Exciting Announcement – You Don’t Want to Miss This One!

Looking Ahead to August…


Coming August 8th to September 3rd – 4-Week Bible Study
Philippians: The Joy of Christian Living

A couple of months ago, I felt the nudge to do an in-depth study on the book of Philippians. This posed a challenge for us as a group. Up until now, my Bible studies have each been about 30-days long, while the book of Philippians is only four chapters long.

I tried to push the idea out of my mind, and stick to the broader topic of joy, but over and over again I felt God leading me back to the book of Philippians.

Soon enough, I understood why. In order to get a better understanding of Paul’s letter to the church I needed to learn more about Paul, his conversion, his suffering, his life prior to his conversion, and his visit to the Philippians church.

When we understand the one who penned the letter (through the work of the Holy Spirit), we understand how God was using him in incredible ways.

And so our next Bible study opens up with a look at the apostle Paul and moves on to his letter to the Philippian church.

The book is immersed in the topic of joy. You can’t study this book without gaining a sense of hope and refreshment. My outlook on life has been greatly affected by this study, as I’ve gained a deeper understanding of contentment and peace.

Participation is FREE…

The study is four weeks long, and again I’ll have a FREE study guide that you can download, as well as printable resources each week throughout the study to encourage you along. The study guide will be right here on August 1st along with a more detailed explanation of the study, including a study calendar.

Don’t Miss a Post… 

We don’t require sign ups for this study, but if you’d like to subscribe to the blog, you can receive email updates so that you don’t miss a post! Click here to subscribe (it’s free!) IMPORTANT: Once you enter your email address, you must confirm by checking your email and clicking the confirmation letter that’s sent to you.

If you have any trouble subscribing, just email me at darlene@darleneschacht .net (no spaces) and say, “please subscribe me to the blog.”

Additional Option… 

In addition to the study guide, I’ve created a journal (available now at Amazon) for the study, that’s unlike any other journal out there. This one is a Bible-study/journal combination that’s jam packed with information. In it you’ll find everything you need to complete the study. I provide insight, encouragement, thought-provoking questions, cross references, and more…

The journal is available now on Amazon. I’ve also provided some sample pages below so you can take a peek inside.

(Please note: The journal is an optional addition. You do not require it to take part in this study, and will definitely enjoy the free resources I provide)


 Philippians Bible Study Journal – Now Available


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Our main focus for the study is joy: 

We see Paul pressing forward for the prize of the high calling in Jesus Christ. (Phil. 3:14) Ready to thow off anything that slows him down or stands in the way of his faith, Paul is on fire for God.

He seeks joy through his pain as he leans on God’s sovereign power. He is content with little or much. His focus is sharp. He teaches us what it means to rejoice at all times, and leaves each reader with long-lasting hope.

The study will run for four consecutive weeks, August 8th to September 3rd.

But First: Come back here on August 1st for the free study guide. See you then!

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife


  • Grace

    Love the book of Philippians. Excited to doing this study. Praying each of us grows during our walk through this book.

  • Jennifer

    I’m excited about this study, and I love the journal idea! One question, however: do you need the journal AND the free study guide, or does the journal include everything from the study guide? I understand that the study guide is sufficient on its own if you don’t want to buy the journal; I’m just wondering if it will work the other way around as well. TIA!

    • Darlene Schacht

      If you have the journal, you won’t need the study guide. The journal includes the reading schedule. The journal has more because it includes things like interesting facts and keywords, some coloring pages, the entire text from the book of Philippians, and commentary.

      The study guide (which I’m still working on) normally as an intro, reading assignments, and thoughts on each topic. The coloring pages are weekly printables, and the study questions are weekly printables too.

      All this to say, the journal has everything in one place and isn’t a printable, it’s an actual book.

  • Evelyn

    So excited! Joy is something I have always had trouble with, really looking forward to this study! Thank you for all you put into this!

  • Claire

    What a wonderful blessing this is! I’ve truly enjoyed your bible studies &look forward to this one. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Roween

    Looking forward to the study of Philipians. This will be my first time studying this book. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this study for us.

  • Jennifer

    I have never done one of these studies before. What do I need to do to prepare for it!


    • Darlene Schacht

      When I post the free study guide, you can print that out. It will have an intro at the beginning of the book to explain things. You will then visit my blog weekly for free printables to go with it. August 1st’s post will explain more.

  • Cindy

    Have you ever considered making the journals more a journal size? The size of a Bible so it could fit in easily?
    Anyone else interested in that format rather than the 8.5×11?

    • Darlene Schacht

      It would have to be twice as thick then. I thought about it, but didn’t think that it would lay as flat for writing in. Since it’s a sort of a work book, I decided to keep it larger. I also wish it was coil bound, which I’m not able to get unfortunately.

      • Jo

        I think anyone can take a bound workbook to a place like Staples, Office Max, etc. There, they can make the workbook into a spiral-bound book. Might check this out. If so, you could offer this “help” on your website, etc. 🙂

  • angela

    Just what I need. My life has been in a fog since I almost left this world after a c-section gone wrong. Baby is healthy, but mom (me) is not. I have had a hard time connecting with God after this. I find myself distancing myself. I need this study.

    • Rhonda Wright

      I pray that you find yourself back in the arms of our Father through this study and I pray for continued healing.

  • Patricia

    If I purchase the journal, will I still need to print out the study guide and stuff,
    Or is everything already included in the book?

  • Amanda

    I wish I could order the study guide but we r living from pay check to pay check I’m a stay at home mom our daughter will be 4 next month and we will be homeschooling her she loves to hear about Jesus and all the stories we read to get I’m also a teacher at our church for the nursery and children’s church again I would love to do the bible study I love Philippians but we just don’t have the funds thank you

  • Tyna Begley

    I know I will forget by August. Will you have an email list or something as a reminder for us?

  • Chrissy

    Does the journal come in anything other than KJ? The wording of KJ is a distraction to me. I much prefer NLT or even NIV.

  • Teri

    Thank you and feel blessed to have found this study on FB! Lots of challenges in my life this last month. This should be a welcome lesson!

  • rhonda

    This is so cool! I am looking for a Bible study to do next month and you deliver one in my email! Our church is finishing up a sermon series on Galatians. Philippians is perfect. And, for the last week, we will be on vacation and I needed a book or study! Absolutely perfect!

  • Mala White

    Ladies of TWW,
    This will be my first study with you all, just want to give thanks to Darlene for this opportunity to spend in community and support.!! May the Lord take pride in our willingness to commit. I pray for every single woman attending this group and those who are seeking.

  • Jody Pearson


    I bought the new bible study guide on Friday. I am so excited about this new study and just can’t wait for August 1st. As soon as I received the new study guide I flipped through it and I am so impressed at the content and know that I am going to enjoy this study and get so much more out of it because you have given us the best study guide filled with such great content. Thank you so much for designing and delivering to us such a valuable tool! I have begun coloring the pages in my study guide as I patiently anticipate the start of the new bible study. The pics are wonderful and I am enjoying my time coloring them. I know this will be a study guide I will keep and hope that my children will someday cherish. Can’t wait to post pics once we begin the study. I hope others are taking the time to color in their study guide as well.

  • Courtney

    Thank you so much for these free opportunities! Im currently catching up on this last one and it has blessed me sooooo much! God will bless you for your time, hard work and selflessness. You Rock!

  • Laura

    What Bible version do you use for your books, quotes, study guides ect…? I’ve tried looking to see but have been unable to find it. Thanks

  • Jae

    I have the journal – it is awesome! I can’t wait to start the study
    Thank you so much for using and sharing your gift for God’s glory.

    • Darlene Schacht

      For some reason, (I think it’s internet programs – like spam bots) create vendor accounts and try to sell copies at crazy high prices. My book isn’t available at Amazon.ca yet, so it’s definitely some kind of spam. When it’s listed there, it will be around 13.00 Canadian because it’s 9.99 US and they base it on that price.

  • Tina Schierer

    I bought the study journal and I’m excited to get started! I just hope I don’t miss something.

  • Shelly Bruisnma

    Hiw does this study work? I ordered the study guide and looking forward to it- just not sure what to do on Aug.8? ?

    • Darlene Schacht

      You’re going to be doing the study on your own. I’ll share some thoughts on Facebook Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during the month of the study. I open up a discussion here at that time.
      You can also visit my blog on Mondays for printable resources to help you along. And Fridays for a recap of the week.

  • Heidi

    I’m here on August 1st but I don’t see the study guide. Am I missing something? Also – this is my first on-line Bible Study. Will there be any discussion threads or anything like that?

  • Tiffany

    I haven’t been able to subscribe to your blog 🙁
    I have put in email address numerous times and no email back to accept subscription to blog. I would love to read people’s comments on study and add some myself. 🙂