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Bible Journaling Friday and a Free Printable

Bible Journaling - Psalm 139

Bible Jounaling

I know, I said that I’d only be posting here once a week now, but since I’m so passionate about Bible journaling, I thought it might be fun to share them with you on Fridays.

I’ve also started to do some other artwork, which I’ll show you as well.

Since the last time I posted, a lot of you have asked about supplies, so I’ll list them at the bottom. As I’m growing in this craft, I’m experimenting with a few new tools. But not too many yet.

If you haven’t seen my first post on Bible journaling yet, head on over there and take a look at the first pages I did. I also added a few new images to that other post, which you might have missed the first time around.

I started off with a few stamps because I didn’t think I could doodle all that well, but I’ve since gained more confidence and I’m drawing my own stuff for the most part.

My Miracle

There’s a miracle in all of this. I have essential tremor. If you don’t know what that is, look up a youtube video and you’ll see. My hands tremble–some days more than others, but every day they shake some. I have to take medication to keep it under control. I have trouble doing things like writing out a check, or filling out a form BUT (and here’s the super cool part) for some reason I can Bible journal.

After seeing my first post, my mom called me. She was astonished that I was able to draw with the shaky hands I have. We’re all quite amazed actually. But there’s something about this craft that completely relaxes me.

I thought this chapter of my life was over, but I’ve learned that nothing is over until God truly closes the door. Wow. I can’t tell you how in awe I am of His goodness.

Free Printable

So anyway… without further ado, here is my artwork. Oh!! And I have a free printable for you. See the balloon image below? Click it to view and print an 8 x 10.

Note: I’ll get a printable of the house for you NEXT Friday. Watercolors don’t scan all that well because the paper is textured. And so I have to clean up edges in Photoshop before I put a printable up for you.

What I’m Using – Check this out!!!

For those of you who are wondering what I’m using to color the images, I have to tell you about watercolor pencils. The concept was brand new to me, but I’m LOVING them. I had guests over one night and we landed up coloring at the kitchen table. The next day, they went out and bought a pack too.

You simply color an image just like you would with pencil crayons. Super easy. But then you take a wet paint brush and go over the pencil crayon.  Voila–it blends like vibrant paint, without all the mess. It’s not messy at all. They are so easy to use. And I’m seriously addicted to them. I’ll put the link in the supplies below.




Psalm 118: 24, created with an ink pen and watercolor pencils on watercolor paper. Digitally retouched.
Click image below to view and print your copy. Or click here.

FREE PRINTABLE - Psalms 118:24


Come back NEXT Friday for a printable of this Joshua 24:15 house.
Created with an ink pen and watercolor pencils on watercolor paper. Digitally retouched.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

And finally, I grabbed an old clock that I had sitting in the closet. I took it apart and created a new face for it. It was super simple, and I love the final look! My husband wants me to sell clocks now. That would truly make me the Time-Warp Wife. LOL

Created using an ink pen on watercolor paper.



FAQ: Do the watercolors bleed through the pages of the Bible? 

Answer: Surprisingly not. On the first page I tried, I prepped the page first, and that was a big mistake. The page felt grimy and the ink didn’t sink in well. So when I added the paint, the ink was smeary. Ugh.

Then I tried watercolor pencils directly on the page. I couldn’t believe how awesome it was. It doesn’t show through any more than a pencil crayon would. I can see the black pen a bit through the page, but I’m not as picky as some of you might be.

I recommend testing a page at the back of the Bible so you know what to expect before digging in.

FAQ: What pens do you use for highlighting? 

Answer: I’m using watercolor pencils for both the doodles and the highlighting. I like that my colors match. I just love them so much and watercolors don’t bleed through. But if you want some highlighters for your Bible, that don’t bleed, you can try these: ACCU-Gel Highlighters Study Kit.

FAQ: How do you know what colors to use for highlighting? What does each one represent? 

Answer: There’s no rhyme or reason to my highlighting. I actually didn’t even realize that people did that until a few weeks ago. I highlight my favorite verses in my favorite colors. I’m creating this Bible for future generations, and so I just want it personalized.

If you want a color chart, visit Courtney at Women Living Well.

FAQ: What supplies do I need to get started? 

Answer: …

Suggested Supplies for Bible Journaling: 


KJV Journaling Bible This is the one I use. My favorite! There are other ones on Amazon too. So you might dig around a bit to find your favorite.


A sharp pencil
2 PACK – Pigma Micron Pen .25mm Open Stock-Black – I absolutely LOVE this pen! I started with a different pen, but once I got a hold of this one, I was hooked. My lines are so much cleaner, and I can add small details.
General Pencil Kimberly Watercolor Pencils, 24 Per Package – Under $20.00 for a pack of watercolor pencils. These are a great deal! You can definitely start with them. I use them daily.

Da Vinci Watercolor Paint Brush Size 8 – I don’t see my exact paint brush on Amazon, but this one is very similar. I had no idea what to buy, but now I do. It must have that nice tapered edge so you can get into little places with it.

Gel Ink Pen White – I just picked this up yesterday. Where has it been all my life? This is great for adding little white spots over the paint, like polka dots on a dress, whites in the eyes, etc. OR if you make a little mistake in your lettering, it’s like a little dab of white out. Really awesome pen!!

Derwent Drawing Pencils, Inktense, 4mm Core, Metal Tin, Watercolor, 24 Per Pack (0700929) – These cost a bit more than the Kimberly. I use them alongside the Kimberly pencils because they are vibrant. They also blend a bit better because of the quality. However, you do not need these to create nice images.

And if you are looking to doodle on watercolor paper. This is the pad I’m using:

Canson Watercolor Paper Pad, 30-Sheet, 9-Inch by 12-Inch, X-Large
I used this paper on the clock and for the images I painted. This paper is also the perfect thickness for creating a birthday card.


Note: I’m using Amazon affiliate links in this post. It doesn’t affect the price at all, but does provide me with a small commission if the products are purchased. On that note–I only post products I truly believe in and love. 


  • Jenny

    that is so cool! I love what you’re doing. I’ve thought about doing a bible study like this for my kids where we make pictures after we read. You are very talented.

  • Annette K.

    You have inspired me with just this one post to try this. Thank you for the print, I was looking for something to frame by my entry way for the summer. It is perfect, because all who enter will see the joy, and carry it with them into the home. I have to agree with your husband. I think you could sell that beautiful clock.

  • Kristi Veitenheimer

    I’m so in love with this! And your pictures are breathtaking. Well done. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Rachel

    I love the way the watercolor pencils look on all the artwork! The clock is awesome too!

    I just wanted to share another miracle story after reading about how your essential tremors have not hindered your Bible Journaling. My father had a stroke almost 5 years ago and it affected his speech. My father has always been a natural speaker so this was a big blow for him…he found it hard to put sentences together and get his thoughts out. When my parents went up for prayer after church one Sunday he was told to read the Bible out loud every day and his speech would improve. He did so, though hesitantly at first, and soon my mom noticed a difference! While his speech is not like it was before his stroke, it has improved tremendously and I can only point to God and His Word for that healing power!

  • Tracy

    This is such a great idea! And I love your artwork–you’re so talented! But the neat thing to me is that given you have a tremor, but this beautiful artwork is still possible, I can’t help but think that God is using you during your drawing periods and stills your hand. That both touches me and excites me, and I have to thank you for sharing this today. : )


  • Makai

    Hi Darlene, THANKS so much for posting about Bible Journaling! I’m seriously hooked! I learned about it through you, and I’m really enjoying your posts. There has been side benefits to this for me. . . Other than growing closer to God by meditating on scripture in a different and creative way, I have enjoyed exploring the KJV version. You see, I’ve always stuck to the NLT and NIV translations, and I shyly admit I’ve been a bit intimidated by the KJV translation. I ended up getting the KJV Journaling Bible because of the wider margins and thicker paper, and the side benefit is that I’m really enjoying the KJV translation, and I’ve overcome that sense of intimidation that I felt before. PTL!–God’s words are sooooo good! Please keep posting about journaling-love it!

  • Shuquin

    Hi I wish God blessed me with that talent you have lol! Your Bible is beautiful I like it

  • Dede

    These are lovely pictures. Thank you for the downloadable one. I’m looking forward to next week’s and I love the girl with the kite, too.
    How do you decide what to draw? I could never do this because I can’t draw (or even doodle) but your pictures sure are pretty.
    Love the clock, too. You did a great job.

    • Darlene Schacht

      I think I see things in my day and think… I’d like to draw that. The other day my husband and I were shopping for flowers and we saw some birdhouse so I took photos of them for inspiration. I’m currently working on a cute little bird one. And I recently got a Volkswagen beetle, so I want to draw that too!

  • Amber Paulsen

    What an AMAZING testimony and such BEATIFUL artwork ~ and with God’s Word it makes it SO powerful! I’m in awe of God through this story, Darlene. Thanks for sharing about the health issues you have. I have some nerve damage and symptoms from it, so it helps me (and others) to hear what God can do through even your weakness. So amazing that He allows you to do this even though it’s hard for you to write a check. God is so awesome! I would have never guessed because the lines are so straight that you draw/write, and the detail is phenomenal. Praise God! Love you and your lovely artwork. Thanks for the free print, I just printed it off to hang in my work desk area. 😀 Yay!

  • Jennifer

    Did you use the watercolor pencils on your bible and then use water to blend it? How did the water effect the page?

    • Darlene Schacht

      Several other journalers concur with me on this. If we don’t use too much water, it’s awesome. I wet the brush and dab it once or twice on a paper towel. It’s still plenty wet enough to blend well. And I don’t see it through the page.

  • Kristi Duggins

    Hi Darlene, I’ve been enjoying your posts on FB for quite a while, and I love the marriage prayers.

    I was shocked to find out you have essential tremor–I do too! I never ever hear of anyone else with it. So, I just had to say hi. 🙂

  • Gina

    God brings beauty and blesses others through our human weaknesses. Darlene, such beauty in your words AND now your artwork. I love learning and being inspired in my walk with God through our friendship and shared hope in God,

    As someone with ongoing, chronic health struggles and challenges, I am ready to step out in faith more and do these types of things trusting in God to enable me. Thank you for sharing of your physical obstacles and showing how you stepped out in faith for God to work through you in a unique way.

    You definitely made your momma proud. Love hearing that!!!

    Love and prayers,

    Gina Weeks

  • Elizabeth Vines

    Well I’m just diving in! I have been wanting to tart this for a long time but just didn’t know how. Well here goes! I’m following you lead and we’ll see what happens!

  • Wanda Lee

    Someone above asked this question: “How do you know what colors to use for highlighting? What does each one represent?”

    This is what I do using the acronym S-P-E-C-K (since every time we read a passage we get another “speck” of God’s truth for us):
    S – Sin to avoid (Red – since His blood covers my sin)
    P – Promise to claim (yellow – promises are like sunshine to our hearts)
    E – Example to follow (green – these help me grow)
    C – Command to obey (blue – Commands are not always easy to obey, so I use my favorite color)
    K- Knowledge to gain (purple – Jesus is my king, and knowledge of Him helps me honor Him more)

    Of course you can choose any colors you want… I’ve done this through several Bibles, and it seems that each time I color differently, depending on how God is speaking to me… a “SPECK” at a time.

  • Wanda Holt

    I just found your website and was clicking around. Stopped to read this post and, of course, you have essential tremors, too. God is so funny! Makes me smile!

  • Vicki

    I was wondering if the KJV journaling bible has white pages or are they the off white or manilla colored pages? I have been wanting a white page journaling bible. Thank you.

  • Bonita Orr

    Oh my goodness I just came onto your inspirational work! I am new to Bible journaling and what a gift you offer to us all! Thanks for your generous gift of free printable! Bless you for using your God given gift to share the word of GOD with us!