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Learning to Lean
Excerpts and Thoughts from Chapter 1

This week’s Reading: 1 Samuel 17 & Numbers 13

Giants come in many forms. They may be spiritual, mental, physical, or financial. They might be a person, or they may be a problem, but there are two things they all have in common: one is that they threaten our sense of peace, and the other is that they are bread to our soul. We’ll talk more about this in the next chapter.  

Some days I feel like I’m facing a giant—an insurmountable problem that won’t go away. If I face it, I’m taking a risk. If I put myself out there, I might get hurt. If I try, I could fail… And so, I’m left with a choice. I can shrink away from my fear, or I can run toward it trusting that God has a plan.

Courageous faith is willing to say:

  • I might get hurt, but I won’t be crushed.
  • They might not accept it, but I’ll try to make peace.
  • I might get rejected but I’m choosing love.
  • I could get shut down, but I’m going to try.
  • This might not be easy, but God’s in control.

Courageous faith tells me that I’m not fighting this battle alone. He goes before me, He’s with me, and He’ll never leave or forsake me. He goes before us to fight before we even arrive. He softens hearts, opens doors, shuts down the enemy, and gives us faith over fear.

Throughout scripture, God instructs His people to be courageous, and like a shield that stands before a warrior, He stands between us and the enemy.

Don’t let your fear or your weakness keep you from doing God’s work. Remember David was just a boy when he killed the giant. Moses was slow of speech when he led the Exodus out of Egypt. Abraham was too old to have children when Isaac was born. Paul was a well-known sinner persecuting Christians beyond measure when God called Him to be an apostle to the Gentiles. God used the weak and the few to show His mercy and power through His saving grace. Lean on His wisdom, and trust in His power and strength.

This Week’s Challenge:

Some days it can be difficult to stand up for our faith and do the right thing. We may risk getting hurt, rejected, or shut down. By facing these giants, however, we demonstrate our commitment to faith and reliance on God. This week, I challenge you to do the right thing in spite of any fear you may have.

Take Note:

As you go through the questions at the end of each chapter, you’ll find that some of them relate to you personally. There’s no right or wrong answer with these questions as they are designed for soul searching. 

I will be back on Friday to give you my thoughts on this chapter and some of the questions from the study guide. Again, if you are looking for the printable chapter, you can find it at the bottom of the email you receive from Time-Warp Wife. If you have any trouble subscribing, feel free to email me at darlene @darleneschacht.net (no spaces in that email address)

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