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So many of you have been asking about Bible tabs in our Bible Journaling group, so I decided to make some for you!

InspireBibleI was inspired by the Inspire Journaling Bible that I’ve been seeing all over the internet. The Bible doesn’t come out until March 22nd, but it’s been all the buzz in our journaling group. I also think that the turquoise and gold are are such a pretty combination, so I went with that. 🙂

This printable is only three pages, but it will involve a lot of cutting on your part. I found it relaxing and I loved the way that my Bible looked once I had them all in. Aren’t they cute?

It works best if you print them on label paper which is thinner than card stock. Card stock can make the Bible bulky.

I wish I had a better photo for you, but the sun was down and the lighting wasn’t too good. Argh!

You can access the Bible tabs here:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

** Please note ** 1 & 2 Timothy were missing from the original files I posted. Sorry about that! The above files have been corrected. If you are looking for those two tabs, you can get them here:

1 & 2 Timothy

Some people don’t have a journaling Bible, and so they’ve asked, “Can I still be involved in Bible journaling?” My answer to that is absolutely. All you need is a notebook where you can write down your thoughts from the Bible. Some people doodle and color, some just write down their thoughts. Either one is fantastic. You can also highlight passages in the Bible you already have.


Others have said, “I love what I see, but I can’t draw at all.” That’s what I like about the upcoming Inspire Bible. It’s full of illustrations that you can color in. While it’s relaxing, it’s a great way to meditate on God’s Word.

And here’s the other thing… you don’t have to illustrate to journal. Some of the most beautiful journals I’ve seen are plain text. Just put your thoughts down on paper.

Charles Spurgeon made several notations throughout his Bible. In fact a friend of ours is in possession of it right now, as he’s compiling the notes.

Finally… I want to remind you that our Bible study starts this upcoming Monday, February 1st. Click here to get all of the details including a free study guide.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife



  • Marsha

    I can’t wait until the new journaling Bible comes out! This will be my baby steps into Bible journaling. Write now, I’m just using coloring books and an art journal to practice in.

  • Donna Sweet

    Darlene, Thank you for those. I’m “patiently” waiting for my Bible to come in. I hear now it won’t be ready until March 🙁 oh, well, they say patience is a virtue… 😀

  • Maricar

    I TOTALLY CANNOT WAIT until those new Journaling Bibles come out! I’ve been doing adult coloring books for years, and this is going to be so much more meaningful. Have you seen the new, I think it’s called My Creative Bible on Amazon. I think it’s a KJV coloring/journaling Bible. Thanks for this wonderful post and those adorable tabs!

  • Judith

    Really looking forward to starting this new study. As I’m right in the midst of another study I’ll be printing this off and doing it when I finish.

    I noticed you have a link to the KJV Journaling Bible on Amazon, might I suggest an alternative for those of us with “older eyes” who find that small print and page size daunting. Local Church Bible Publishers has a really nice size KJV Bible that is perfect for journaling for those who want, or need, larger print. http://localchurchbiblepublishers.com/bibles/bibles/mid-size/400e1r-mid-size-note-takers-red-1-piecered-thread-executive/ They’re a wonderful organization who makes no profit from the Bibles they offer.

  • Jane

    These are beautiful. Thank you! Would it also be possible to give us the tabs on a blank background so that we can print them out on coloured paper of our choice that may better suit our bible covers?

  • Shelley

    Not to criticize, because the tabs are beautiful, but Ezekiel is misspelled. Your creations are so gorgeous. Thanks for posting them. Let me know if you’re able to correct Ezekiel. I’d love to have it done by you (rather than in ink by me).

  • Melanie

    I too am anxiously awaiting the new Inspire Bible. My understanding is that it is NLT.
    I do my current journaling in a separate book from my Bible. Great for beginning.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for these!! I was delighted to come back here and download these a second time after my daughter saw them on my Bible and wanted a set of pretty tabs for her Bible too 🙂

  • Gabrielle

    Thank you, so much for these Bible Tabs, Darlene! They are absolutely beautiful!, I already have my copy of the Bible (probably because I work at Family Christian Bookstore), and your tabs are going to match beautifully! Question…would you be willing to make a set, perhaps a 5-7 Tab set for a Binder, that has no printing on them…just the beautiful graphics on them, but where we can “write in” what we want on the label? I’d like to use them I n a Binder, and also my Bible Study and now, Prayer Journal!!! Thanks soooooo much!!! I’m new to Bible Journaling, and not an artist, but this is a breath of fresh air! God bless!

  • Annette D.

    A lot of us are loving the beauty of the tabs. We really appreciate you making this color coordinated. However, when you print on white paper/cardstock it will block out some of the illustrations. I printed on clear sticker paper and it gave some transparency, but still lays on the illustrations.

    So, I had a thought. What it you make the rectangle bottom part of the tab “blank.” That way if you print on clear sticker paper, the illustrations will not be disturbed by a print design. I guess that makes sense. Thanks for reading!

  • Michele Caldwell

    Thank you so much for these! I love mine on my Inspire Bible! I got them printed at Office Max on Avery sticker paper, “laminated” them with packing tape, cut out the squares with scissors and the rounded edges with an x-acto knife. I made a template in Photoshop to help me position them exactly the way I wanted them.

  • Dawn

    Hello!!! I love all the resources on your blog. I recently printed out your Bible tabs for the Inspire Bible. I love them!! I have also gotten the My Creative Bible in the Pink Silken Floral Print. I was wondering if you would consider making Bible tabs for it, as well.
    Thank you for everything you do; your inspiration, creativity, dedication and consideration.
    May God Bless You!!!

  • Sherri Barrow

    These are a true blessing! I have used them for my daughter and my bibles! I have tried and tried to fine ones likes these that have them on both sides.

    Thank you!!!

  • Deonna Bemish

    I ordered my new Inspire Bible back in February and still haven’t gotten it, but i’m so excited. I know that i will love it. Thank you so much for the free tab printables. I cannot wait to print them out.

  • Gerri Phillips

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me, to print the tabs out regular size, what do I need to put my settings on?? I tried page width and actual size…they are printing out really small. Can anyone help me??

  • Gabrielle

    Hi Darlene, was just wondering if you’ve been able to correct the spelling of Obidiah and Ezekiel on your lovely Bible Tabs, and I was also wondering if you’ve been able to create a 5-7 Blank Tab Set with the same graphics, but without any words on them to be used in our Journals or in a Binder. Would LOVE those. I also bought several of your Bible Study Journals and Prayer Journals as Easter gifts for my family members and a friend, and they all LOVE them! I also got the Inspire Bible for several family members and a friend! I want to print out Bible & Binder Tabs for them all too! Love all you do for us! Thank you!

  • Roni

    Thank you so very much for the Bible tabs, they are as beautiful as my new Bible. I have this amazing machine that cut them out for me. 🙂 I have also recently purchased your books. I am thankful for Time Warp Wife, you are blessing in my life.

  • Gail Switzer

    Thank yo so much for the Bible tabs download. I’m wondering if you have the download available without the colors? (Just plain white tabs?)
    I have the pink Inspire Journaling Bible & have some cute aqua and a dark pink cardstock I want to use.
    Is there a program you used for the tab design?

    Thanks so much & Blessing to you & your family,


  • Misha

    thanks a ot exactly what I was looking for for my new inspire bible I think I’ll print the tabs on parchment paper ,do you recommend to journalize that specific page before you tab?

  • Traci Carreker

    Hi Darlene I just found your site today, I have just ordered the Inspire Bible in Large Print Today and just downloaded your tabs. I am loving everything so far as well as I am going to use your layout to bible journal and do the bible lessons, I will be starting this week and look forward to everything thank you.

  • Esther Goudriaan

    Thank you so much for these beautiful tabs! They match perfectly with the Inspire!
    Thank you for your inpiration!
    Godd bless you!
    Live from The Netherlands!

  • Hannah

    I’ve printed them onto sticker paper rather than glueing etc but have noticed – my bible has Obadiah not Obediah as per the stickers. Is that just my version being different?

  • Tia Stanfield

    I just wanted to say “Thank you so very much!” for putting these up. My teenage daughter is anti-pink anything & I was having a super hard time finding something for her new bible. I wish I could add a photo to show how well your tabs matched her green & blue bible. Thank you!!

  • Sheryl of SHE.ph

    Hi Darlene. I really appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing this. I used it for my bible (although I had to resize them) by printing on them sticker paper and using packaging tape to “laminate” them. They turned out great!

    Thanks again.

    PS. Noticed a minor error while working on this. Obadiah was spelled as Obediah.

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