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Hi, Time-Warp Wife readers and friends. As many of you know, Michael and I have been going through a difficult season in our lives. Earlier this year, Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Because of the uncontrollable pain, he hasn’t been able to work, which has put a significant strain on our finances.

The ministry at Time-Warp Wife has been an incredible blessing to us and has helped to supplement our income in part, however, we are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat, and so, we are humbly asking if perhaps you might be able to help us with a donation?

Although there are significant costs with maintaining the online ministry, we are determined to continue and are thankful for your ongoing support.

Also at this time, we ask that you would keep us in prayer.

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Thank you,

Darlene and Michael Schacht

Time-Warp Wife Ministries

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