30 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Husband

30 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Husband

If your husband is anything like mine, there are countless reasons you are thankful for him. And I’m sure there are a number of things that make him unique.

Last Sunday, Michael walked into the living room and surprised me with a warm bowl of broccoli cheese soup. It’s one of my favourites, and since he noticed it at the deli, he picked some up.

On Monday I locked myself out of my car while it was running. Correction–the dogs locked me out of the car (ahem). Anyway, Michael left work and drove 45 minutes across town to bring me a key.

On Tuesday he was working late, but cut out early so he could pick up our daughter from piano lessons.

And Wednesday afternoon, he phoned just to remind me how much he loves me…

I like to think that God had me in mind when He was creating Michael. He knew we’d be a couple one day and He knew exactly what we needed in each other.

It’s not an accident that we’re a good fit, it’s design. That’s pretty cool.

Since it’s the season of thanksgiving I’ve decided to list 50 reasons to be thankful for your husband. We’re all different, therefore some may apply to you and some won’t.

I’ll start with 50 of my own and if you’d like to, you can add yours in the comments.

1. He’s hard working.
2. He makes me laugh.
3. He prays for me and our children.
4. He’s a great father.
5. He’s generous.
6. He holds my hand in the car.
7. He buys me treats.
8. He goes all out to celebrate my birthday.
9. He takes me on dates.
10. He enjoys family game nights as much as I do.
11. He helps me straighten the back of my hair.
12. He is an amazing musician.
13. He’s a good listener.
14. He’s a great problem solver.
15. He’s a God-fearing man.
16. He wakes up when I go to bed late so we can talk.
17. He lets me sleep in.
18. He cleans the garage.
19. He has more Christmas spirit than anyone I’ve met.
20. He drains the pasta so I don’t burn myself.
21. He reads my blog.
22. He clears my hair out of the bathtub drain.
23. He tells me I’m beautiful all the time.
24. He’s my best friend.
25. He makes awesome pancakes.
26. He encourages me to write.
27. He’s fiercely loyal.
28. He puts family first.
29. He loved me when I couldn’t love myself.
30. He takes me on adventures in his jeep.

What are you thankful for? Click here to join the discussion.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife


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  • Lizz Dregne

    Your list and mine are almost exactly the same! Thank God for you, Darlene. I love these daily reminders of the most important things in life.
    I’m thankful for my husband Eric because he follows his heart with integrity, joy and love for life, and takes his family and friends there with him. Does that make sense? He feels that Life is better when you are surrounded by your family & friends. All are welcome in his adventures. We have so much fun!

  • Jennifer @ Emulsified Family

    I am thankful that he works hard to provide for us, even on the holidays. He’s a chef, cooking for 1,000 people today. Miss him, but he sets such a good example for us of what it means to work hard, even when you don’t want to!

  • Beth

    I’ll go: I’m thankful for my husband…
    1. He loves God and knows that God loves him and lives his life in that reality.
    2. He does the nasty, hard, icky parts of jobs that no one likes to do as if it was no big deal, no complaining, just getting the job done.
    3. He takes me on planned dates.
    4. He takes me on spontaneous dates, like turning a shopping trip to Home Depot into a date. (He holds my hand while we look for something needed at home)
    5. He goes to work and he works hard.
    6. He loves our kids and our grandkids and plays with them.
    7. He laughs and makes me laugh.
    8. He enjoys life and helps me enjoy life.
    9. He worries about me when I’m late.
    10. He takes care of our finances.
    11. He is generous.
    12. He is kind.
    13. He is forgiving.
    14. He sings with me in the car.
    15. He sings to me.
    16. He helps me understand the Bible.
    17. He helps others understand the Bible.
    18. He dances with me in the kitchen.
    19. He makes sure the cars have enough gas.
    20. He is strong.
    21. He is creative.
    22. He brings me flowers.
    23. He tells me that I am his favorite.
    24. He walks with me.
    25. He helped me when I was in labor with our kids.
    26. He got up with the kids when they were little and now he gets up with the dog even when he hasn’t gotten much sleep.
    27. He likes my cooking and tells the world.
    28. He tries to stay up with me when I just can’t get to sleep yet.
    29. He lets me sleep in when I’ve had one of those nights.
    30. He walks with me through the hard places of my life.
    31. He is my best friend.
    32. He makes me smile.
    33. He never is ashamed of me.
    34. He likes football.
    35. He holds my hand at church.
    36. He rides a tandem bike with me so we can talk while we ride.
    37. He teaches me to be strong.
    38. He helps me accomplish my dreams.
    39. He is a leader.
    40. He serves others.
    41. He knows how to drive a bus.
    42. He taught me how to drive a stick shift car and how to drive in the snow.
    43. He listens to me and helps me see the truth in situations.
    44. He’s not into drama, but knows that life gets complicated and is not afraid to step into the messy parts of life.
    45. He stands up for the weak and the lonely.
    46. He is a good friend.
    47. He talks with the neighbors.
    48. He gets into the different holidays because I like them.
    49. He makes everyday living an adventure.
    50. He loves me.

  • Trivia Sam

    I’m thankful for my husband because of his beautiful spirit. He is a hardworking, gentle giant who makes me laugh and helps me see the fun and joys of life. Most of all I’m SO THANKFUL for him because he loves me the most when I am not being very lovable (when I need it the most). He truly does love me AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH.

  • Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

    I am so thankful that my husband is a man of God, he works very hard to care for our family, is an excellent father, and a very loving husband. We have so much to be thankful for in our men. Let’s remember to pray for those who are hurting in this area. Many Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours, Darlene. Thanks for the post – love it!

  • Fee

    I am grateful that he loves to cook. Especially on the days when i have no inspiration. And that he spends weeks away from home on a regular basis, in order that we live in the most beautiful place in the world

  • Julie Collins

    I am thankful that my husband loves the Lord with all of his heart and that he loves to share the Gospel as a street preacher and also he goes to our college and shares the gospel with young people. He is wonderful and kind. He has helped me to check my bad attitude in with God when needed. He fills the car with gas and gets me a Starbucks every morning on his days off.

  • Michelle

    I subscribed because I need to find even 5 as he would probably say about me as well. Please pray for my marriage.

  • Carol

    My husband’s prayer cover has transformed me.
    He is a wonderful Bible teacher, I can ask him anything.
    We can have prayer meetings together.
    When he used to travel, I could ALWAYS count on him to call me to pray together daily…. when he promised he would call.
    I can trust him with my heart.
    He can fix just about anything!
    He is the happiest person I have ever met.
    He is the strongest person I have ever met.
    And most of all, He loves God with ALL his heart!

  • Faith

    Thank you for your list, it encourages me to affirm my husband through mine 🙂

    We’re newly married but been together for the past 10 years so here goes:

    1. He’s not afraid to correct me , in private and in a loving and positive way, when I’m doing / saying something that is not right

    2. He loves and accepts me just the way I am, in my bad moods and in my kookiness; I’m not embarrassed to show him the petty side of me

    3. Loves the way he rolls over in bed and draws me close to him, every time

    4. When we were faced with the fact that our first pregnancy was not to be, he held me in his arms and spoke words of comfort and love. He’s normally stoic and not that expressive of his feelings. I was greatly comforted and touched that he stepped out of his comfort zone to meet my needs

    5. He’s my best friend

  • Dena

    All too often we are quick to notice the things our husbands don’t do.. He forgot to take out the trash, he didn’t put his clothes in the hamper etc. This post reminded me to focus on what he does, is and means to me and our family. 1.My husband makes me laugh out loud on a daily basis, he is the funniest guy I know. 2. He tells me that my body (soft as it is after having 3 children) is beautiful, he makes me feel good about myself. 3. He plays with our kids, on the ground, in the mud, all over the yard. 4. He loves Jesus and is the spiritual leader of our home, he reads the bible to me every night before we fall asleep and prays with me as well.
    5. He eats whatever I cook him without complaint.
    6. During my pregnancies I would often have a toot accidentally escape (it happens!) he would always claim it as his own if we were in public… To save me from embarrassment. Now THAT is love!!! Hahahaha
    7. He is brave, selfless, giving, loving, He is my happy place, despite the fact that he leaves his dirty socks on the ground next to the hamper. 😉



  • Faith Lohr

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 It’s amazing what a change in perspective can do for your relationship when you focus on the good instead of the bad. 🙂 Love your list!

  • hillcountrynell

    1. When he comes in from work, he always says “hello beautiful lady”.
    2. He is my best friend ever.
    3. He is loyal and trustworthy.
    4. He works hard to earn my respect, and he deserves it.
    5. When he has a bad day at work, he says “I will keep going, for you”.
    6. He doesn’t mind that the house is a disaster most days because he knows I am not well enough or strong enough physically to clean as I should.
    7. He supports my homeschooling the children even though his family says it is “weird”.
    8. He rubs my back EVERY night.
    9. He doesn’t mind if I use his car and all the gas.
    10. He always has my back.

    • hillcountrynell

      Forgot one…
      11. He watches all the Christmas chick flicks with me every year and holds my hand.

  • Elizabeth

    I love my husband very much and we have been married over 4 years now ! We are very happy , but I feel so empty and sad because I had a miscarriage 3 years ago , I am just now mourning , because I went to the doctors and researched it and I actually had a miscarriage ! I am devastated ! I am an epileptic and my doctor told my husband and I that It would be a high risk pregnancy ! I was 3 months along and everything fell out of me on the 4th month when I was in the bathroom ! I was bleeding heavily for over a month and so badly I needed a blood transfusion ! I know in my heart the baby was a girl and I named her ” Emma Leigh ” . I love her so much ! I thank God for her , because I know I will see her in Heaven and she will be in Heaven just waiting for me and her daddy !! Thank you !

    • Darlene Schacht

      Elizabeth, I’m so sorry. Terribly sorry. I just finished praying for you asking that God would comfort you. Be reminded that you will see her again. I’ve had five miscarriages myself. One of them I lost at five months along and he wouldn’t come out on it’s own. I had to walk around for a few days knowing I had lost the baby and waiting. Then they took him out. For months afterwards my hormones were out of whack and I was crying about everything. I think I was mourning at the same time.

      Here’s a letter I wrote a long time ago, and recently found it again…