Day 10 – “I’m Thankful For You” Marriage Challenge



I’m on the run today because I’m speaking at a MOPS group, and after that I’ll be sitting down to write my love note to Michael. Are you with me on this? If you’re following along in our marriage challenge you’ll know that yesterday was “buy his favourite snack.”

Do you want to know what Michael’s favourite snack is? It’s movie popcorn. I forgot to pick it up on my way home, so I drove down to the movie theatre to pick it up. I got home with the popcorn and realized that I had them put butter on it. He’s allergic to butter. Ugh. So I hopped back in the car without him realizing I left and I went back to get him some without butter.

Finally we snuggled in for the night with some movie popcorn and family night with the kids. Turned out to be an awesome night after all of that running around, but left little time for me to write a long post.

Priorities… priorities! *smile*

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

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  • Bunny

    My husband loves buttermilk pie. So I made him his favorite pie yesterday. He enjoyed a slice after supper and said it was delicious! Love doing things for him!