50 Gift Ideas for Him, Under $20.00 Each

50 Gift Ideas for Him

We’re on day 2 of our 15-day marriage series (see the schedule here). And today we’re saying “I’m thankful for you,” by wrapping up a little something special for him.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything big, and it doesn’t have to be store bought. In fact handmade gifts are the best, aren’t they?

Whatever you give him, just make sure that it’s wrapped up with love.

I won’t tell you what I’m picking up for Michael because 1) I don’t know yet, and 2) He’s probably reading my blog. 😉

But I’ve got a few ideas in mind, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Since Christmas is also around the corner, I’ve decided to compile a list of 50 gifts ideas for him, under $20.00 each. I got a little help from my Facebook group on this one. Thanks girls!

  1. A Bible
  2. A book – either new or second hand
  3. A tie
  4. A gift card for Starbucks or Paneras
  5. A pen
  6. A key chain
  7. A scarf
  8. A pair of gloves/mitts
  9. A baseball hat
  10. A mug with a cute saying on it
  11. A notebook
  12. A Christmas ornament
  13. Cool socks
  14. Slippers
  15. A box of chocolates
  16. A desk ornament like a bobble head or a business card holder
  17. A t-shirt with something awesome on it
  18. Guitar picks
  19. A six-pac of glass bottled Coca-Cola
  20. A deck of cards
  21. iPhone case
  22. Water bottle
  23. New bath towel
  24. XBox card
  25. A mouse pad
  26. A movie
  27. iTunes gift card
  28. Small tools
  29. Bowling tickets
  30. A flashlight
  31. A headlamp
  32. BBQ Tool
  33. A CD
  34. A framed photo of you, the two of you, or the family
  35. Hockey/NFL team memorabilia like socks or a mug
  36. Ear buds
  37. Pajama pants
  38. New razors
  39. Body wash
  40. A tin of mixed nuts
  41. A travel coffee mug
  42. A thermos
  43. A pair of sun glasses
  44. A wallet
  45. Something homemade or home-baked
  46. A pocket knife
  47. Golf balls and Ts
  48. Hunting ammunition
  49. A belt
  50. Lunchbox

Chime in. What would you add to this list? Click here to join the discussion.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht
The Time-Warp Wife

P.S. Tomorrow’s challenge is to make him breakfast in bed. If that doesn’t fit into your schedule How about changing it up and making him a special snack or dessert?  


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  • Linda Ammons

    Don’t laugh…I plan to change the bed! Rich does that because it is hard for me to do with my disability but today I am going to do it after my nap so I can put the heating mattress pad on. It was something we planned to do today when he got home so I thought I would do that to surprise him! No money in the budget for gifts but I plan to make a card and give it to him instead.

  • Regina F.

    I would love to do this daily challenges but I had major hip surgery two weeks ago. I’m unable to bear weight so cooking is out, giving or getting a gift is out I love the picture idea, but we don’t have a printer).

    Here’s a question for you, Darlene, when a wife is laid up for awhile how can a wife show her hubby she loves and appreciates him. Especially when the wife is dependant upon him for almost everything. I constantly send him texts.

    • Darlene Schacht

      Sending texts is a great idea. I have a post, I think it’s called 52 Love Bombs you can text him. Also praying for him. That’s the greatest gift that we can bring to our marriage isn’t it?

      You can watch TV with him. Show interest in his shows like a hockey game or something like that. Read the Bible together. Read to him.

      Yesterday my daughter came in the kitchen when I was doing dishes and said, I don’t have a book with me, but I can read you People magazine. It cracked me up hearing her read it outloud. Just didn’t flow right and we were both laughing.

      Anyway, whether you are up and around or in bed you are a great help to him in so many ways.

  • Marjie

    One Christmas I surprised my husband with a reproduction of one of his childhood toys–“Rockem’ Sockem’ Robots” which he mentioned ONCE in conversation early in the year. Seemingly silly, “retro”, but he grinned in surprise! It brought back memories for him, and MORE IMPORTANTLY showed him I listened to even his random comments and HEARD HIM.

    And some refrigerator magnets that looked like electric guitars. He loves guitars! I can’t afford to buy the real thing, but “if I could, this is what I would get for you”.

    Now, each year he looks for a special package from me. “Brown paper packages, tied up with string…These are a few of my favorite things!” I cut open a brown paper grocery bag, turn inside out, and draw on sheet music and the words….tied up with twine and a sprig of pine. Love!

  • Kristi

    Starbucks supports, with our money, ungodly behavior, abortion, for one, homosexuality for two. I don’t know why we keep adding money to their coffers.

    • Carol

      Kristi, I came here to mention something very similar. I saw just the other day that shareholders were told at their most recent meeting that if they supported biblical marriage, they should sell their shares and buy in another company. Wow. I was amazed.

  • Joanne

    My hubby works away from home, he comes home on Friday. This week he was around till this morning. I packed god favorite muffins. He called during the day to say they were yummy. Live your suggestions and the comments, hope to try breakfast in bed and a nee towel. Thanks for being such a Yiyus 2 mama

  • Robin

    Kristi, Thank you for your comment about Starbucks. Wasn’t aware of that. We have never been in a Star Bucks for other reasons. I rarely hear people take a stand like yours, but I do agree with you. I gave up one of my favorite authors because the proceeds from the book I was about to read was going to a group that was working to legalize same-sex marriage. I prayed about it and spoke with some other Believers who I respect advice from. I believe the Holy Spirit was reminding me that we are a Holy People, set apart and called out to be different from the world. I think we do need to remember where our money comes from, who our Provider is and be conscious how we use His money. Does it bring honor and glory to Him. Or (like you said) is it just stuffing more ungodly coffers?

  • Tina

    Dear sis Darlene..you are a darling!! Thank you and love you for sharing the gift ideas.Was thinking about this lately.I too have two three ideas.Perfume ,Gift voucher from his saloon for head massage or something like that.Shirt. 🙂

  • kate

    It is disappointing to see so many Christians push Starbucks gift cards. If you like a good cup of coffee, most areas offer other choices, and won’t despise you because of your Christian beliefs.

  • Jennifer

    I got him bacon! Yes, I said bacon. We have been on a diet for 3 months and he has been dying for bacon. I am wrapping it too! 🙂

  • Davonne Parks

    Hunting/camping items are fun gifts too! Like, hand and foot warmers – only a few dollars for a pack.

    These are fun ideas. I think I need to catch up on this challenge 🙂 Or maybe start fresh today then go back and do the first few at the end!

  • Brindi

    I had viewed the schedule before-hand so I’d be prepared for what was ahead. The back story: My husband and I LOVE Christmas. We can’t go anywhere without buying some decorative thing for the house. It’s really not good for our bank account. But after buying a few (quite expensive) new items already, we said no more (!) That was until we ran up to Lowe’s the other day for some plastic for the windows. Lowe’s already has some of our money from their Christmas display the last time we were there. However, my husband stood staring at these new iTwinkle lights that you put outside and control with an app on your phone. He stood there, mouth open, for a good 10 minutes contemplating how we already said we were done. I knew how much he wanted them, I’m a sucker for Christmas, and because I knew this “giving him a gift” was part of the challenge, I said, “Go ahead and get ’em, babe.” He was thrilled, immediately went home and put them up, and has shown everybody he knows his new lights. A little more money than I anticipated, but it was worth it. Lord, help us whenever we have kids!

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