even before being actually married and this challenge is just what I needed these days! Praise the Lord for the initiative!

  3.  avatar
    Laurie says:

    I want to pray with you! I committed Sept to pray through The Power of a Praying Wife, so this will be a great next step! I am so excited!

  4.  avatar
    Ashley says:

    I think this sounds like a great prayer challenge that I would like to commit myself to participate in. We can always use prayer for our marriages. Thanks!

  5.  avatar
    Myrande says:

    I’m committed to the prayer challenge.
    My marriage suffered a little a while ago and I need God’s grace through prayer to rebuild trust.

  6.  avatar
    Peggy says:

    Just got your book today (to review)! But I’m in … saw your book and read what you shared over at GMG so I knew this was perfect for me. Thank you Darlene for being so transparent and willing to show us how to better pray for our marriages and spouses! Looking forward to both the challenge and your book ! I know God directed me here, now, for me and my estranged marriage to find hope. My marriage was a mess, (I was a mess and I totally messed up my marriage similarly) and I walked away from the mess back in ’96 but the mess is still waiting for God’s redemptive work for I am still married to my unbeliever and know God loves him and is waiting on us to let God fix us. Love what I have already read in your book and the first prayer! Thank you so much … I’m blessed by your ministry.

    (oh and I’m not online as much either but I will capture each day and be praying along!)

  7.  avatar
    Bridget says:

    I am committed to praying! My husband just began a 4-6 week outpatient program for severe depression. He needs this prayer coverage more now than ever before!

  8.  avatar
    Kelly says:

    I’m sooooooo in!!! Thank you so much for the challenge to commit to praying for marriages, your time, your honesty, and willingness to be so open-it’s allowing me to see what’s right instead of what’s wrong-so easy to do after spending 10+ years with someone! I’m totally committed to this challenge and will be passing along the email/challenge to my married and single (they will be married someday!!) family and friends-it’ll be so awesome to see what God has in store for all of us! Marriage can be hard and just knowing that there’s a community of like minded people committed and intentionally focused on getting through to the other side makes me so hopeful!!! Thank you again and can’t wait to get started!!! Blessings to you and your ministry!!

  9.  avatar
    Anita says:

    I have been following you and reading your articles. I’ve also obtained your book The Virtuous Life and it has brought a whole new dimension and growth to understanding who I am. I am committed to praying with the belief I will continue to grow personally and continue to learn how to be the woman and wife God calls me to be. Thank you for being a vessel God uses to bless us.

  10.  avatar
    Ashley says:

    I just ordered the book for myself and my sister and can’t wait to join this challenge!! My husband is such a great guy and I want to learn to be a better wife!!

  11.  avatar
    Londa Hillard says:

    I’m taking the challenge, Darlene. Thank you for your time and effort to pull us women together in prayer for our marriages.

  12.  avatar

    I except the challenge. I am need of a rekindling after 32years God has kept us together and believe this is just what our marriage needs. I am glad we all are on this journey together.

    Debra Barrett

  13.  avatar
    Christina Spicuzza says:

    I am definitely going to take this challenge! I need this desperately… I am unequally yoked and my hubby is struggling with alcoholism. I believe that God has a plan for all that we have gone through, and I am holding on for the ride! Praying that He will work a miracle on my hubby’s heart as well as mine and that He will help me to be an example of Christ’s love in these heartbreaking trials. Thank you for all you do! I love reading you messages in my email!!!
    In Christ’s Love,

  14.  avatar
    Darla says:

    We Celebrate 30 years in October!! What a blessing it is to have shared life with such an amazing man. I am looking forward to renewing my marriage with this challenge. Let’s not just say we’ll pray for each other….let’s really do!!

  15.  avatar
    Kristina D says:

    I had your book pre-ordered and am excited to read it. Thank you for this challenge! Prayer is one of the things I really want to work on, especially for my husband who is deserving of a praying wife. I’m in!

  16.  avatar
    Susan says:

    I am so looking forward to joining all of you in prayer for marriages – for my own and for all of ours. The timing is so perfect. Thank you for following God’s heart and leading us in this!

  17.  avatar
    Jan Johnson says:

    So excited to join this prayer challenge. Have been hearing the call to dig deeper in the word & this is a perfect way to jump in as well as expecting our 3rd daughter to arrive shortly in November. Thank you so much for leading our marriages & lives as wives closer to the Father!

  18.  avatar
    Lisa Routley says:

    Thank you so much! I will be doing the prayer challenge. I have been under major attack by the enemy who tries to tell me I’m terrible at being a wife and I’m worthless. I’m infertile, so he uses that the most in trying to convince me I’m unworthy, among many other things. He wants to destroy my marriage. I’m hanging on to the Lord with all I have. This came to me at just the right time. God is GOOD. Please pray for my husband and I. God bless you and all the wives!

  19.  avatar
    Christy says:

    Committed to pray!! Hope my book arrives by middle- end of next week:) my husband is a pastor and just resigned from the church he had been at for 7 years it has been a hard and long month( especially on our children as this was the only church our youngest really knew) I have ?? My husbands decision several times although I know I shouldn’t have. I pray for strength to stand by him although I don’t understand He said if he had stayed he wouldn’t be in Gods will and I know and believe that’s where we need to be even though it’s a sad hurting valley right now. So I commit to pray and to be the support he needs us to be during this season. Thanks for all your encouragement!! Looking forward to the book and what The Lord will reveal to me thru it

  20.  avatar
    Tammy M says:

    I am committed to joining you all in praying for our marriages. Darlene, I started reading your book last night and I have been so blessed.

  21.  avatar
    eileen says:

    Committed to pray over my husband. Without him I would be lost and I thank God everyday for giving him to me. Truly my best friend!

  22.  avatar
    Julie D says:

    During our 15 years of marriage, we have always had a good marriage. Never any major issues. Until this summer. After constant prayer, I left corporate America to be home with my children. To compensate financially, my husband began working 80 hours per week. He is tired, stressed, and idols are now appearing in his life that are affecting our marriage in negative ways. This prayer challenge seems fitting for me, and I am looking forward to covering my marriage in prayer.

  23.  avatar
    Michele says:

    So glad I found your site (and this challenge!) thru a post on The Unveiled Wife site… Looking forward to reading your book and to the things God has in store for me, my husband and our marriage through “praying the challenge” with you!

  24.  avatar

    Having just been up with my father in law all night, caring for him, I will need this so much. My guy lost his Mom and brother almost 50 years ago, he is now losing his Dad to liver cancer. We only have a few days maybe hours. I love my husband so much and I know how much he and our four kids will need many prayers. With the up coming decisions, plans and fatigue to follow, I don’t want to falter in my prayers. I won’t be alone now. Sending praises for this plan, thank you so much.

  25.  avatar
    Marina says:

    Will be praying with you.
    1 John 5;14-15
    “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.”
    These are some of my favorite prayer scriptures, that I prayed with, during the period of 7 years and 7 months waiting on God to grant me a permanent resident status (a green card) . Praise God, He answered my prayer!

  26.  avatar
    Kelli says:

    I thank God for this blog! I have only been married 20 months but feel like we’ve been through so much! You have encouraged me so many times to look beyond what I am feeling and continue to love, honor, and pray for my husband. I am definitely committed to this challenge because I know prayer absolutely changes things!

  27.  avatar
    Kiescha Johnson says:

    I am committed! My husband is a pastor and I know that pray is what keeps us going. Looking forward to the challenge.

  28.  avatar
    Gay Brown says:

    This came at a critical time for us. At 62 my husband is out looking for a job after a career in one place and the company has how gone bankrupt. He needs my prayers more than usual while he fights the battle of finding a way to support us when we aren’t quite ready to retire. I will look forward to the tools to focus my prayers for him during the next 31 days. Thank you!

  29.  avatar
    Kendel says:

    I’m in! We just welcomed our second child at the end of the August, so our marriage and my spiritual life seems to have taken a backseat. We are trying but I are just exhausted. I’m up for the challenge in commiting to pray for my marriage. 🙂

  30.  avatar
    Joy says:

    I am definitely in!! My 8th wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart is coming up next month!! Thank you for doing this Challenge!

  31.  avatar
    Teresa R says:

    I’m committed to praying. My husband has tourette’s syndrome and must stay at home on disability. He is also overweight and needs to lose 23 lbs. I desire to be his helpmeet and support and encourage him

  32.  avatar
    Tracey says:

    I’m in, thank you I have been convicted about my prayer life and then I read this, God is good, he has used you once again, thankyou I’m committed

  33.  avatar
    christine says:

    I am looking forward and committed to to take the prayer challenge. May God use this challenge to first glorify Him through the commitment and union with my wonderful husband, but also to strengthen our marriage along with many others.
    Thank you Darlene for sharing and taking the challenge of being a mentor through God’s word.

  34.  avatar
    Regina says:

    We have faced many hard times during our 16 years of marriage, but God has blessed us richly too! Loving this man forever is my life long desire! Praying with this challenge.

  35.  avatar
    Elani McEldowney says:

    I’m committed to praying. I also want to buy your book. These blogs have been such an inspiration to me in my journey as a wife. I have only been married for 9 months, October will be the 10th, and I have been searching and reading about how to become a better wife and encourage my husband in his walk with God. He doesn’t have close christian friends like I do so its much harder for him. Over the last few months I have seen glimpses of the man God wants him to be, and I am so excited about praying!
    Thank you for your caring heart!

  36.  avatar
    Donna says:

    Committed to praying. My husband left our marriage 2 years Oct., been praying for healing and restoration since. God does amazing things when we pray.

  37.  avatar
    Maureen Barnett says:

    I am committed to Praying for my Husband and our Marriage! We have been together for 20 yrs. and Married for 17 as of Sept.12th, 2014. He helped me to Raise my Children from my first marriage, they were only 4 and 1at the time and 10 yrs. ago we welcomed our daughter into our lives. There have been many health issues in years past and God has brought us through them all! I almost made a marriage ending mistake 2 yrs. ago, My Husband forgave me as did God, we are stronger together now than ever! Thank you for this challenge, can’t wait to start!

  38.  avatar
    Jess says:

    I am committing to praying. My husband and I have been separated for 3 years and we are now living and working together. I have continued to pray for God to restore our marriage. It has not been restored yet, but I’m trusting in God to work in our marriage and I think this challenge will be good to do. Even if it’s just to pray for healing. Thank you.

  39.  avatar
    Bridget Cavin says:

    I’m not quite married yet – not until March 13, 2015 – but I’m committed to praying with you! Thank you!

  40.  avatar
    Tammy says:

    I commit to this challenge! I have been married 28 years but have been separated for 3 months and my husband has filed for divorce, something I do not want. I trust that God will bring healing, reconciliation and restoration to our marriage.

  41.  avatar
    Maggie says:

    I have a 7 y/o high energy step daughter and an almost 6 week old son who required a 28hr labor and emergency open heart surgery at just 10hrs old. My husband and I have been in a whirlwind ever since. Our son will need another surgery by 6 months which causes much tension as we vividly remember the recovery and don’t want him to have to go through that again. Don’t want our family to have to go through that again.
    But with all the sleepless nights, poopy diapers, first grade homework (and friend drama), at times I feel in over my head and struggle to connect with my husband.
    There is no better time than now to be praying for him and our marriage.

    • I just prayed for you Maggie. As I was praying I was warmly reminded that this is merely one of many seasons in your life. I prayed for strength a that God’s peace would wash over your family.

  42.  avatar
    Robin in New Jersey says:

    After 32 years of marriage, my husband and I are in counseling and trying to get past some real hurts. I am excited to join this challenge. I can’t buy the book right now, finances are very tight. But I will follow along and pray.

  43.  avatar
    Megan Wallace says:

    Committed to prayer! I need this do bad right now. My husband and I are approaching our 1 year and the enemyis trying his best for us not to make it. We’ve had some bumps alongthe way and my husband had given up that our marriage won’t work.We are both still in love which gives me hope even when he says it won’t work. I pray that this will help since no papers have been filled and we still talk on a daily basis with saying I love you before ending our conversation.

  44.  avatar
    Melissa P says:

    Committed to praying. My husband and I are fighting what seems like battle after battle for our marriage. I am hoping that this will bring us closer and give us more encouragement for any battles we may face in the future.

  45.  avatar
    TRACY says:

    Exactly what I need at this time. I welcome the challenge, praying for it to grow me closer to my husband in every way through our loving Father. Bless you for your Christian Actions and sharing your gifts.
    Love in Christ!

  46.  avatar
    jacqi teehan says:

    commited!!! perfect timing for this in my life! uprooted our family of 7, to finally walk full time in ministry, a dream of my husbands, and we have come to realize how much marriage is important. we married as best friends and slowly thru the past 16 years, we’ve acquired the back seat to our 5 boys, ministry and work…so yes, this is definitely the jump start i need to getting things back!!! thank you!

  47.  avatar
    Angela says:

    While my marriage isn’t a complete mess, I know that there are areas where I need to grow as a daughter of the King that I might find my joy and peace in Him and be in a place to reflect that to my unbelieving spouse and to the world. Today is the first day of our 31st year, and my desire is to continue to grow in Yahweh’s grace. What better way to do so than to start this year bathing our marriage in prayer.

  48.  avatar
    Suzanne R. says:

    I will definitely be praying! I will finish a 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge on Sept 30 th… God always has perfect timing!

  49.  avatar
    Amara Alexander says:

    Committed to praying. Looking forward to this challenge. WIll be purchasing my copy of Messy Beautiful Love on Kindle. Although I’m still reading The Good Wives Guide and The Vituous Life of a Christ-Centred Wife.

  50.  avatar
    Tammy Ferguson says:

    Committed to pray! Got the Kindle version of your book last week and I am ready to get started! God’s timing is always right on!

  51.  avatar
    Laurie says:

    I’m committing to pray in this challenge! Married to my husband and best friend for 25 years, I pray continually for him and our marriage. I look forward to this prayer time enriching my marriage and look forward to it teaching teach me something new. I can always learn to grow, and I can always learn how to listen when God speaks to my heart! Can’t wait!

  52.  avatar
    Jana says:

    I pray everyday for my husband already, but am always ready to refresh my prayer life. You never know when a prayer you’ve never considered praying, but should be, will pop up.

  53.  avatar
    Carrie says:

    I’m am very excited for this prayer challenge!! It is marriage and fault month at our church and this is the perfect challenge I needed!!
    God Bless your ministry

  54.  avatar
    Michele says:

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity to join you in praying for our husbands. With your accountability and God’s help I will pray more than just arrow prayers for my husband in the month of October 2014.

  55.  avatar
    Melissa Buteaud says:

    I am committed to praying with you! My husband and I both have health issues and while it gives us both compassion for each other, we also have very little time and energy for each other when we give what we can to our children, work, etc. We have been together fourteen years and married for eight. He is my best friend and I would do anything to make sure that he is okay. Thank you for this challenge and God Bless!!

  56.  avatar
    Lacey Ray says:

    I’m so excited about this, thank you for this opportunity & for your constant encouragement! It’s great to know there are other women out there that are seeking to honor God in their marriages!

  57.  avatar
    Debbie M says:

    Not able to get the book right now, but so committed and ready to pray. I have a wonderful husband and am awesome God that has kept us strong over the last 3 very rocky years… He is so good! Love being blessed!

  58.  avatar
    Michelle says:

    I am committed to praying for my marriage. I am also thankful for the encouragement that you give me in all areas of my Christian journey. May God richly bless you!!

  59.  avatar
    Karen Ellis says:

    I’m gonna join even though I’m not married. I’ll be praying for my family and friends marriages and for my future husband if the Lord has that in my future.

  60.  avatar
    Barbara Billips says:

    I am committed!

    My husband and I are going through some very difficult trials. His alcoholism, issues with my step kids, and his threats to leave every time we disagree.

    He’s going for residential treatment tomorrow, and I’m watching the kids. After he’s home, we’ll see how our marriage issues go.

    I’m committed to praying for him, even when I’m angry, hurt, disappointed, sad, lonely. It’s VERY hard. Harder than losing my first husband in a car accident.

  61.  avatar
    Allisen S says:

    Committed to praying!! Married 9 years on Wednesday!! We got an early start and were up against some pretty crazy odds and statistics, but have made it through because of Gods grace and love, and also a LOT of people praying for us 🙂

  62.  avatar
    Stacey says:

    I am divorced, not currently dating, but hopeful and prayerful that marriage is in my future again someday, so I am joining this challenge and will be praying for my future husband, should that be God’s will for my life.

  63.  avatar
    Bobbi says:

    I love this opportunity to be committed to prayers for my husband and my marriage. Thank you for this opportunity to participate!

  64.  avatar
    Kasey D. says:

    Committing to 31 days of prayer for my husband and our marriage. Please pray for us as we are currently struggling with a serious chronic illness.

  65.  avatar
    beth says:

    committed to prayer.
    thank you for this!

    (what happens if i can’t afford to buy the book? do you think i might find it at the library? just curious, thanks)

    • That’s such a great idea! And did you know that you can also take out digital books online? I’ll suggest this to other women too. Either way, I’m sure that you’ll glean much encouragement from the blog posts. And please email me for the printable downloads.

  66.  avatar
    Lisa says:

    Will pray for all – many blessings through the blog reaching out & helping strengthen our marriages! (As God leads us)

  67.  avatar
    Haley says:

    I’ve been praying for my marriage since I was a young girl (5 or 6). Now after being married for 2 years we have hit a really rough patch so this is perfect timing. I need this so I don’t give up praying even when it feels like God isn’t listening. Because no matter how I FEEL God is always listening and always in control of every situation.

  68.  avatar
    Dorothy says:

    49 years and we continue to grow in our relationship. We ask ourselves, “How can this possibly keep getting better?!?” And yet it does!! God is so faithful. When we surrendered our individual lives to Him and then our marriage (after 15 yrs of trying to do it without Him), EVERYTHING changed. Prayer changes lives and marriages! Your message is SO needed. You’re touching lives for eternity. I’m looking forward to this prayer adventure with so many wonderful young women who are seeking to follow God’s perfect plan for marriage. Having tried our marriage without Him and then with Him and following His ways, I want to encourage every woman to surrender to God’s ways and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

  69.  avatar
    Lin Haley says:

    I am committed to praying! I just ordered my book on Amazon! I am so excited to begin! I pray for person who joins us that God will use this time to bless themI. I pray also the friendships can be started that will lift each of us in time of need!

  70.  avatar
    Lorie Hall Hutchison says:

    Committing to prayer for my marriage not because we are struggling but because that is what God would hav me do for my husband. Expecting great things. Thank You for your commitment to the Lord and to us as well! I love your writings and have been so blessed by them. We will be married 29 trs. this Oct. 4th

  71.  avatar
    Ana Vezina says:

    Committed to this prayer challenge for my marriage. Just became empty nesters. Need The Lord to see us through this next stage of life.
    Thanks Darlene

  72.  avatar
    Carli van der Merwe says:

    I’m in! Our very first anniversary is just around the corner, and God has given me the best team mate in the world. We are so curious to see how He wants to use us for His Kingdom here on earth. Hopefully what starts as a 31 day challenge will become a daily habit for the rest of our lives!

  73.  avatar
    Jennifer says:

    I am committed to pray not only for God to send the man he has picked for me, but for all of my wonderful friends and their marriages.

  74.  avatar
    Kimmey says:

    I am committed to pray! I need restoration in my marriage that only God can give. My husband has filed for divorce and refuses contact. I stand in faith that God’s Will be done!

  75.  avatar
    Laura May says:

    I would like to pray with you for my marriage. I have been neglecting my husband recently due to the birth of our son, and I feel terribly about it.

  76.  avatar
    Priscila Castense says:

    Thank you ! After Two years of marriage and many adversities ( finding out about my husband addiction to pornography 1 year ago and me dealing with insecurities and anger) I need God to make me a wise woman and pray for my husband to be set free completely from this spirit of lust ,thank God he is willing to battle against it.

  77.  avatar
    Carrie says:

    I am very much looking forward to this. I truly believe in the Power of prayer amongst believers. Thank you fort his opportunity. <3

  78.  avatar
    Patti says:

    I have been married for over 22 years to my wonderful husband. I know our prayers for each other have helped to sustain our marriage. I want to be part of this challenge.

  79.  avatar
    Michelle says:

    I accept the challenge and look forward to it. My husband and I are struggling currently with our relationship and I am having a hard time staying positive and fighting depression.

  80.  avatar
    Darlene says:

    I’m committed. Just celebrated 35 year anniversary. Seems like more obstacles everyday but my God is so faithful. Excited about your book

  81.  avatar
    Suzi b 67 says:

    I am committed to Praying … I am struggling with bitterness and personal insecurities of myself ( weight and possible unfaithfulness on his part) and marriage. And I know my attitude is not helping. II have packed my bags 2xs in the past couple of months. 30 years of marriage.. I NEED this challenge. I cant be the wife I know God wants me to me. MY flesh gets the best of me.

    Just broken….

    • Suzi, I’m so sorry to read this. I pray that there will be a revival both in your spirit and your marriage. Be reminded that this too shall pass. There is joy for each and every one of us. Keep pressing toward that goal, turning your eyes off of this world including your body, and turning them onto Christ. He sees you perfectly.

      And I pray that your husband is faithful to you. With all of my heart I ask that God intervene in your lives.

  82.  avatar
    Mae says:

    I am committed to pray! committed to the challenge to effect a change not only in our marriage but marriages around us! Thank you for the encouragement! 🙂

  83.  avatar
    J.J. says:

    Thanks for the challenge. After 31 years of marriage, I need to be reminded that our relationship is always a “work in progress.” Committing to pray!

  84.  avatar
    Wendy says:

    I am joining in on the challenge, I will be married for 40 years in November, need to continue to pray for our marriages. Thank you for this challenge.

  85.  avatar
    Audra says:

    I’m very excited for the opportunity to participate in this prayer challenge! I would like to get in the habit of praying for my husband and my marriage more, so I’m hoping this will give me the encouragement and motivation I need to make this a lifelong habit! Thank you so much for offering this opportunity!

  86.  avatar
    Tsitsi says:

    If God is the author of marriage then i better decide to talk to Him about it if i want it to work!
    Thank you for stirring us up – God bless you! Will certainly invite some of my girlfriends to join in…

  87.  avatar
    olivia says:

    The devil tried to steal my marriage on 9-11-14. My husband’s had an affair. Satan is a liar and he can’t have anything that God had given me. I know we will survive and I’m glad there is resources available for us to use to heal our marriage.

  88.  avatar
    Monica says:

    Totally committed to praying for my marriage! Thank you ever so much for the invitation and may God bless you for what you are doing!

  89.  avatar
    Diane P says:

    I am committing to prayer. My husband and my marriage are part of Gods plan and I will be honoring both by participating in you challenge. Thank you for being a leader of Gods women!

  90.  avatar
    Bridget says:

    We just had our 23rd anniversary. My husband suffers from chronic depression and many times over these years, I have thought, “I didn’t sign up for this.” And God sweetly says to me, “Yes. You did.” So with that, I am giving all of this mess to Him and committing to praying this marriage up and into a whole new level of richness.

  91.  avatar
    Dixie says:

    Thank you Darlene so sharing your heart and leading us. I am committed to pray for my husband and our marriage (42 yrs.) God’s way is the only way.

  92.  avatar
    Christine says:

    It’s been a long rough yet exciting year for my husband and I. Lots of changes from our youngest heading to college leaving us with just us for the first time in 24 years, a scary cancer diagnosis, to an across-country move coming up. This prayer challenge is just what we need!

  93.  avatar
    Judi says:

    Yes I am glad to join all of you in praying for our marriages during Oct. thanks for making this opportunity available, Darlene.

  94.  avatar
    Kelli Lusk says:

    I am commented to praying with us guys. My husband recently left me and I don’t know if we will ever work it out but I pray that God is working on us and that we can work everything out.



  95.  avatar
    Lisa says:

    When I saw your book coming out, I wrote it on my birthday list for my family to buy. I could not wait, I just ordered it. Waiting for its arrival. I pray for my man everyday. We have been married 21 years. His job has taken him out of state for 2 years now. We have had A LOT of challenges in our marriages, and God has been so good to keep us together. I am committed to pray! Thank you for your ministry!

  96.  avatar
    Anonymous says:

    In the past month or two, my husband and I were very emotionally deteriorating…. what with a new job, long hours and new friends, my husband changed hiis entire self in a matter of weeks. He asked me if we could “seperate” (not legally – more emotionally) and waited, and prayed. I prayed for 6 long weeks morning, noon, night and just about every time in between. I prayed for his heart, One night, I earned his heart… he held me close, and wouldn’t let me go, he said this will probably be last last time I ever hold the love of my life like this again. He cried. Then I was hit with the worst of the worse…. ” I got drunk, she got pregnant.” And my Lord so sweetly came down to the bed and handled the situation for me. I didn’t feel angry or discusted but my first response was “what do WE do?” Through the Lord’s strength I have completely forgiven my husband and am committed to being the wife God has called me to be. I know my love is unconditional. He’s learned a piece of God’s love through me. My husband, the great man that he is, was called to pastor at a young age, and he’s running, but with prayer I know every problem will be solved, every hurt will be healed and my marriage will prevail. and I believew that my husband will get back to a place where God wants him. That is why I am committed to prayer, not just for 31 days, but for life.

  97.  avatar
    Rebecca says:

    After 25 years I love my husband more now than I did in the beginning of our marriage. Thank you so much for the encouragement and reminders that you give. Prayer does improve our marriage! Thank you for your ministry! I am excited for this challenge!

  98.  avatar
    Frank says:

    What does prayer look like in the life of a HUSBAND who desires to bring life to his marriage? I am committed to prayer with you. I pre-ordered your book to share with my wife. I pray she will at least pick it up. Please pray for us. Our marriage is under attack and in danger.

  99.  avatar
    Nicole C says:

    I am committed to pray!!!! My marriage really needs lots of prayers, we have been going through a lot in the past year.

  100.  avatar
    andrea b says:

    So excited to join you in praying! I just started a 28 day clean eating challenge, so I am excited to pray for my husband and nurture that relationship while making my physical body healthy as well.

  101.  avatar
    Candy says:

    Committed to pray,even after 35 years of a wonderful marriage you may think nothing can touch you,but that’s not so. We need to stand strong against everything that the devil throws at us and can only do this in Gods power. I’m in!

  102.  avatar
    Faith says:

    I am in for this challenge even though I’m not married I will pray for my boyfriend and I’s relationship, and do so already.

  103.  avatar
    Jamie says:

    I think I need this. It’s much needed here, and I could use outside prayer as well, so, when anyone sees this, please say a prayer for me. With your help, and the help of this study. I’m committed to pray for my marriage.

  104.  avatar
    Michelle says:

    I struggle in my prayer life and am hoping this will get me on the right track. Thank you so much for showing women how to be the wife God intended us to be.

  105.  avatar
    H Mitchell says:

    Recently my parents divorced after 21 years of marriage and three children. I got married in June. My husband and I are striving to build our marriage around God that we will stay together through what ever life throws our way. I am committed to this challenge for my marriage and to bring honor and glory to God through it.

  106.  avatar
    Shauna says:

    I would Love to do this, but unfortunately I am committed to another prayer and study thing with my church this coming month. I am wondering if you will be willing or are planning on doing this again in the future?

  107.  avatar
    Andrea says:

    Committed to pray – the best thing you can do for your spouse, to pray for God’s protection, and for God to be at work in his life every day. It’s not about me, it’s not about us, it’s all about God and how we can glorify Him through serving each other in love.

  108.  avatar
    Valetta says:

    I am committed to praying. My husband just overcame robotic prostate surgery that was very aggressive. He has to take radiation as well. This comes right at a time where I need encouragement. God is our healer!!!!!! I am looking forward to to your encouragement. Thanks! Mrs.Victory

  109.  avatar
    Amy Joy Mathis says:

    Thank you for your ministry! I am excited to take this challenge and eager to see how God blesses my marriage as a result. My husband and I have been together since we were 17 and have been through a lot together. We have made it through and are now on the other side and IN love again! GOD IS SO GOOD! Thank you again.

  110.  avatar
    Bertha says:

    I’m committing to pray… What a wonderful opportunity to pray for the Most special person God has placed in my life!! 🙂

  111.  avatar
    Jamie says:

    Greetings from Canada! This challenge is coming at a great time of year for me.

    As the daylight hours get shorter here, this is usually the time of year when I get the most self-absorbed and tend to forget or bypass the needs of my husband. Winter up here is usually 8months of the year and for about 6 of those months the sun comes up about 3-4 hours after I have gotten up (0500h) and usually starts setting about 1700h, so basically less than 8 hours of my day is during sunlight.

    This challenge is right up my alley and will help me to focus more on my hubby and others before myself.


  112.  avatar
    Jessica says:

    I’m in. I’m praying for reconciliation & restoration of our marriage. He’s been gone a few years, but God is bigger then our fears! I won’t give up yet- trusting for The Lord to work on our hearts.

  113.  avatar
    Amanda says:

    I’m committed to praying. Gods timing is always exactly right. My husband and I are dealing with alot right now… Both individually and together in our marriage. We are a military family and he is currently deployed. I’m praying for my marriage!! And I will pray for other marriages as well! God is ALWAYS good and I’m so thankful He is on our side:)

  114.  avatar
    Elizabeth says:

    I read the book, loved it by the way and am committed to praying with you. You can teach an old dog new tricks, I’ve been married for 34 years and learned a lot from your book and posts. Thanks for your ministry.

  115.  avatar
    Alice F says:

    I am committed to reading and praying during this time and am encouraged by how many have already made the pledge to do so as well.

      •  avatar
        autumn says:

        I’m committed to this prayer challenge.

        My husband and I have been married for 1.5 years. Everyone always assumes our marriage is amazing since we are still newlyweds.

        But we’ve had a rough start to our marriage. We have experienced 2 miscarriages. And a couple months ago my husband was having an affair

        •  avatar
          autumn says:

          (I hit post before I was done typing)

          As soon as his affair became physical my husband wanted a divorce.
          Before I learned that he was having an affair I asked him to wait a month before leaving. We were in the last few days of the month and then I learned of his affair. A few days later he decided he no longer wanted a divorce.

          It has been difficult for us. I am trying to follow God through all this but my husband has lost all hope in God. Ready for this challenge and hoping it brings life to our marriage and helps me be a better wife.