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Thanksgiving Marriage Challenge

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to bring a little gift of thanksgiving to our husbands!

If you’d like to join me, we’ll start tomorrow November 11th, and we’ll finish on November 25th. I have created a challenge for each day–nothing too big, just small ways to say, “You’re important to me, and I’m thankful for you!” 

Every day on the blog, I’ll remind you which challenge we’re on, and I’ll also encourage you with scripture, an image, or an article that points us toward thanksgiving.

If you’d like to print out this graphic, I’ve created a 5.5 x 8.5 inch printable for you. Just click here to view and download your file.

Chime in. Which of these 15 challenges do you think he’ll enjoy the most? What are some that you’d like to see on the next challenge? Click here to join the discussion. 

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife


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  • Kim Hine

    Hi Darlene,
    In Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, our equivilent is Australia day on Jan 26th, but I love your list of things so I am going to join the challenge and blog about it.
    Thank you for creating it, a little something special for the men in our lives xo

  • Phronsie

    I think he’d be most fond of #8. It’s not something that never happens, but it is something I know for a fact he enjoys. Especially since he’s only been home on the weekends since September.

    • Darlene Schacht

      My husband likes movie popcorn. So I’ll stop by the theatre that day and get him some. 😀

      I might mix up some of the days myself. Like breakfast in bed. He gets up at 5am, so I think he’d prefer a Saturday morning breakfast.

  • Suzi

    Mine would like 15 for sure. He loves it. This is a great idea Darlene, thank you for thinking of it and letting us participate.

  • Pamala

    He would like most of them…but depending on his mood probably #8. Because I am not the initiator when it comes to the intimacy. Second in line would be #15…he loves that…but I
    he wants a massage for hours…my hands can’t stand it. But for him I will try. We are not in a good place right now. I am trusting in God to help us get back on track. Thank you for this, I think it’s definitely a good start.

  • Maureen Barnett

    I think he will like #10 writing a love note! I am going to try it and see what he thinks! This sounds like a great idea!

  • Chrissa ramos

    I know my husband will love number #1,#15. I am excited for this 15 days thanksgiving thing. I really am blessed with my husband, he is so wonderful.:) and deserves to be appreciated. Good luck to everyone.

  • Charalotte Mosely

    My husband would like #4 & #8-but who wouldn’t love kisses. I like that this kindles the intimacy. We often get wrapped up in the sex and forget to demonstrate the love. I may not complete all the steps (he rises before me daily) but the thought will touch him greatly.

  • Teresa R

    My husband would like #6 & #15. I have done a version of a coupon book which he loved and he enjoys getting a back massage.

  • Lucy Sanguinetti

    My husband and I have been married for 28 years. Some of the things I have done for him throughout the years, that he has really commented on and appreciated, are similar to your 15 day challenge. However, for each day, highlight something you love about him. They can be silly things like, “I love the way you walk around the kitchen humming, but it’s really not a song…you just make it up as you go!”…or ,”I love the way you turn the heater on to warm up the bathroom for me on cold mornings”….or, “I love you for always eating whatever I cook and put in front of you, without complaining. ” I try to think of all the “little” things, which really are BIG things to thank him for. Once you stop and think about them, you will probably need more that 15 days!!!!

  • Georgia

    It’s ironic that I strolled across this challenge today, as my husband did something yesterday, which in my eyes was very unkind. But in this particular experience God is reminding me of HIS grace covering me and I choose to cover my husband with that same grace. I will take this challenge on and put my best into it even though I honestly don’t feel he deserves it. Learnt a long time ago that these are the times when I need to serve him the most, when I do not feel like it. It teaches me that being a servant as Christ was does not depend primarily how the circumstances and how I feel. But the underling love which is our foundation ( a small fraction of God’s love for us).

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Kristy Goff

    I love this! However, at the moment my husband would not really be appreciative of most of it as he is unsure whether he wants to be married right now. I have been blessed with this website and have gained much encouragement here. I participated in the 31 day prayer challenge. I love my husband wholly and completely. I am not leaving him and I remain committed to him through this (he has been gone most weekends for the last 6 months. Says that he can’t be around the tension – he is the only one tense lol. There is very little communication when he is gone. It’s really taking a toll on our boys (ages 15 and 17, the 17 more than the 15 yr old). I have pressed into Christ and surround myself with loved ones for support-some family and a small group of friends from church. I am broken and humbled at the feet of Jesus, asking for Him to shake out anything that shouldn’t be in me. I have stopped talking to my husband, unless he opens a window and the Holy Spirit prods me. I have left him and our marriage in Gods capable hands and have stopped the “what if’s” and just enjoy seeing him when I do. I find that this relieves him and he is more “at ease” with me. I have to say that this past weekend there were subtle blessings in the positive department. He text while he was out partying – he is in with a group of single bikers that party every weekend-they were nice texts. And he came home more, i don’t know the words that I am looking for. He usually feels guilty and either he is overly sweet (and that breaks my heart because he doesn’t really mean it, it’s strictly out of guilt) or he has a chip on his shoulder. Like its our fault he left us to go party. LOL I can laugh because God has given me His “spirit eyes” and heart for my husband. Yes, I hurt. But I see his pain and torment. I can’t hold a grudge and treat him spiteful for that. I pray and cling to my bridegroom in hopes that my man comes back to me. That’s all that I can do.

    I can cook, I can do his chores and I can even slip a love note in his lunchbox (tho I feel like that one is pushing it. Stuff like that pushes him away) Please join with me in prayer that he finds his way back to God.

  • JessiBerry

    I saw this and thought, “how am iI going to pull this off?” He’s going to be hunting all week. But he came home last night and said that a juicy steak sounds so good… I know what’s going to be for dinner tonight! 🙂

  • Kelly

    What a special challenge – My husband will just love #15 though instead of a back massage, he just loves hand massages since he works with his hands, and is always asking me for them in the evenings. He will love it when I offer without him having to ask. He also would love #9, having a special “chocolate” treat in his lunch !

  • Kristy Goff

    Thank you Darlene! I could use all of the wisdom I can get…I am trying to learn to exercise my “spritual senses”, and pray constantly for wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit. When all of this started 6 months ago, I tried so hard to “fix” everything and I just made things worse, drove my husband farther away. Then I listened to the Holy Spirit and began to just let go and let God. I felt like that was biting me in the rear because Joe got even more distanced from me – he doesn’t want to be alone with me even. I said something to Joe and he said that if I had not backed off then he would’ve been gone a long time ago. My struggle, primarily, is the lack of communication. When I try to communicate with him about something HE says to me (i.e., part of him wanting to see other people and he’s been able to stand firm a few times but not sure if he will be strong enough the next time), then Joe says that I am using his words against him and that is why he can’t tell me anything. So, I guess in his eyes, all he needs to do is tell me what is on his heart and mind and he doesn’t need my input about it? This hurts so bad and quite honestly, it has obliterated a lot of trust that I had in him. He is very hush hush about most things that he does and satan just really likes to try to run away with my imagination. Mostly I can stand strong, at weak moments, he succeeds. I know that God will take care of me and the boys…I just really would like my husband back

    • Melissa Van Kooten

      Oh Kristy!
      There is hope…always…with God guiding you! My marriage is proof of miraculous things that God has done. He will not leave, and I know you know that! I will pray for discernment (it is so SO easy to let irrational moments take over holy discernment) and patience. Pray over your husband – always – and pray for God to work and soften his heart. You can’t change Joe. All you can do as a wife is pray -and God can do the rest! You are loved…hang in there!

  • Melissa Van Kooten

    Love this idea! I know most men will like #15…..I love all the ideas, but I know #15 will lead to a whole lot of ‘us’ time! Whoo hoo! 🙂

  • Sarah

    I love this idea! I am going to change the breakfast in bed to a weekend since my husband is up and to work early in the AM.

  • Genee'

    It all looks good on paper & sounds good in theory (ya know, just the idea of doing little things that show you are thankful for your spouse is great). My first impression of this list though is that it’s filled with gestures a wife would prefer rather than a husband. My guy would appreciate these gestures for their thoughtfulness, but wouldn’t really get much fulfillment out of any of them. Would be nice to see a list of suggestions geared more towards the “manly man” (if that makes any sense); those husbands who don’t get too wrapped up in emotional pick me ups like a wife does.

  • IDOM K.


    I have a Love Challenge blog and would like to put a link up from my page on to your page, is that possible? Would LOVE to share this with the world!

  • Andi Holmgreen

    My husband works in the oil field here in South Texas so he is away for two weeks at a time. It would be neat to have things that I have send with him in his bag for him to read/open while he is away.

  • D. H.

    SO MUCH AWESOME!!!! Thank You for ‘choosing’ (daily) to be a front line WARRIOR for our King! I am grateful (and totally encouraged) for your passion in pursing Jesus….in all things all areas! Glory to God! Father God that you would be honored and adored in every area of our lives! You are our everything…we Thank You for your infinite grace and ultimate power in all things…

    Shine Bright!
    D.H. 🙂