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Esther Chapter 7 – He Gives Grace to the Humble

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As I got to thinking about Esther Chapter 7 today and how she must have felt at the banquet that night, I was reminded of a women’s conference I attended a few years ago. I remember walking into that event, a room full of faces, and feeling completely out of place. It seemed as if every woman there fit the mold except for me. As the weekend unfolded, however, I discovered something remarkable—I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. In fact, many women were carrying around the same quiet feeling of not quite fitting in.

This revelation brings us back to Esther, standing at her own pivotal banquet, feeling perhaps the weight of an entire nation on her shoulders. If she’s anything like the women I’ve met in my lifetime, I’d venture to guess that she wasn’t drawing her courage from her own well of confidence; she was tapping into something infinitely greater.

Remember the words of the Psalmist: “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?” (Psalm 27:1, NIV). It’s a warm reminder that true courage doesn’t come from standing tall in a room full of people; it comes from kneeling low in a moment alone with God.

In a world that urges us to shape our own destiny, Esther’s story reminds us that the most profound courage comes from letting go and letting God take the lead. This applies not just to those high-stakes moments, but to the simple, everyday events—when children need your attention, when responsibilities mount, when life’s demands seem endless.

As we dig into Esther Chapter 7 this week, let’s make space for reflection. If you’ve ever felt alone in a room full of people, know that you’re not alone in that feeling. You’re a cherished child of God, and just like Esther, He’s calling you to a courage that comes from leaning into His wisdom and strength.

This week, may you feel that holy courage rise up within you—a courage born not from human strength but from divine love. You’re not alone; you’ve never been. And in that empowering truth, we find the courage to face another day, another challenge, another banquet in our lives.

This Week’s Challenge

Let’s take a conscious step this week to identify moments where we’re drawing courage from our own limited reserves and switch gears. Pause, kneel if you can, and invite God into that space. Remember, “True courage doesn’t come from standing tall in a room full of people; it comes from kneeling low in a moment alone with God.”

This Week’s Bible Verse

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Week at a Glance


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Read Esther Chapter 7.
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Spend time prayerfully considering this chapter. In a separate journal answer any or all of these questions as you immerse yourself in the text:

What is the main story or message of the chapter?

This question is designed to help you understand the broader narrative or teachings of the chapter.

Who are the key characters involved, and how do they contribute to the story?

Understanding characters and their roles can shed light on the events in the story.

What personal reflections do you have after reading this chapter?

This question gives you an opportunity to connect the passage with your own life.

How do you interpret the main message or moral of this chapter?

This question invites you to express your own interpretations and perspective as the Spirit guides you.

Are there any specific passages that stood out to you? Why?

Focusing on specific lines can help you gain a deeper understanding of the text.

How might this chapter change your thinking or behavior?

This encourages you to think about the practical application of the Bible’s teachings in your day-to-day life.


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