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Hey, ladies,  we’re finally here, ready to dig into my favorite Bible Study! Over the next nine weeks, we’re diving deep into the Book of Esther, a beautiful testament of bravery, faith, and the quiet work of God in our lives. As we immerse ourselves in the heart of God’s wisdom, we’re inviting His life-altering power to radically change us from the inside out. This is our chance to say, “Yes, God, I’m ready for You to write Your story on my heart,” just as He did with Esther and Mordecai.

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Welcome Karissa

Our dear friend Karissa, will be leading us through the study once again with her insightful and engaging videos. Over the next nine weeks, she’ll walk us through the book of Esther in the warm and wonderful way that only she can.

If you have any trouble viewing the video, you can find it on YouTube: Click here.

Note: In this week’s video, Karissa shares a diagram outlining the chiastic structure of the book of Esther. In hindsight, I wish I had included one in the book, but since I didn’t think of it I have put one together for you today. Click here to view and print a copy.

Esther Chapter 1

The first chapter of Esther offers a few points for consideration. Among them, King Ahasuerus’ immense wealth and unmistakable pride were particularly striking. Both serve to remind us of the pitfalls of earthly treasures and unchecked pride.

Yet, amid the opulence and arrogance, something else caught my eye—the story of Queen Vashti. Vashti’s refusal to appear before the king has become a fascinating point of debate among biblical scholars and readers. While interpretations of her motivations may vary, her story undoubtedly prompts an essential question: In the context of submission, where do we draw the line?

Scriptures remind us to submit to authorities (1 Peter 2:13-14), to each other out of reverence for Christ (Ephesians 5:21), and for wives to submit to their husbands (Ephesians 5:22). However, these calls to submission are not mandates for blind obedience or abandonment of personal convictions.

Acts 5:29 strongly reinforces this point: “Peter and the other apostles replied: ‘We must obey God rather than human beings!'”

Our commitment to God’s commandments should always supersede any earthly authority when the two are in conflict. Scripture provides us with several instances of righteous disobedience in the face of unjust or ungodly commands. Daniel, for example, defied King Darius’s decree to refrain from praying to any God. Similarly, Rahab disobeyed the king’s order to surrender the Israelite spies, choosing instead to hide them.

The goal here isn’t merely to resist ungodly orders but to navigate life with discernment, being in tune with God’s will—being in tune with Christ who is our ultimate example. Consider Paul and Silas’s predicament in Acts 16. Despite having the opportunity to escape their prison after an earthquake, they remained in their cells. Their response mirrors the selfless obedience of Jesus Christ, who, despite having the power to free Himself, chose the path of the cross for the fulfillment of God’s greater plan. Likewise, we’ll see this same selfless obedience further on in our study of Esther.

This brings me to my key point: if we are to find a balance pleasing to God, we must not only be aware of His will but also be ready to act according to it. When faced with an unruly boss, do we walk away at the first chance, or do we prayerfully consider the opportunity to win that person over to Christ?

The first chapter of Esther is thus more than just an introduction to a fascinating story. It offers us profound insights and challenges us to contemplate our understanding of submission, obedience, personal convictions, and most importantly, our unwavering commitment to God’s will. As we dive deeper into this biblical account, let’s strive to learn, grow, and apply these teachings in our lives.

You are loved by an Almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

This Week’s Challenge

Spend time this week praying for people in authority over you. Ask God for wisdom and discernment when dealing with difficult situations. Finally, remember that submission is more than simply letting someone take the lead, it’s about surrendering our pride, our need to always be right, and our self-centered behaviors, out of love for Christ and for each other.

This Week’s Bible Verse

Week at a Glance


Watch this week’s video at Time-Warp Wife.
Print off this week’s Bible verse at Time-Warp Wife.
Read Esther Chapter 1 and the introduction.
Check in on the community at: facebook.com/groups/biblestudies. While you are there, maybe you could drop in a friendly message wishing others a blessed week, or share a prayer for the week ahead.


Spend time prayerfully considering this chapter. In a separate journal answer any or all of these questions as you immerse yourself in the text:

What is the main story or message of the chapter?

This question is designed to help you understand the broader narrative or teachings of the chapter.

Who are the key characters involved, and how do they contribute to the story?

Understanding characters and their roles can shed light on the events in the story.

What personal reflections do you have after reading this chapter?

This question gives you an opportunity to connect the passage with your own life.

How do you interpret the main message or moral of this chapter?

This question invites you to express your own interpretations and perspective as the Spirit guides you.

Are there any specific passages that stood out to you? Why?

Focusing on specific lines can help you gain a deeper understanding of the text.

How might this chapter change your thinking or behavior?

This encourages you to think about the practical application of the Bible’s teachings in your day-to-day life.


Work on the questions in your study guide.
Share your reflections in the Facebook group.
Respond to at least one other person’s post in the group to encourage others.


Visit Time-Warp Wife to read Darlene’s closing thoughts on the chapter.
Reflect on Darlene’s insights and how they align with or enhance your understanding of the week’s study.
Share your own closing thoughts or responses to Darlene’s reflections in the Facebook group.

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  • Diane Johnson

    First time doing one of your bible studies and first time reading the Book of Esther (relatively new Christian). I woke up today, grabbed a coffee and headed to my sunroom to start this Bible study. I was not disappointed!! Loved how it wasn’t super difficult to comprehend and that Krissa was very down to earth and delightful to listen too. Thank you for making this an affordable and enjoyable experience. I look forward to more.

  • Leslie

    I have been a long time subscriber and want to do the Esther BS with you. I cannot find where I can print out each lesson for this study. Can you please send me a link?

    Thank you,

    • Darlene Schacht

      Hi Angela, I’m not sure what you are asking? Are you a subscriber? If you are, you will find links to the downloads at the bottom of your email. It says, “Bible Study Links.”